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  1. Mortars can be aimed with colimator or aiming stakes, but the shift in the tube, wind, fluctuations in the wind, etc will deflect the impact. Slow fire , aimed carefully can be very accurate, but exact hole is improbable..
  2. Pic 2 shows the lock nut for adjustment is loose on the case feed assy. Check the manual for initial set up instructions for how to adjust the travel rod.
  3. Check the case feeder slide assy for trash or residue. As stated, make sure you have the correct insert in the case feeder actuator.
  4. I make and sell #7.5 shot. Screened for size, tumbled and graphited, ready for use. #65 shipped with insurance and tracking $150. Delivered to shoots, EOT, Landrun, SW Regional, Ok State or pickup in OKC, #25 for $50. Fox
  5. Cold barrel to hot barrel. Ladder check your velocities.
  6. Lost about 15 pounds. Was not hungry while taking meds. Put around five back on but trying to keep it off.
  7. Molly’s custom silver
  8. Yes. 3 more months unless Doc says otherwise.
  9. Mine was referred by my orthopedic doctor that worked on my shoulder.
  10. Iron Jim plan on 5-6 days in the hospital. 30 days in bed or in a recliner. 2-3 months with a walker or cane. 6 months with a brace. do exactly what the Doctor says for rehab. I see mine Wednesday for clearance to try to start shooting. 90 days post op. Fox
  11. Conspiracy theorist Motto. I Told You So!
  12. When it is time, your body will tell you. Usually the longer you wait the worse it gets. When I had to sleep sitting up to rel the pain, it was time.
  13. Space Cowboy Then how did the cow jump over the moon?
  14. I do therapy 3 times a week. I am up to 50 squats after all the other exercises. I do have a brace and a cane when necessary. No pain, thank goodness. Doc told me to not screw this up. Thanks for the well wishes. See you in Phoenix. Fox
  15. Had mine done Oct 24th 2023. See the Doc nextWednesday. Fingers crossed I will get cleared for EOT.
  16. One liter soda bottles work great.
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