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  1. Yank, if deal fails with Cat on grips please let me know. 

    thanks, bb

  2. This is a nice pistol!! Now you are thinking am I going to find another one to match. The answer is yes. I have a mate to this pistol and will offer it at the same price and conditions as HawkEye. They are only 5 numbers apart. Only 352 of these were made in this configuration. Mine has been turned, but I believe never fired and it does not include a box. I talked to HawkEye about this pistol prior to him posting it on the wire. I currently have more 32's than I need. I will only sell this if you buy HawkEyes also. Both are in excellent condition!! Thanks!! Yank
  3. Judge, Just make sure your balls are big enough!! Nothing more dangerous than a guy shooting those who has small balls!! Just ask Booter!!
  4. Here are the links to the pictures: http://www.badgeguys.com/sell/pcjoe1.jpg http://www.badgeguys.com/sell/pcjoe2.jpg Super nice guy that Polecat!!
  5. Great deal on ableammo.com for the carbine.
  6. It is amazing they really do shoot where you look. I was just talking with Potshot Parker about that yesterday.
  7. Al, These are the early models with the short grips. It's about a 1/4 inch shorter than the New Vaquero grips. Allot of people also don't realize is the hammer isn't nearly as high as a New Vaquero. Even with the stock hammer it is much easier to reach. Thanks Yank
  8. I have a set of un-molested Ruger New Model Single Six's in 32. These are in excellent condition. I'm sure have been shot, but not by me. They come with papers, boxes and locks. One of the boxes does not match the serial number. Thanks!! Yank http://www.badgeguys.com/sell/32_1.jpg http://www.badgeguys.com/sell/32_2.jpg
  9. Darksider... Eagle grips is about your only option for ones with checkering... trust me I've spent way to much time looking. I did have a set made out of Buckeye Burl from BearPaw grips and I have to say they are the best I've found. They are smooth but feel fantastic and really look like Mammoth!! He has a unique design which is amazing!! Here is the website http://www.bearpawgripsusa.com/. For two sets of those the price was $189 plus minimal shipping which is not bad for a pair of custom grips. I sent him my grip frames since he had never seen that size grip frame before, but now he has the
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