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  1. Ok, Im not really a "Conspiracy Theorist" but you got to admit the similarity!
  2. His son Lon Chaney Jr. was also a legend in Hollywood. He made many horror movies and also starred in many Westerns.
  3. I buy the bottled lemon juice and pour about a cup or so in a bowl and add about a 1/2 a shot glass of water. Refill the shot glass with your favorite spirits, consume liberally, then clean and condition your leather gear.
  4. Wipe them down with lemon juice/ water solution. When they dry, treat them with your usual leather conditioner. I recommend LEXOL
  5. Heres my latest MAGA hat. I get some great comments / compliments when I wear it.
  6. My brain aches just tryin to read this stuff!
  7. If all he was doing was "pointing the gun to get the proper camera angle" as he stated ealier in the case, why did he cock the gun? 1) ALL GUNS ARE ALWAYS LOADED 2) NEVER POINT YOUR GUN AT ANYTHING YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO DESTROY 3) NEVER PLACE YOUR FINGER ON THE TRIGGER UNTIL YOU HAVE MADE A CONSCIENCE DECISION TO FIRE. The FBI tried and was unable to get the actual gun to fire WITHOUT pulling the trigger. Their forensic analasys indicated there were no internal modifications or damaged peices. ALEC LIED. HE HAD TO PULL THE TrIGGER!
  8. I use LEXOL exclusively. It was recommended to me by an old timer who took care of all the tack and leather at Ronald Reagan's ranch. If your leather gets any mold use lemon juice to remove it. Good luck. Pard!
  9. This clip has a pie counter. Pretty cool
  10. The three dissenting votes are justices that believe the Constitution is something they must dismantle. One of them cannot even define what a "Woman" is!!!
  11. Usually @90% of the time they simply remove the forearm of a 92 Winchester and walla! Its a "Henry". One exception is "Silverado". I understand Hoss Cartright carried a 1873 with the forearm wood removed.
  12. Why cant Dennis Rodman come out of retirement and play in the WNBA?
  13. Try adding some chopped fire roasted anahiem green chilies.
  14. Heck ya! .45 Colt makes a great "Brush buster"! Ruger made a fortune on a .44 mag carbine for deer hunting! A 4 power scope would work great! This combo would work best in brushy or scrub oak hill country.
  15. Q. Do you know why Santana only had 5000 men? A. He could only find 100 pickup trucks
  16. I hope this trend catches on on that "tick tok" thingy like eating the Tide detergent pods
  17. Valdez previously fought the Apache tribe for the US Army. The ARMY used Apaches from more peaceful tribes to track and scout out the waring tribes. The belt in question could have been a war trophy, or sometimes fancy beaded belts or amulets were given to individuals a sort of "Free pass" through indian territory or possibly as a gift for bravery in battle.
  18. When i was 10 or 11 i went on a school field trip to CBS studios in LA. When we entered there was a long hallway and a group of grown ups at the other end. When they saw us group of kids they all scattered in diffetent directions, except one lady who came right towards us. It was Betty White she said hello and talked to each and everyone of us! Such a very nice Lady! I will never forget that!
  19. How about a Z Donk! Half Zebra half Donkey! Youd think it would be shaped like a donkey and striped like a zebra or vice versa But the front half is donkey and the back half is zebra!
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