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  1. I didn't know there were classes...Go with the most restrictions?
  2. I'm looking at all the choices for a SA 1911 and am not sure which are OK for the Wild Bunch. These are the Mil-spec ones I can choose from: PBD9108L PB9108L PB9108LCA PB9151L PB9151LCA Any recommendations?
  3. I am curious about the reasoning for having different lengths for each hand. Also can you transfer and just shoot with one hand?
  4. OK, Thanks everyone. I won't worry about it. To be specific they are both Cimarron Evil Roy in 357 4.75". One is a pre-war and the other is an old frame.
  5. Howdy, I just ordered a second pistol so I could start in the sport and even though I ordered by SKU#, they sent me a different one. Evil Roy Cimarrons are hard to find right now. Since they are the same length and caliber, will I be OK - the only difference between them that matters is the hammer.
  6. Whelp, the new iron arrived... but not exactly as expected. I thought I bought another ER4103 and what I got was an ER4151LWH.... I guess I'll have to keep it and continue to watch for another potential match. What I can say is that both are 4 click and at home I can tell the difference between the hammers but I doubt I will on the range. At least they got the barrel length and caliber right - and it is an Evil Roy.
  7. I broke down and bought one myself last week. 1873 20" Octagon Short Rifle Straight Stock Cimarron / Uberti .357 / .38 Tuned Short Stroked CA271. I think we both made a good choice.
  8. I have found another 4103 and have purchased it. I will compare it with my first and report back. Now I just need a shotgun...
  9. Old Man Graybeard, I bought my Evil Roy used so I don't know what work has been done to it.
  10. Abilene, I am on Gene's waiting list. He said he sent all the 3 click ones he had back. I just joined SASS this week so that times my number. I will take a look to see if the firing pin is visible.
  11. Howdy, Newby here. Does anyone have a table that shows which model numbers are 3 and which are 4 click. I have an older 4103 that I am fairly certain is a 4 click and I need to find a second. The video was confusing me as I have a spring loaded retention pin for the cylinder and the half moon ejector. Thanks
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