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  1. I'm down to 10 bottles. It helped that my wife severely injured herself and wasn't able to shoot at all this summer, as the TB is for her loads. Now to try and get her 100% healed.
  2. I seem to remember the Weather Channel website used to have a function that allowed a user to lay out a trip, to include dates/times of travel and start/ending locations and see the weather forecast. I can't seem to locate that now. Anybody using a similar website/app for this purpose?
  3. On the way home from work last week.
  4. Even then, depending on the prop/table, it may be a disadvantage. I've seen more than one revolver get dropped to the ground or spun around on the table/prop because it's not something the shooter is used to doing.
  5. The way you worded your response is what has me confused, as I am reading two different things: "I believe you can put it on the table instead of re-holstering if it is the LAST GUN. " "I also believe that you can put one revolver on the table, shoot the other one, and then holster them both before moving on to the next gun" Regardless of where the revolvers are shot during the course of fire, the shooter can choose to place the empty revolver on a table/prop, but, they must both be holstered prior to moving to the next position/moving to the next firearm type unless a gun malfunction is declared. In the case of a split pistol string, if a shooter places the first revolver on the table/prop and then shoots another type of firearm, then a penalty is assessed.
  6. Not quite. SHB Page 14 FIREARM CONVENTIONS Safety & Handling Conventions – Revolvers Revolvers are returned to leather (re-holstered in a safe condition) at the conclusion of the shooting string, unless the stage description specifically directs otherwise (e.g., “move to the next position and set gun on table or prop”). A shooting string is defined as shots from one type of firearm prior to the next type of firearm engaged.
  7. Flight 93 crash sight - Somerset County, PA
  8. I prefer containers that have a screen or mesh-type bottom to allow water, dirt and other debris to fall out.
  9. I don't find the price out of line with most other quality timers. My concern (if you will) is how long does it take to get it once ordered. Second concern, how will the company support warranty and/or repairs?
  10. How long did it take to get it after you ordered? Every time I've looked, it's shown to be on backorder.
  11. I'm currently shooting 5.8 gr TiteGroup over a 180 gr RNFP.
  12. It's a great rifle for the house/hunting, as long as you're not in a rush to run it. I won't call it rough, but it ain't "smooth" and the lever is heavy as you know what. Mine was gifted to me by my step-dad a couple years ago. Too much recoil for him. It's a safe queen for me even though the finish is really worn. Serial number 3351xxxM. Sorry for the bad pics, it's actually raining here.
  13. I used to load cotton balls/batting with a minimum load of shot over a standard load of powder for my nephews when first teaching them. Gradually increase the shot payload and decrease the filler based on your daughters ability.
  14. What do you intend to use the spotting scope for? Until this is answered, everyone making a recommendation is giving you an idea based on what they use a spotting scope for. If that's not the way you'll use it, you may be disappointed no matter how quality the glass is.
  15. Somewhere between the loading bench and the staging table for the shotgun, the SxS shotgun closes. What's the call when the shooter sets the shotgun down on the table, in the closed position? If noticed while in transit should the shooter stop, or be told to stop immediately, and be provided assistance? I know this has been discussed before but I can't find it.
  16. Wrap a brass 12-gauge brush with 0000 steel wool long with some Flitz metal polish, put it in a drill and slowly polish the chamber. This "should" help with shucking properly loaded hulls. Take it slow. For all the rest, I would send it to a competent and respected CAS gunsmith and let them work their magic.
  17. @Tequila Shooter If not, I can bring them down to the coast after the match.
  18. The MS Peacemakers use coins that have been pressed with a doming punch and then soldered with a staple. Gold dollars are for clean matches. Half dollars are for first place, quarters for second place, dimes for third and nickels for fourth. Here are examples, front and back, of gold dollars and half dollars.
  19. You won't be disappointed unless you didn't order enough. I still would like one more to make an even six for my 45 caliber cartridges. I have six for my 357 and six for my wife's 357.
  20. +1 to @Creeker, SASS #43022 I want to attend matches that are run well and treat the shooters well. The vast majority of shooters entering any match are not in a position to win. I personally don't believe in participation awards. 1 - All SASS recognized categories should at least have recognition/prizes for 1st - 3rd. 2 - If you're going to recognize categories other than the SASS recognized, then you should at least recognize/award first place. Clean matches should be recognized. How many spots you choose to recognize should be based on funds available and entries per category. I also don't want to attend a match that has a match entry fee, but then warm-ups, side matches and food are all pay-as-you-go. I personally don't care for all the speed side matches but I do like to shoot a warm-up to make sure everything made the trip with no issues (including me). As for food, it doesn't have to be fancy it just has to be good. If it's a two-day match and you don't want to provide lunches, ensure the stages flow so that shooters can get something fairly quickly afterwards. As for what to award, people can only wear so many buckles (if they are in a position to win one). Do you have anything local to you that would be a unique award? As an example, the Jackson Hole Regulators in N. Louisiana had a local syrup manufacturer donate quart jars of syrup to clean shooters.
  21. I had this problem with a NMV Bisley that has been short-stroked and transfer bar removed. I sent both back to the gunsmith and he found the "good" revolver to have firing pin to cylinder gap on of .012", while the "bad" revolver was .019".
  22. Use what you have for now. It may prevent you from shooting in some specific costume categories but I know we wouldn't look down on you for using what you have, as long as it's safe. As with every other thing in CAS, I highly recommend you go to matches and try as many different things as possible before you buy anything else. As said, some shooting categories require specific leather, some require specific guns and some require specific clothing. Register to shoot as a cowboy and wear your Wranglers, a long sleeve shirt and whatever you currently have for holsters/belts.
  23. Go to a local sporting goods store and get one of the web belts that people use for hunting. Then, when you go to a match, look around at what your locals are using. May even find someone with a used belt for sale.
  24. It's legal. See post 8 of this thread. Antique Pooler & Jones Shotgun Belt Restoration From The 1800's Also... Home made shotgun belt-pic heavy Pooler & Jones Shotshell Belt Restoration John Slaughter Style
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