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  1. Butch, Glad I could help! I learned a few things in the process which is always a plus. Yank
  2. I will be at the Georgia State Match, May 13-15th. Hope to see you there!
  3. I believe the Old Army sights are the same as a 45 caliber vaquero.
  4. Finished a new slip on sight design for the Smith and Wesson Model 19. They are available at my store, yankmachain.com.
  5. It will depend on the height of the site. If you have a caliper, let me know what the height of the sight is. By the looks of the pictures on the internet, I would guess they would be right around .345" tall. We have found that Uberti and Pietta both produced two different sizes of sights.
  6. Hey all, OnTarget slip on Pietta sights are now available on yankmachain.com. I've tested them on numerous Pietta's and they are good to go. I so far have not experienced any sight size differences on the Pietta's, but as always, I have a money back guarantee if they do not fit properly on your Pietta SA irons.
  7. I do. For the most part I try and make Riverbend and Cherokee every month. Usually Fast Eddie is at them all.
  8. They look great on them irons! Thanks for helping me out! Yank
  9. OnTarget slip on sights are CNC milled from solid brass stock. Take a look at our sights and availability on our website at www.yankmachain.com or contact me at yank@yankmachain.com.
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