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  1. I'm glad I don't knowingly shoot with this type of shooter.
  2. Rafe, Since I'm the one that wrote the original, allow me to modify it by stating: The first three rifle rounds knocked down the first three rifle targets. Shooter missed with the fourth shot. Shooter then knocked down the remaining standing rifle targets. Without questioning the shooter or assuming the shooter's intentions - what's the call? Not assuming where the shooter was aiming or their intentions. There were nine standing rifle targets when the shooter started with the rifle. There were 10 shots fired and no standing rifle targets when the shooter completed the rifle string.
  3. Creeker, Thank you for the explanation. This is how our TO and spotters ruled - without asking the shooter of their "intentions". Hope we were right.
  4. Shotgun is irrelevant to the situation.
  5. Marshal, I'm quoting you only because you are the first (or is it last??) to make this comment. Stage instructions: With pistols, first engage the five bottles then place all remaining rounds on the dump plate. With rifle, engage the 10 rifle knock-down targets. Anyone stating that these are poor stage instructions, please explain how this could be written any more clearly.
  6. This is the first time we've run this scenario with the targets set up in these positions. We called it clean. Per pistol instructions, only standing bottles or misses on the dump plate are misses - after 10 rounds, there were no standing bottles or misses on the dump target. Per rifle instructions, there was no target order. 10 shots were fired and 10 plates were down. Would any of you calling a P or a Miss change your call if wind had caused one of the rifle targets to fall? The issue was with some of the rifle target locations not allowing a clean miss of a pistol target without affecting a rifle target. This is not an issue with stationary targets, but as you can see it can have an effect on knock-downs. I have ideas on how to make that work better going forward. We don't shoot these often because it takes a lot of time to set them up in first place to ensure they fall reliably, without falling with a gust of wind. It also takes considerably more time to reset. That said, we enjoy variety and using what we have.
  7. Please write this as you would to make it better, using the targets as indicated. Yes. I guess we're just not perfect.
  8. With pistols, first engage the five bottles then place all remaining rounds on the dump plate. ONLY STANDING BOTTLES OR MISSES ON THE DUMP PLATE COUNT AS MISSES. With rifle, engage the 10 rifle knock-down targets. Shooter engages the bottles with pistols. The first three shots knock over the first three bottles. The fourth shot misses a bottle but hits a rifle knock-down, making it fall. The fifth and sixth shots knock over the last two bottles, shooter then engages and hits the stationary dump target with the remaining four rounds. Shooter then picks up rifle and engages the rifle knock-down targets. There are only nine targets standing due to one being hit by a pistol round. The first three rounds knock down the first three targets. Shooter misses the fourth target with the fourth shot. Shooter re-engages the fourth target, knocks it down and then knocks down the remaining targets. What’s the call?
  9. I bought a Pentax PF-80ED over a decade ago. Can't compare it to a Kowa or any other high-dollar spotting scope. The PF-80 has served me well, except for one shortcoming: eye relief. After I started wearing glasses, I found the eye box on the scope to be more difficult to get behind. Pay attention to eye relief, especially if you wear glasses. I bought the PF-80 based on reviews from a few bird-watching blogs/websites. Bird-watchers are very conscious of glass quality and portability, among other things.
  10. Remember when it was hard to find Huy Fong sriracha (we just called it the rooster brand)? Now that it's been back on shelves it tastes different, and a lot of people don't like it (including me). My new favorite is Sky Valley sriracha. It has a slightly smokey flavor and goes great on eggs. I love it on grilled chicken and rice.
  11. My current favorites: For tacos, nachos, enchiladas, etc: For hamburgers: For general use: These all have decent heat and good flavors. Not hot just to be hot.
  12. The 7mm Rem Mag and the 6.5x55 are really not comparable. The 7x57 Mauser (or 7mm-08 Rem if you prefer an Americanized 7mm) are closer in performance.
  13. From the Star Link website: Starlink requires an unobstructed view of the sky. Download the Starlink app to determine your best install location. I know several people who have the "RV" service. To my understanding, the only difference being that the RV service can be throttled during peak times. That said, none of my acquaintances have ever had an issue. One family, to include three kids, have run two laptops and five tablets simultaneously streaming movies with no lag. That said, cloud cover and inclement weather can play a factor.
  14. @Popcorn Kelly We have our annual match coming up next month. Historically, I've just use Excel to cut & paste. It can be done, but it's time consuming and mistakes can and do happen (not getting people on a posse with someone they asked for). The other issue has been re-assigning people to balance the posse. Your macros in Excel are great for me so far. It contains a lot of data that we don't/haven't used, but it's better to have and not need. Thank you!
  15. Depending on the prop - we do both. We have a stage with a gong. The shooter indicates ready by saying a line and banging the gong, the TO then gives stand-by and the beep. If we are throwing a stick of dynamite or stabbing a knife into a prop the shooter will say a line, the TO will give stand-by and after the beep the shooter will throw the dynamite/stab the prop.
  16. I'll take a look at this video tomorrow. I currently use Excel for our small annual, but anything that makes it "easier" is always good.
  17. Howdy MM! Heard and read about - Yes. Seen or held a gun or ammo - No. Proprietary cartridges made/developed by Lazzeroni. Expensive guns and expensive ammo. Think Weatherby but on steroids.
  18. @Trailrider #896 they did get the cargo hatch to open but could not get it closed. We watched the live feed and while they were showing the cargo hatch it abruptly fell inward, dangling (what appeared to be) several inches inboard. Couple that with quite a few lost heat tiles and what appeared to be a slow roll as it re-entered the atmosphere, I'm surprised they had telemetry for as long as they did. The camera views were awesome!
  19. We also use Lockton Affinity.
  20. My "issue" is that it doesn't remember the Divisions you add. We have a "shootist" category (top five shooters will compete as "shootist's" the following month. I have to add "shootist" every month.
  21. I have a pair from Caboots in El Paso. I went to the store several years ago and had my feet/calves measured by Joey. Price and turn-around time were both very good, IMO. Most comfortable boots I've ever worn. Period boots
  22. @J-BAR #18287, I wouldn't spend any more money on knives than is necessary. The amount spent would be determined by the recipient's knowledge and application of knife use and care. Both of the brands you've listed make really good knives and both also offer Chinese knives. I have some of both brands. I also have some custom knives from Carter Cutlery. Some of my favorite go-to knives, though, are Dexter-Russell. All of mine are relatively inexpensive (for what they are) and made in the USA. I'd buy a small variety of common use knives along with a magnetic knife wall mount instead of a factory "set" with counter-top "knife block".
  23. It depends on the age of the ship for the most part. Most embarked troops, whether Marines or Sea Bees, are in berthings with racks stacked three or four high. These are the plain racks (no coffin lockers) and some can be triced-up (folded up against the bulkhead). Some are canvas "cots" on aluminum frames that are raised and lowered (vertically) as needed. They are raised into the overhead during the day to allow for floor space and lowered in the evening for sleeping.
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