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  1. Not long ago I was at harley dealership and young man was looking for souvenir. Most dealership offer poker chips this one had challenge coins. So I paid for it with my stuff and handed it to him. Look on his face was worth more than the coin.
  2. Guess not much happening in the down under if you have to resort to whittle spam.
  3. Has any one wondered why the male is called a Jack like a donkey but living in Australia every time something tries to kill him he runs around and scream like a Shiela?
  4. Update after buck he got a management spike then a doe. Also he shot hog guide estimates 175 lbs. Me a little red sheep ewe and 250lbe red deer doe.
  5. That squirrel is not try kill snake he is riding him into battle.
  6. 109 yards with 308 browning a bolt. San Angelo TX
  7. And that is why you fit in this group so well
  8. I try just to remember put on my pants.
  9. @Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 My yellow tabby came up meowing ND rubbing me. Thought she wanted to eat but she walked the other way. OK she wants go outside so open door, noped walked away. Then she led me over to patio door so opened curtain and plop. Laid down in sunbeam. She was happy kitty after that.
  10. 1 procedural added to your score
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