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  1. I've always pushed but I saw some videos of drawing the knife across the stone. I've looked at some of the Lansky systems, from very inexpensive to very expensive. Not sure what the difference is between the different "kits". Haven't looked that closely.
  2. No sir. That would be an incorrect assumption. The article included pictures, along with a link to the specific rice used.
  3. When using stones, do you push the knife blade across the stone or draw it (pull it)?
  4. Yep, that is DEFINITELY a problem with the gun. Something like that can't have anything to do with the operator.
  5. I don't. I also don't care for shiny guns/scopes on hunting rifles.
  6. Hater's gonna hate. When you can't feel good about your own decisions, ridicule someone elses.
  7. One of the things mentioned was to use larger grained rice to keep this from happening. Also mentioned was it wouldn't work at all for .17 caliber cartridges.
  8. Just stumbled across an article talking about using rice as tumbling media. Says it doesn't dust up like crushed walnut/pecan shells. Anyone try it? I don't see myself changing from I currently use but if supplies of cleaning media get as scarce as other shooting supplies, you never know...
  9. Also to add: yes, you will be competing, if only with yourself. If you find yourself getting faster with the BB you will outrun it and you have two choices: 1 - Slow down 2 - New rifle
  10. A Win '92 can be every bit as slick as a '73 but can be more sensitive to bullet OAL. Nothing wrong with the Henry Big Boy as long as you are aware of it's limitations. It is not designed to be a fast gun. It is, IMO, a great hunting rifle. One thing you didn't mention is whether you want a scope for hunting. If you want to put a scope on it, a Marlin 1894 is your best bet. You can also put a scope on a Henry Big Boy, but again, not designed to be a fast rifle. The Marlin 1894 can also be really slick and fast. Not as OAL sensitive as the Win 1892 but n
  11. Forty, Did you look at CABOOTS? It's been a few years but I had them make me a pair and I really like the way they turned out. I will say that I went to the shop and had Joey do all the foot/calf measurements. These are the boots I wear for all matches.
  12. My daughter said mine arrived at the house. I also MUCH prefer a paper book/magazine. That said, electric is nice when you're away from home for extended periods of time.
  13. Glock double-stack 9mm and 40S&W magazines are practically identical except for (maybe) the feed lips. Yes, you can put a loaded .40S&W magazine in a 9mm and you will not know the difference until you drop the slide. Don't ask me how I know...
  14. Nor in LA, MS, AR, or AL. Maybe a few other states as well, that aren't used to experiencing this kind of weather. Some places in these states still don't have power or water, either.
  15. Mine probably doesn't have the removable bushing either as it's an older press as well. Looks like I'll need to order a new single stage when they become available again.
  16. Can someone please tell me whether the JR press has the bushing that can be removed to accept 1 1/4"-12 dies, or only 7/8"-14 dies
  17. I don't care for gel pens. Working in an industrial environment I'm not going to carry something that I'm not willing to lose or break. I have been happy with the Zebra F301 pens.
  18. No gun = not hunting. MDWFP License Requirements
  19. The wife and I last year before I came overseas. I had some Got 2 B Glued in the 'stache.
  20. Also use this occasionally.
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