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  1. Good see ya back. We been needing new rumors to spread about you.
  2. Can happen quickly, I know from experience
  3. At least good looking one is in front
  4. Go see spine orthopedic doc. I suffered nearly 40 years with similar problems had L5-S1 fused back in February. My faucet joint was 4x size should been. Still weak and bad balance but pain is better but not gone.
  5. What happens to dog when you are away
  6. https://www.military.com/history/only-navy-warship-authorized-fly-pirate-flag-sea.html
  7. I am an 8 ball or is that oddball
  8. As a loyal servant to my masters I resemble some of these memes
  9. got this put on my rcbs trimpro. Makes quick work even with an electric screwdriver but my milwaukee cordless impact driver is even better.
  10. Only 130 years guess you got money's worth
  11. So TN Williams did you learn not to bully old men
  12. I was drinking black military grade coffee at 10 years old
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