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  1. That is at Tarran Tactical. They have been trained well.
  2. Two sets. 5.5 stainless with Boogie kits. 4 7/8 stainless, super Blackhawk hammers and Wolff springs.
  3. He wanted to shoot one of those”Arrrrr” rifles.
  4. Read the small print on your hunting and fishing license application. In many sates you give consent when you sign the application.
  5. Please remember. I make and sell new, 7.5 shot. $50 for #25 delivered to shoots. #65 fir $150 delivered to your door. PM for more details. Shootin Fox
  6. START: At POS 1L or POS 1R, At the Ready. Rifle loaded with 10 rounds and Open, empty shotgun staged anywhere safely. Two revolvers loaded with 5 rds each, holstered. Stage may be engaged Left-to-Down Range or Right-to-Down Range. Shooter may indicate ready by saying "WHO BLABBED THE GOLD WAS HERE" ON SIGNAL: At POS 1L/1R, with Rifle, engage the “R” targets with two 5 round Nevada Sweeps, starting on either end of the array. Make Rifle Safe flat on the platform pointing into the side berm or re-staged vertical. At POS 1L/1R with Shotgun, engage two “S” targets in front. Move to POS 3 with the Shotgun and engage two “S” targets in front. Make Shotgun safe on the box at POS 3. At POS 3 with revolvers, engage the “P” targets with two 5 round Nevada Sweeps, starting on either end of t
  7. IR laser designator for use with NVG.
  8. Mortars can be aimed with colimator or aiming stakes, but the shift in the tube, wind, fluctuations in the wind, etc will deflect the impact. Slow fire , aimed carefully can be very accurate, but exact hole is improbable..
  9. Pic 2 shows the lock nut for adjustment is loose on the case feed assy. Check the manual for initial set up instructions for how to adjust the travel rod.
  10. Check the case feeder slide assy for trash or residue. As stated, make sure you have the correct insert in the case feeder actuator.
  11. I make and sell #7.5 shot. Screened for size, tumbled and graphited, ready for use. #65 shipped with insurance and tracking $150. Delivered to shoots, EOT, Landrun, SW Regional, Ok State or pickup in OKC, #25 for $50. Fox
  12. Cold barrel to hot barrel. Ladder check your velocities.
  13. Lost about 15 pounds. Was not hungry while taking meds. Put around five back on but trying to keep it off.
  14. Molly’s custom silver
  15. Yes. 3 more months unless Doc says otherwise.
  16. Mine was referred by my orthopedic doctor that worked on my shoulder.
  17. Iron Jim plan on 5-6 days in the hospital. 30 days in bed or in a recliner. 2-3 months with a walker or cane. 6 months with a brace. do exactly what the Doctor says for rehab. I see mine Wednesday for clearance to try to start shooting. 90 days post op. Fox
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