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  1. Bronc - There are many now who feel there are too many, perhaps way too many categories already. Adding a major / minor power factor category, or divisions to all existing categories would just not be practical. Back when things moved from pretty much just Modern and Traditional the powers than be chose to break out the ages, costumes, and shooting styles rather than power factor. With shooters from about 8 to more than 80 that seems to make sense. Classic Cowboy is the only category with a caliber requirement other than just the basic minimums, but it doesn't have any power factor r
  2. Bravo! My thanks to the founders, and all the countless others who have come since that have contributed to making the game I love. Let's play cowboy! Grizz
  3. only problem with that is one size does not fit all. I could see a nice embroidered hand towel though, maybe.
  4. Blackjack - The ladies on that posse were mighty pretty.... the fellers not so much, but it's the ladies I care about anyway I'll do my best to be there, but I'm not making any promises.
  5. For the 2016 CO State match Pawnee Station did some nice metal and wood trophies with a water tower Side match and costume contest winners got license plate type things Here is a picture of one of the medals that Stirrups club handed out I thought these were nifty, metal cutouts on a horse shoe Here is another interesting one, a stained glass type of thing hand made by one of the host club's family members
  6. Thunder Mountain puts on a first class match. Great props, fun stages, and awesome people! Here is a video I put together of me shooting the 2013 CO State match there. HERE IS A DIRECT LINK to this years match info and entry form.
  7. Some folks can laugh at their miscues and plain bad luck, and some can't. Often it can take a little time to be able to laugh at something and get over it. As to things that people do that annoy me, sure there are some things. Some I can write off as just a different way to enjoy the game, and some are just simple rudeness. If it's something that needs to be addressed, I'd rather do it right away and get back to the fun. If not, I do my best to overlook it, look past it, or otherwise ignore it as I don't want it to effect the fun I am having. If someone has a problem, it is their p
  8. Looking at the radar the range is in the middle of a big snow cell this morning.
  9. DAGNABBIT ALL TO SNOT! Short version, range is a muddy snowy mess and this weekends matches are cancelled. Long version from Ted follows -- Howdy Pards, well as fate would have it, I have had a good friend and partner check out the Great Guns, Pawnee Station range today. And to my dismay the range is still covered in snow, everywhere. There is a healthy layer of snow on all bays, and the entrance to the range is under water. There is also thick gooey mud from the last two days of thaw under the snow. So its with a heavy heart that once again The Saturday (1-21-17) CAS match and Sunday (1-2
  10. Depends on what machine each is using. I'm happy to help out a pard when the need arises, but I don't know that I'd want a formal agreement or ongoing commitment.
  11. I remember jumping off the roof of the garage just for fun, then climb up and do it again. My left knee is reminding it's about time for another shot, don't know how much longer the shots are gonna be enough. Best of luck with your rehab.
  12. They are really nice looking, but for me I reckon I'd just go normal full SS. But then again I am boring.
  13. Facebook vids don't embed in my experience. I tried the link and am logged in to facebook but it told me it wasn't available. Facebook pictures on the other hand seem to work well, click on the picture in the feed to open it up, then mouse over the picture and right click and choose copy image location or something like that. Then you can paste that URL into a insert image dialog here.
  14. Well, best I could say is to have them google 'recover go pro storage' or some such and see what they can find that matches the problem they got. Seem to be several free ware tools that claim to be able to recover files and such. Best of luck,
  15. let me cypher on it a bit, tain't never messed with none of them fancy go pro things afore. I use other brands.
  16. Can't argue with Lefty as an example of great shooting, I'm gonna have to study those vids my own self. I don't know that I'd classify myself as a solid shooter, but I have improved my stage times by studying and fine tuning my transitions. As I'm most often the guy behind the camera, rather than in front of it, I don't have any vids to share with you. Most vids of me shooting are hat cam and difficult to see transitions. I have a bunch of thoughts that may or may not help her, but I don't know that it makes sense to type them up at the moment. I've long planned on doing a video on
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