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  1. Be safe @Dawg Hair, SASS #29557 While I believe it's still too early to tell, the latest European models show it making landfall between Tampa and Cedar Key and then moving northward (inland) through Georgia and then the Carolinas.
  2. If it's good enough for Jerry Miculek!
  3. Chief Rick


    So as not to sidetrack the the other topic referencing annealing 45 Colt cases: How do "YOU" do it? Of course pictures would help with the description if you care to take the time, especially if using a special contraption you built to do it.
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    Thank y'all. I've modified it and showed the change in the first post. We have some new and newer shooters and I want to be sure they can comprehend.
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    Yes - should have been a "P". Thank you. Yep - I'll have to change that. Should have been "P".
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    I need assistance articulating the correct response. Does what I've posted make sense? Stage instructions for the revolvers state to engage four targets with a continuous Nevada sweep. Shooter draws first revolver and successfully engages the first four targets but the fifth round fails to fire. The shooter declares “broke gun” and places the revolver on the table, draws second revolver and continues the shooting string with P3, finishing after 5-rounds on P3. What’s the call? ONE MISS The unfired round (bad primer) does not count as the round did not go “downrange”. The shooter has four choices in this scenario: 1) Re-engage the same target and reload the unfired chamber for the last target = NO penalty 2) Re-engage the same target and take the MISS on the last target of the shooting string instead. 3) Move on to the next target & NOT reload = MISS only for the unfired round. 4) Move on to the next target; reload & return to the skipped target = Procedural for HITTING the targets out of order (but no misses). I've changed it to read as follows: 1) Re-engage P3 with the second revolver then reload the unfired chamber for the last target = NO penalty 2) Re-engage P3 with the second revolver and take the MISS on the last target of the shooting string instead. 3) Move on to P2 with the second revolver & NOT reload = MISS only for the unfired round. 4) Move on to P2 with the second revolver; then reload & return to P3 = Procedural for HITTING the targets out of order (but no misses).
  7. My daughter told me Amazon turned off comments for the series. Does that mean anything? I haven't watched it.
  8. Having packed a S&W 460 Magnum with 8 3/8" barrel on a hunting trip, I can assure you that I would much rather carry a slim lever-action rifle in the same caliber. Optic choices for that hand-cannon were also slim. Not much would hold up to the recoil impulse. Worse than the 454 Casull. Nothing wrong with the 45-70. That said, the 460 S&W Magnum uses .452" bullets and are overall shorter. Shorter actions should result in smoother/faster handling. Using bullets less than 300 grains, the 460 will produce the same or higher velocity with shorter barrels than the 45-70 will with a 24-inch barrel. If using/wanting to use bullets heavier than 300 gr, the 460 is not the round to choose. It's good to have choices.
  9. I would really like to have a lever rifle in 460 S&W Magnum. I am not willing to spend Big Horn Armory prices for it, though. Especially after watching how much effort Michael Bane had to put into levering one. As for tacti-cool lever guns, I believe there will always be people who like and will buy it. I have had a few instances where I was thinking how great it would be to have a light mounted to rifle.
  10. Taz - Klassic Laser Works FB - Klassic Laser Works | Facebook
  11. I reloaded some rounds this past weekend with Clays and W231. Using Clays at minimum load, it would not reliably cycle a G19 with Trijicon RMR. At max load it would cycle but brass was all over the place. Using W231 at minimum load, it would cycle but that load seemed a bit "snappier". I will be trying TiteGroup tomorrow after work, if the rain moves out.
  12. A gunfighter is required to shoot double-duelist if not shooting gunfighter - that would require five shots with the left hand and five shots with the right hand. Otherwise, they are shooting out of category. Not sure how that would affect two required reloads...
  13. I have not started reading this issue, yet. Thanks. You would figure, though, that I just received a rather large order of 115 gr coated bullets.
  14. Absolutely! No jacketed or plated bullets will be allowed if we do this. My concern with velocity is what impact (no pun intended) the bullets will have on our targets. Some of our targets are probably 20 years old and are mild steel.
  15. Looking into allowing steel shooting on non-CAS weekends at cowboy targets. The idea was to use SASS bullet and velocity rules at SASS recommended target distances. Ideally, I personally would want a load that works in stock guns. Can't speak to what anyone else would want or be willing to do.
  16. No problems here. Using Microsoft Edge browser.
  17. Has anyone tried a semi-auto pistol in 9mm with loads at or under 1000 FPS? I'm wondering if stock pistols will reliably cycle. If so, would heavier bullets be better (124 gr vice 115 gr)?
  18. Here is a video taken at the Deadwood Marshals club in Sorrento, LA with a "running" turtle. The turtle starts moving when the rifle is picked up. The speed of the turtle can be adjusted to run faster or slower.
  19. This video shows a "no shoot" stationary target in front of the swinger. Last weekend we put the stationary target behind the swinger and made the swinger the "no shoot" target. 0618221727.mp4
  20. I don't, but Hodgdon has reloading data listed so someone must be. All loads are shown using the same three powders (different charge weights).
  21. I don't believe magazines can interchange between the two. I don't know if the fire control parts are the same or not.
  22. +howevermany to the Ruger MK IV S&W Governor - If I were looking at the S&W or the Taurus Judge, I'd go with the Governor. Six round capacity of.410-bore shotshells, 45 Colt or 45 ACP. Now, why do you want one? If it's just to have one- buy it. If you do a lot of gardening or hiking where you can open-carry, it'd be a decent sidearm for snakes or maybe dogs loaded with shotgun shells. Beyond those two uses, I feel it's just a novelty. I will say, the Judge did a pretty good number on some roosters at about four feet using .410s.
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