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  1. sold (KY) rem 58 sportsman or 878 automaster or 870 barrel $90.00 shipped It came to me on a 870 wingmaster. You can see the gas port in the pictures. shipped for $90.00 to the lower 48 states. cash, check, postal money order, paypal if you pay the fees Full fixed choke 30 inch blue barrel in good used condition. Bore is shiny. barrel code CC makes it 1956 April as I understand it.
  2. sold (KY) Iver Johnson 38 S&W Nickel Top Break pocket pistol $260 shipped to your door if allowed in your locale Iver Johnson Safety Automatic Revolver .38 S&W - I believe it is the 2nd variation. This pistol is an early black powder variation made in 1895 as I read the serial number. Serial 85xx. Cash, check, postal money order $260. I will ship this antique to your door as long as your locale allows you to receive this antique pistol. I will include 50 + pieces of brass. I saw a couple with tiny cracks when I cleaned them but I will send them all. It is good working condition as I see it. Nickel looks good. Grips are good. It is a good lookin antique pocket pistol. Barrel is 3.25 inches. I had 55 black powder rounds for some time in 38 S&W and finally shot them in this pistol. Double action worked good and I hit well enough holding at 6 o'clock at 21 feet.
  3. SOLD (ky) Ruger Talo Last Cowboy 32 H&R Magnum single six $800.00 shipped and insured from me via ups to your FFL cash, check or postal money order Ruger Talo Last Cowboy 32 H&R Magnum single six, blue, 4 5/8 inch barrel SSM-4F-S-I model # 06511. 650-49xxx serial means made in 2002 as I interpret This one has the gold bands on the cylinder and gold logo on the backstrap. Case colored frame and white LC marked grips. Very good condition, has not been used in a holster I believe it has about 1,000 rounds through it. I have used Berry plated 71 grains or 87 to 123 grain lead bullets. I have never used this in SASS or NCOWS. Here are pictures so you can judge its condition and what is included in the sale http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5819.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5820.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5821.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5822.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5801.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5802.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5803.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5804.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5805.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5806.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5807.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5808.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5809.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5811.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5812.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5813.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5814.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5815.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5816.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5817.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5818.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5818a.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5818b.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5823.JPG http://www.duckpondconsulting.com/ruger32hr_5824.JPG Thanks HawkEye
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