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  1. Selling for a Pard. Up for sale is a pair of early Gen 3 Colt SAA's with 7 1/2 inch barrels in 357 with boxes. They were main match guns for a couple of years and do show signs of holster wear. Asking $3,900 OBO for the pair + shipping to your FFL. Please make sure your FFL will except transfer from a non-FFL. Please PM me with any questions. Thanks! Yank
  2. Yank, if deal fails with Cat on grips please let me know. 

    thanks, bb

  3. This is a nice pistol!! Now you are thinking am I going to find another one to match. The answer is yes. I have a mate to this pistol and will offer it at the same price and conditions as HawkEye. They are only 5 numbers apart. Only 352 of these were made in this configuration. Mine has been turned, but I believe never fired and it does not include a box. I talked to HawkEye about this pistol prior to him posting it on the wire. I currently have more 32's than I need. I will only sell this if you buy HawkEyes also. Both are in excellent condition!! Thanks!! Yank
  4. Judge, Just make sure your balls are big enough!! Nothing more dangerous than a guy shooting those who has small balls!! Just ask Booter!!
  5. Here are the links to the pictures: http://www.badgeguys.com/sell/pcjoe1.jpg http://www.badgeguys.com/sell/pcjoe2.jpg Super nice guy that Polecat!!
  6. Great deal on ableammo.com for the carbine.
  7. It is amazing they really do shoot where you look. I was just talking with Potshot Parker about that yesterday.
  8. Al, These are the early models with the short grips. It's about a 1/4 inch shorter than the New Vaquero grips. Allot of people also don't realize is the hammer isn't nearly as high as a New Vaquero. Even with the stock hammer it is much easier to reach. Thanks Yank
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