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  1. BTT. We are off to a good start. Please keep the nominations coming.
  2. Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Shootists of the Year Nominations are now open! The idea behind the Magnificent Seven is for a group/organization to recognize Classic Cowboys and Cowgirls who epitomize the costuming, shooting style, and giving back to CAS that we like to think characterizes the Classic Cowboy and Cowgirl categories. Like John Wayne said about gunfighters in "The Shootist", a Classic Cowboy or Cowgirl must "be willin." It is not an easy category and rarely the fastest, but it attracts those who embrace the costuming and challenge that the category represents. Since 2010 we have been recognizing Classic Cowboys and Cowgirls who met these standards. Current Members of the Magnificent 7: Ruby Red Rider, Hot Tamale, Dutch Coroner, GW Ryder, Major Art Tillery, Pony Soldier and Sixgun Seamus Prior Winners 2010 T-Bone Dooley 2011 Lefty Henderson Shotglass 2012 RJ Law Bella Spencer 2013 Big 6 Henderson Hot Tamale 2014 GW Ryder Squawty Bawdy 2015 Doc Baker Serenity 2016 Tonic Kid Marie Laveau 2017 Chilipepper Kid Black Hills Barb 2018 Major Art Tillery Cayenne Kay 2019 Stirrup Trouble Mattie Mahala West 2020 Asa Smith Boss Shamrock 2021 Dutch Coroner Lucinda Tincup 2022 Whiskey Hayes Ruby Red Rider 2023 Sixgun Seamus Silverlocks Prior winners and members of the Magnificent 7 are not eligible for the award. Nominations are open now until June 28th. Please tell us who you believe is ‘willin” and why. Thank you, The Magnificent 7
  3. I’ve seen videos of Gut C. His speed is just amazing.
  4. And here I thought you were going to be talking about you and Red Knee going at it again at speed shotgun. :-)
  5. https://gunsmagazine.com/our-experts/the-41-colt/ Here is a good article on the cartridge that I found with my GoogleFu it is written by Mike "Duke" Venturino. From the article: Without delving into definite introduction dates, here’s how the .41 Colt story played out. In the 1870s a little pop-gun called Colt’s New Line Pocket revolver was introduced. Its cartridge was .41 Colt with a case length nominally of 0.63″ with 163-grain heel-type lead bullet over 15 grains of black powder. A few years later, along with the revolutionary Colt Model 1877DA, a more powerful .41 Colt load appeared. It had a 0.93″ case with 200-grain heel-type lead bullet and 21 or 22 grains of black powder. This second round gained the moniker “Long” and the former one was then called “Short.” Various sources rate these heel-type bullets as being from 0.401″ to 0.408″ in diameter. The single .41 Short Colt round in my collection has a 0.401″ bullet. Also from the article: Sometime in the late 1800s an unknown person involved in ammunition production got a brainstorm. I imagine him thinking, “Why don’t we make the bullet fit inside the case just like .44 S&W Russian and .45 Colt had done since the early 1870s?” The fly in the ointment was this — Colt .41 barrels were 0.400″ to 0.408″ across their rifling grooves and reducing bullets enough to fit inside cartridge cases made them only 0.386″. Of course the Civil War was recent history at the time and the most famous projectile used therein was the Minie Ball. It was a hollow-based, pure lead bullet, undersized in regards to rifle-musket barrels. Minie Balls would slide easily down a rifled barrel. When fired the soft lead “skirts” of the projectile expanded into rifling grooves. The miracle isn’t such a system worked but that it worked so well — to the distress of hundreds of thousands of Civil War soldiers. And so, another .41 “Long” Colt was born. Cases were made 1.13″ with a deep hollow base in a 200-grain very blunt bullet. Powder charge remained 21/22 grains. By the early 1900s factory loads with smokeless propellants became available. From the Handbook: Revolver and Rifle Calibers: .40 caliber or larger, rimmed cartridges. I defer to the "powers that be" but if today's bullet is .386 in a 41 Colt you might be a harda$$ if you say its not legal. :-) Dutch
  6. Two sets. One in 45 Colt with work done by Three Cut and one in 44-40 with work done by Boomstick Jay. The 45s are 4 3/4 nickel and the 44s are 5 1/2 and blued.
  7. Thank you Lone Spur, I have emailed her.
  8. I need to contact Black Jack Flagg. If you have any info could you PM me please? Thank you, Dutch
  9. Yep, we all had a great time! Dutch, JB Sledge, Calamity Jill and Gunpowder John. You really should have this match on your list.
  10. Congratulations Slick. 2016 and now 2024 CC World Champion!
  11. I’m an identical twin. Brian and Bruce
  12. https://www.congress.gov/bill/118th-congress/senate-bill/3589/text Apparently this bill would prevent any 3 or more people from training with firearms or any other type of self defense tactics which may cause bodily injury. This insanity is never going to stop is it?
  13. I use this app when I dry fire. I used to use a timer but I found this to be more convenient plus I wasn’t using up the wife’s 9 volt batteries. :-)
  14. SASS Alias: Dutch Coroner SASS #: 82128 Where you are from: Virginia How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 10 years
  15. That is really something. Thanks for posting.
  16. Absolutely will do it, I've got one in the gun safe. It takes a special carrier, that you can get from the Smith Shop. Dutch
  17. I suggest you check with Lassiter about how they handle the shoot off at Guns of August. Its done before the awards. Dutch
  18. Or you could do something like this. :-) But, it's not SASS legal.
  19. For sale, 2013 PGW super short stroke kit with aluminum carrier (small caliber). Used very little. $150 Thanks for looking. Dutch
  20. I've been having the same problem. I can access it from my phone and this I-pad but if I try and access it from my desk top, no luck. My brother told me he was also having this problem.
  21. That's a good idea. I'll give my Dad one. Dutch
  22. Now that made me laugh! And after that nice Christmas gift she gave you.
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