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    @Widder, SASS #59054 Post #8, immediately after your first post. It was given as an example.
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    Beartrap is not the OP and nothing has been said that he is referencing the OPs scenario. I agree with your assessment of Beartraps scenario. In the OPs scenario - no one noticed only 9 rounds being fired and no one saw a procedural. OP only wanted to call a procedural because an unfired round was discovered in a revolver at the unloading table.
  3. It's been hot, humid and raining almost every day down here, about 40 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico. ~90°F -100°F stick temp with heat index 110°F - 120°F last week. It's currently still 87°F with 77% humidity at 6:30 PM.
  4. Chief Rick


    If three spotters did not notice only nine rounds being fired, and no one "SAW" a procedural - one miss for the unfired round. Then, offline, try to figure out how everyone missed the unfired round...
  5. I feel quite assured that it won't be the next time we come up. Mid to upper 80s with a chance of hail...
  6. Does anyone know if these will fit a 1st generation Colt?
  7. I've driven up from the MS Gulf Coast three times to shoot that match and wish I could drive up every year. I love how much room they have for movement.
  8. They're all nope-ropes according to the wife. There are no such things as good snakes to her. I'll not go out of my way to kill any of them but I'm not going out of my way to let a poisonous one live, either.
  9. My favorite shirts are from Inter American Trading Company. Style 5303C - Color Puffy Sleeve Wedding Shirt, 100% Pima Cotton. Inter-American Trading Co is a wholesaler. I bought my shirts through a SASS vendor many years ago and they have all held up well. If I could find another vendor with these shirts I might be tempted to buy one or two. Unfortunately, I can't find an online vendor.
  10. I have found the cooler cowboy shirts don't work really well down here with very high humidity and little to no wind, I've been wearing 100% cotton shirts. Like Jerry Reed said - when it's hot it's hot.
  11. I have someone interested in starting reloading on a budget and also just getting into CAS (meaning he's going to be looking for guns and leather as well). Is the LEE Classic 4-hole turret press robust enough to turn the turret after each operation and hold up? Use it like a semi-progressive (Dillon 550) but instead of turning the cartridges, turn the dies? Or is using it this way going to cause problems really fast with wear & tear? The other option I was thinking of was the Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic single-stage press. It's a little more expensive but the Lock-N-Load bushings would make changing dies easier.
  12. You've already received the answer I would've given for cleaning. That said. this is one of the reasons I went with Dillon dies. Pull a pin and the seating stem drops right out. Clean it and put it back in, reseat the pin and your setting never changes.
  13. I didn't know the CVA Scout barrels could be interchanged.
  14. I lose brass at every match. When shooting 38 Special I don't really worry about it. Shooting 45 Colt or 44 WCF hurts.
  15. I just ordered 1000' of antenna wire from DX Engineering. Supposed to be here Tuesday. I also just received a 49:1 Balun I ordered two weeks ago. Plan to string up an EFHW for 80 meters, sloping from 10' off the ground to ~20' off the ground. This is my first foray into HF, so... I really want to a Yaesu FT-891 Mobile radio to make a go-bag, but that's going to have to wait for more funds to become available.
  16. Enjoyed the match, except the heat and the one calf that kept bumping my camper Saturday morning.
  17. Shot the second wave today. This was what the thermometer at my camper showed at 5:30 PM. The exterior sensor is located under my camper and never in direct sunlight.
  18. I'm here and parked. Camp spot #8. Posse #13. Gonna cook a little steak and potatoes and relax.
  19. I'll be on the range Thursday afternoon/evening, weather & traffic permitting.
  20. Send an e-mail to Bessie James. I'm sending you the contact info by PM.
  21. It's an actual caliber and has been around since 1964. .444 Marlin - Wikipedia
  22. Got my seats back from the upholstery shop.
  23. Well, some may have also been more relaxed than others.
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