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  1. Hmm let’s see, a miss, P and MSV all on one post. ;-)
  2. Yeah, I like the way you think. DuTch
  3. Our Mom liked dressing us the same. Ugh. He’s older by two minutes. I like to tell him he may be first born but he got none of the first born traits. ;-) Durch
  4. Hmm, l think I’ll try that one on my wife next time she starts... :-)
  5. That sounds more like a Festus Hagen explanation. :-)
  6. Had a shooter use double 00 buckshot earlier this year. Earned himself a SDQ. The largest shot size permitted is 7 ½. Which I think is true for every club in this VA/MD/PA area.
  7. I absolutely agree. If you finish top Overall you should get something. The match director/committee should be prepared for that possibility. This photo is from last year's Maryland State Championship, Thunder Valley Days, in Damascus, MD. You'll note that both the Top Man and Top Lady were not Maryland residents, so not the state champions. The state champions also received the state champion buckles in addition to the plaques.
  8. I enjoyed my 35th anniversary at my job this week. I officially felt old the first time I realized that I had been working there longer than some of the staff had been alive. And that was several years ago now.
  9. OMG! I laugh every time I watch it! It is just hilarious.
  10. Hmm, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, New Mexico, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, South Carolina
  11. Congratulations! I'm glad Hud didn't distract you with his tall tales. ;-)
  12. Just 2 since I started in 2008. Wrangler the first 2 years and Classic Cowboy after that. Yee haw!
  13. Match-Final-Total-Time-Main-Match-03022023.pdf
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