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  1. Also handy if you have problems with rolling out of your bed while sleeping GW
  2. Red Dot/ Promo works great for all cowboy loads. Pistol- Rifle and Shotgun Especially when I am low on Clays GW
  3. Cold Steel used to sell some spears GW
  4. Sorry! we already have a puppet named Biden GW
  5. I don't have a strong master eye. I put a piece of transparent scotch tape inside the lens of my weak eye. From the nose piece out, top to bottom the width of the tape. Placement may vary with your shooting stance. When the tape is in the right position, If I close my strong eye I can not see the gun. You still have field of view and don't have to squint. Squinting makes your eyes tired. GW
  6. My eye doctor just set me to 34-35 inchs. Basicaly the distance from from my eye to front sight. Deacon said go to the 3rd focal but I have had others say 2nd What ever works. "Makes for a more harmonious outcome" GW
  7. Merchants Forum shows OnTarget front sight covers. I gave up years ago and had my eye doctor make special single focus glasses for me. Tried 1 contact for awhile and loved it but contacts and I didnt get along GW
  8. We talked to each other GW
  9. 2 of my favorite things STEEL and leather. No plastic in sight GW
  10. Try pushing in on the loading gate. Usually the magazine spring will push the bad case out. I stole this idea from somebody else GW
  11. Just got around to catching up on Emails. Got the same one. Interesting idea, but at $100 would rather put that towards supplies . A case checker comes to mind GW
  12. Be interested in seeing one of those GW
  13. Made some out of leather from an old boot. Laced up with leather shoe lace GW
  14. Understand completly Just upgraded to Iphone 13 cause was having connection problems with hearing aids. Would still have my flip phone if it would have worked with hearing aids GW
  15. Got a survey after an update years ago. In comments I wrote "Why bother to ask" You do whatever you want anyway Still waiting for reply HaHa GW
  16. Tried to PM you Says you dont want to talk to me LOL GW
  17. Try it on a target yourself. Shoot 1 with bead at bottom and 1 at top. Then fire 1 far left and 1 far right. Probaly find out they are all close enough for cowboy ranges and also which is easier to pick up the sight picture that is best for you. IMHO I like to float the bead, not bury it GW
  18. Congrats You found a good use for the "skinny" jeans GW
  19. D*#&, pumpkin spice GW
  20. Never meet Lefty. But the man has some interesting ideas and is very helpful when you have problems GW
  21. Surprised not much is said about this. Go to Lefty Wheeler helpful tips on his website. Open PDF labeled Clean Bolt Slots Pretty neat idea in my opinion GW
  22. The side plate itself. The "U" on the plate on mine will cut the sides of my thumb or the nail as I push the cartridge in. Sorry don't do pictures Have to wait for G kids to come one day GW
  23. Along with replacing the loading gate or hour-glass grinding I take a minute to dull the sharp edges of the side plate as they are generally pretty sharp from the factory. GW
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