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  1. I'm looking for either a pair of NRA Commemorative walnut grips or a pair of hard rubber style grips without the eagle for 2nd generation Colt SAAs. Looking for something in like new or very nice condition. I have one set of each that I need to match up on a set of 2nd gen Colts.
  2. Because it seems like every time someone asks which is the better of two items the answer is "Ginger or Mary Ann".
  3. Many times a question is answered with " Ginger or Mary Ann". I thought some of you might be interested in knowing that Mary Ann aka Dawn Wells lives on Clearwater Beach (which is about 9 miles from my house). She suffered a fall a while back which put her in the hospital for a couple of months and resulted in a Go Fund Me account being set up to help pay her medical bills. Sweet little Mary Ann is now 79 years old and not doing so well. Just a FYI.
  4. We had a match in the rain where 4 people shot AWA Lightnings. After the match was over I did a video shooting all four Lightnings in "rapid" succession just to disprove the common belief that Lightnings aren't dependable. You can view the video on YouTube at "Foursome at Deadwood".
  5. I found an email address for Eldon Penner, I don't know if it's current but here it is: HEPENNER@AOL.COM
  6. Thanks, Larry. I ordered springs from Seven today. Joe

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