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  1. My daughter (who is an OTR driver) and my wife both have their phones set up with this. It's not always accurate, though, as the wife and I found out two weeks ago on a road trip to PA.
  2. Where's it going to land and at what intensity?
  3. Yes, but when traveling I like to be able monitor channel 19 when the Interstate comes to a standstill and I can't see where the line of traffic ends. Sometimes it helps to find an exit in that situation, sometimes it doesn't. I at least feel a little better knowing how far the obstruction is ahead of me. Kinda like having a light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. Depending on what antenna you want to run and what kind of range you expect, there are a couple of options. There are clamps that can be connected to your hood, truck bed and bumper.
  5. Try contacting @SHOOTIN FOX. I need to do the same.
  6. I was speaking specifically for IWB. With an OWB holster, the G19 is absolutely no problem and even preferred.
  7. No - it doesn't make sense as stated. A "MIL" is a unit of measurement. A such, when telling a shooter to adjust you need to tell them how many "MILs" to adjust and what direction.
  8. For me (not a portly guy but not not exactly slim) it comes down to the size of the pistol and what I'm going to be doing. A Glock 19 is more difficult to comfortably carry than a Glock 26, which is more difficult to comfortably carry than a Sig P938. I like the Gunfighters Inc Wraith holster in appendix carry but I want to try the Solace Hybrid.
  9. Please let me know your results if you do. Currently only a sample size of two...
  10. The wife and I try to drink plenty of fluids but we also take electrolyte capsules. At least one before the match starts, another at the halfway point and another after the match is over. We have both noticed an improvement in physical energy and mental awareness towards the end of the match and afterwards on the drive home. This is what we use: GU Energy Roctane Ultra Endurance Electrolyte Capsules, 50-Count Bottle
  11. Revolvers are first guns on the stage. For whatever reason (brain fart, etc), the shooter (non gunfighter or B-Western) draws and cocks both revolvers but does not fire a round. Can the shooter, with and under TO/RO guidance, restage with hammer down on empty chambers and restart the stage?
  12. Care to share what you use and how you easy it is download video? How much video can it record on a specific size memory card before it starts to automatically overwrite? What is the max size memory card it can hold?
  13. I stopped in the store last week on my way to PA with money burning a hole in my pocket. No rifles for sale - store/demo's only on the rack. Oh well... Brought the money home.
  14. If you have an incident, and you are at fault, why not just own up to it?
  15. To each their own and I too support this to an extent (I no longer watch sports except rodeo and some motorcycle racing), but a person that won't watch sports/tv/movies based on liberal political beliefs probably doesn't need to own a TV.
  16. Yep - News of the World - SASS Wire Saloon - SASS Wire Forum (sassnet.com)
  17. Absolutely! GCWR, GVWR, rear axle weight and tongue/receiver weight.
  18. Anybody use one regularly? I want one to use on my trip to Cheyenne at the end of the month. As much to video scenery as to catch any mishaps along the way. We had an Audi sedan blow a right rear tire in front of us on the way back from PA earlier this week and pelt us with debris. I have a GoPro but it kept overheating and/or faulting, which would stop recording with no warning and no notification.
  19. I'm not able to answer your question because I've not owned one. I have been looking at smaller bumper pull TTs, though, because we miss having the comforts of home available without having to load/unload the truck. Specifically a bathroom and our mattress/pillows. Saying that, the wife and I just took a long weekend trip from the MS Gulf Coast to Somerset, PA in our pickup staying at hotels. We took mostly state and US highways. Sure would have been nice to be able to pull over most anywhere and use a bathroom! On the other hand, we would not have been able to hit the brakes
  20. A #26 MEC bushing throws 14.4 gr of Clays in my MEC Sizemaster. Use with Claybuster CB0178-12 (gray) wads in Winchester (new style) AA hulls with any 209 primer.
  21. I'll have to play with the drying time to see how it looks after an hour. One thing for me - I'm not in a rush to reload the brass that I've just cleaned. Regardless of cleaning method, it usually sits for at least a week or two before it gets reloaded.
  22. I feel the same way. I just didn't comprehend that in the way you wrote it (what I quoted).
  23. I'm not following what you are saying. As the rules are currently written, if the RO/TO stops a firearm falling - it's a SDQ because it has to be "assumed" the gun would have fallen. If the RO/TO doesn't touch the gun and it falls, it's a SDQ, BUT if it doesn't fall it's no penalty.
  24. Unfortunately, that's the way of the current US Navy, too. A lot of the meals are pre-prepared, frozen entrees that only require heating up. Taking all the deep-fat fryers off the ships but putting all this frozen stuff full of additives & preservatives (sodium) because of convenience.
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