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  1. Well said and I look forward to working with you and the rest of the Magnificent 7 to carry on this tradition. Dutch
  2. Hello everyone, I’m hoping that with the vast experience on here that someone will be able to save me some time. :-) I’ve run out of my regular powder but I have an 8lb keg of Red Dot, however, I can’t final any data on it for a 165 grain bullet for the 44-40. Everything is 200 grains and above. Does anyone have a favorite Red Dot load they would be willing to PM me? Appreciate the help. Thank you, Dutch
  3. Plus 1 on the Speck case. Dutch
  4. Boy, they aren’t giving you any respect at all. ;-)
  5. Captain Bill Burt, guess I don’t have to update my resume after all. ;-) Dutch
  6. I better update my resume after that prognostication. ;-) Congratulations to Georgia! Dutch
  7. Taking on the FL Cracker Crew is a real man sized job. Does any other state have the “horses” to compete? Inquiring minds want to know. ;-) Good luck to everyone, Dutch
  8. Thank you all for the kind words. I'm very honored to receive this award. I've told this story many times: When I first started I was told by a very good shooter "If you're going to wear all that sh!t, you might as well shoot Classic Cowboy." So, I decided he was right and I switched to Classic and have never looked back. Later, at a state match, a shooter, who now is a good pard, asked me if my brother also shot Classic. My immediate response: "No, he's just a Wrangler." I've been kidded a lot over the years about that comment. But, I believe Classic is the best category and as long as I can shoot, it will be my category. Thank you all again, Dutch
  9. God, can they look any dumber? Has the moron heard of the FMLA? Whoever is in charge of HR should be ashamed of themselves for letting this letter go out. Best, Dutch
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