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  1. This has been the way it's been at all of the big matches I've attended. There was no designated shooting order. The TO and the score keeper communicated prior to the run or immediately after to ensure the score was recorded correctly. The TO should always announce the time immediately after the run and then visually verify the score keeper records it correctly. It's not difficult.
  2. I've never been on a posse where a TO had to "assign" jobs and I don't want to be. Goes back to what I was saying about the peanut gallery shirking posse chores.
  3. If I'm the TO and I have three spotters, somebody to shag brass and somebody at the ULT I'd be happy to have everybody else standing in line to load. Less peanut gallery yacking on the firing line and/or getting in the way. I'll also state that I'm not a fan of designated shooting order. As long as I'm not having trouble understanding a stage I like to shoot first or nearly so. Then I can spot, shag brass, reset targets or TO (or all of the above depending on the posse). The arguments for not knowing shooters - especially at a monthly - is bogus. You don't know who
  4. When I first started CAS the clubs I shot at had a designated shooting order (early 2000s). I know at least a couple of clubs still do this but I don't understand why. Do you support a designated shooting order or do you care?
  5. As I think about it, I don't think I've seen it either. I did enjoy Dead Man's Walk, the story (as to how the relationships formed) as well as the acting.
  6. You're assuming there's a loading frenzy. You're assuming there's a crowded table. I can see where all posse members loading prior to shooting the stage (notice I didn't say "at the same time", even though that could still be done if the loading table is large enough) would make for a less hectic or maybe even more efficient stage when shooting with a limited number of people.
  7. 200 gr RNFP = 4.8 gr Clays 200 gr RNFP = 4.0-6.0 gr Red Dot
  8. 13-17 for a monthly and 15-18 for a large match. Yes, a posse can get by with as few as 10 IF there are people who can and will work. The key is to identify who's doing what and when before the first bullet goes downrange, especially as a TO/RO. We had 10 on a posse at our monthly last weekend, which included one new-to-CAS shooter and one mobility challenged. Myself and one other person traded off as TO and when we weren't running the timer, loading, shooting, or unloading - we were spotting, shagging brass AND resetting targets. This was still more enjoyable than s
  9. I second what Phantom says and this: I highly recommend you try a pair of short-stroked revolvers that were done by the 'smith you are considering. While similar, every 'smith's work will have a slightly different feel and you may prefer one over the other.
  10. Contact who you are shipping it to and ask them who they recommend.
  11. Rabid fans? The people yelling "Roll Tide!" that can't spell Tuscaloosa...
  12. Yep - probably going to replace both the jingle bobs and wire on both spurs, since I've only got the one set remaining. Currently have only found one set of brass jingle bobs (Colorado Saddlery) and S&H is almost as much as the product. I finally found something that isn't available (or at least that I can't find) on Amazon...
  13. I can't answer but I think it must me something psychological. YL - your answer reminds me of the debates over H-Ds. Often times there is no rational reason but people feel they have to ride one or ride nothing. Then others feel guilted into riding one and don't want to admit that's the reason. If you know why you enjoy something then you should be able to say so. If you enjoy something but don't know why, then why not say that? Some people enjoy watching things that they've never participated in and never will. Why?
  14. I noticed yesterday that one of my spurs is missing the jingle-bobs. I haven't been able to locate replacements that match what I have. Do I need to replace both? Are the posts pressed/peened in? Any help appreciated.
  15. My point exactly - not useless. And a rider should know the difference and when to use each appropriately.
  16. Your pard needs to re-read the SHB, or take an RO1 class.
  17. The military will allow the basic riders course to be taken on your personal motorcycle or a loaner motorcycle (usually a 250cc model) when available. The advanced rider course must be taken on your personal motorcycle. I disagree with the u-turn being a useless test. I believe that low speed balance and handling are the basis for advanced/faster control and evasive maneuvers. I laugh when I hear someone say "I had to lay it down because...." - the truth is the rider laid it down because they weren't paying attention and/or they didn't know how to perform a
  18. I agree to an extent - the MSF courses (or equivalent) need to include some real road riding and not just parking lots. There are training courses available that do this this, but they are few and far between and not accepted like MSF. I do not believe we should do a tiered licensing system and I don't believe that MSF (or equivalent) should be mandatory. I do wish people more people would get basic rider training (at least) and advanced rider training as available, but I wish more people would take a drivers ed class before getting their regular license.
  19. It depends on the state. Some states will accept a certificate of completion from a motorcycle safety course in lieu of a driving test, thought the applicant must still pass a written test. Some states still require the applicant to pass a written and driving test on a parking lot course at the facility. Some states waive the written and driving tests with a certificate of completion from a motorcycle safety course. In TX, where I first obtained my motorcycle endorsement, I had to provide a street legal motorcycle that I could ride as well a pas
  20. I purchased a Garmin Dash Cam 56 prior to our recent trip out west. It does not come with a micro-SD card so I bought a SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS EVO Select 256GB MicroSDXC UHS-I U3 100MB/s Full HD & 4K UHD Memory Card to go in it. It records videos in one minute increments and automatically starts recording when external power is supplied. It will continually record and overwrite data unless you remove the external power cord or manually turn it off. It does have a built-in battery but I can't tell you how long it will last. The unit comes with a hexagonal metal plate
  21. I received an e-mail thanking me for my patience and giving me a tracking number for the badges I ordered.
  22. We did yesterday for late lunch. All they had was the buffet as they had an issue with the cook showing up yesterday. It was "ok". Would have preferred to order off a menu. We also visited the Heart Mountain "Relocation" Center. Well worth the entry fee. Left this morning and made it Limon, CO. OKC by tomorrow night and then we'll shoot on Saturday before finally heading home Sunday morning.
  23. No experience with butterfly knives. Wouldn't want to stake my life on having to operate one... Pepper spray is probably best. Then a stun gun. If she is set on carrying a knife, might I recommend a "neck-knife"? A small fixed-blade knife worn in a sheath around her neck like a necklace.
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