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  1. If I cleaned my glasses as much as @Rye Miles #13621 or @Nostrum Damus SASS #110702 I'd probably be more worried about damaging the lenses than I currently do. Seriously, I probably only clean the lenses two or three times a week and usually use the spray bottle with alcohol. I don't know how old the box of wipes I have is (over a year, at least) but most of them are dry when I open the packages.
  2. Let me know in 12 months if that's still the case.
  3. Just for grins, I wrote next months stages using MS Excel; started with a blank spreadsheet. I wrote each of five stages on it's own tab and found it very easy to place everything where I wanted it. I used the basic square, circle and line shapes to mark target and prop placement. Once done, I selected all active tabs as a group and saved as a pdf. This saved all five stages to it's each sheet in a single pdf document. I admit that I like the ability to go from tab to tab to view the stages and ensure flow more than having to scroll with MS Word or PowerPoint. I may be an Excel convert from now on...
  4. Be aware that the packaged lens wipes can and do dry out. I use 90% isopropyl alcohol in a squirt bottle with a lint free/poly cloth. If there are large pieces of "debris" on the lenses it's much better to use soap and water in a sink and then dry.
  5. As long as there's enough bullet inside the case to prevent it from tipping (getting cock-eyed) it'll be fine, assuming you have a good powder charge under it. Looks like that piece of nickel brass has a split in the neck (crimp). I'd be more worried about that.
  6. I'm with @Dusty Devil Dale- I have a pair of prescription safety glasses (also WileyX) with an intermediate prescription. I put them on at the loading table and switch back to my regular prescription safety glasses (also WileyX but with lined bifocals) after a stage. The front sights of all guns are clear but things at distance are a little blurry. No problems, for me, negotiating stairs or props.
  7. Beware of a future where new products for guns/ammunition is not being explored or the doing so would be against the law. If it doesn't fit your need or want - don't spend money it. But don't deride others who want something new/different.
  8. Did it contain a link to click? If so, hover over the link and see if it's a valid Klein Tools link or a phishing scam.
  9. Could be used for a flag-pole base. Whether it was designed for such...
  10. I've been on the site. It's been saved as a favorite for several years. Still looking for firsthand info. The Pyramid and Utah Air Guns companies are both owned/operated by users, but idiots and a$$holes can still make reviews that are unwarranted. Like "I'm giving this a one star because it didn't include pellets with the purchase". That is my example of how some of these reviews are - not one that I have personally read.
  11. Best bang for the buck, accurate and quiet PCP airgun. Not looking for Olympic level guns but something to take care of pests, as well as squirrels and rabbits.
  12. Got one this morning asking me to click on the link to verify my phone number.
  13. Means the same to me and my shipmates as your it did to your daddy.
  14. Angie and I have been setting up and running PractiScore on the MS Peacemakers new tablets. The overwhelming consensus over the last two matches has been positive. Not an expert yet by any means but give me call.
  15. There's been a couple threads but I'll just repeat mine: Win AA or Rem STS hulls Winchester primer Claybuster CB0178-12 (gray) wads 7/8 oz shot 14.4 gr Clays (#26 MEC bushing)
  16. Which can also be vicious and very destructive and have the ability to get pi$$ed off and strike out if the mood hits them. Not advocating having a racoon as a pet but I'll let 'ol Murphy take care of people that want "exotic" pets. And truthfully, I don't care if a person gets something like that and keeps it. What upsets me is when they get something like that and then figure out that they can't control it (happens with dogs all the time, too) and just turn them loose.
  17. I received a phone call yesterday evening and my caller ID identified the caller as a major credit card company. When I answered the person new my name and address and told me there were are series of charges just placed on my credit card in TX. Then I was asked to verify the first six digits on the credit and expiration date - the caller had that info. The the caller asked me to verify the last eight digits of the card. Uh, no. I hung up and immediately called the number on the back of my credit card to report it. Be careful - some of these callers are very professional sounding and convincing.
  18. My daughter was filling up her truck (Freightliner) at a truck stop the other day and while we were talking she say "hold on a second" and then I hear her air horn. Seems the driver at the island next to her took off with the nozzle still in his passenger side tank.
  19. It's very "Walking Dead-ish" to me. It starts off humans against vampires. Then the it really gets stupid with some of the vampires getting super powers (for lack of a better term) with the ability to regenerate body tissue and only die if the head is cut completely off. Season 4 ended with some of the characters entering "other realms". And the acting is not great, but better than some other popular shows.
  20. I have slowly watched the Van Helsing series on Netflix over the last several months. Several of the episodes took some real effort to get through. Overall, it's ok, IMO. I just finished the final episode of season four. Season five is new this year and aired on SYFY. The first eight episodes of season five are not available on SYFY and the only place I can find them are on Amazon Prime video for $2.99 per episode. I liked it enough to want to finish, but not enough to spend that much per episode. Anyone else watch the series or know where/how to watch season five episodes 1-8?
  21. Looks like Joe Perkins' work. Very nice.
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