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  1. Did not receive it. Please resend it.
  2. I will have it ready to ship.
  3. Same chrono results as others. Meets Cowboy power factor.
  4. I make the 130 gr barnstormers. Are these what you are looking for? Fox Yes they are powder coated.
  5. I make the 130 gr barnstormers. Are these what you are looking for? Fox
  6. Check your state laws. That action may not be legal. Is the community gated with private roads or are the streets public.
  7. RN bullets in a tubular magazine are high risk. Check the manual on any tube mag rifle and it usually states flat point bullets. Over the last three years, there have been two mag detonations from rn bullets in tubular mags at our range. Not worth the risk. YMMV.
  8. Extend a suites phoenix. Call direct.
  9. Just a question. At which age category does the minimum of 10 men not apply anymore?
  10. I have 5 jugs available for EOT if someone needs some. $45 for #25. Fox
  11. Is it possible to check the categories now to see if any are in danger of not making the cut? August is a long way away.
  12. Be there on the 26th. Wild bunch and Cowboy.
  13. So we use a multi thousand dollar missile to shoot down a ballon when a couple hundred dollars of20 mm ammunition would do the same thing and let the ballon sink slower for possible recovery. It is only a conspiracy theory if it is not true.
  14. I need to know which mold/bullet style is in demand. I presume SPG is the requested lube. send me some details and I will look into it. See yall at EOT. Fox
  15. I have a Taurus in 45 colt. Stainless, new in the box. PM for pics and price. Can deliver to EOT.
  16. Old tech. That was around in the 80s.
  17. Shorty’s in OKc does excellent work. New band, cleaned and reshaped for around$100. Shipping I assume is extra, but work is perfect . Fox
  18. Got you covered. I’ll check my PMs. Palo, how many do you want? Thanks to all.
  19. I do. I ship as well. I ship as well. 65# for $150 with tracki g and insurance to your door. 18 left for EOT. Fox
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