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  1. We went to bed in the middle of the 8th. I see we didn't miss much. Well, we're up for a 7 game series.
  2. Clay, you and Filly did the right thing for Lacey. We've seen that with our Shepherds as well. You will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. Congrats on Hannah. She looks like a beautiful pup. Wish you many years of happiness together.
  3. Our local Costco sells Lasagna Ravioli. It's layers of cheese ravioli instead of lasagna noodles between layers of meat sauce. We rather enjoy it.
  4. I have SXM subscriptions in Uno's truck, my car and the house. {Since we had a metal roof installed, I will need to install an external antenna for the house.} I have the app on my phone. I have a bluetooth set up in the sewing room so I can connect my phone to a couple of small speakers and stream SXM there. My internet capable receiver in the great room also has a couple of stations I have just started listening to. I can't function without music.
  5. Howdy chip. Long time no see. Hope all is well with you. Bottles, fetch me a bottle of Sarsaparilla, please.
  6. That sounds like a good reason to head to the national quilt museum in Paducah Ky. next April.
  7. Thanks for keeping up the good vibes. I've been really busy. Here's a pretty tune to make up for it.
  8. Yes I carry an EpiPen because I'm seriously allergic to insect stings. I have a back-up at home. Yes I would certainly use it on someone else if the need arose without a second thought. After all the years I spent in fire/emergency medical services, it's in my blood to help where needed, if I am in a position to do so. In the case of using the EpiPen on someone else and putting myself at risk for needing it, I would ask someone else to administer the dose and I would coach from a safe distance. I know what happens to me when I get stung and it's not pretty. There is no point in having two victims at the same time.
  9. @Blackwater 53393 No worries. I'm glad to see the thread is still relevant and folks are still participating. I've been super busy so I haven't had time.
  10. I fear the same thing is happening to my FIL. He's 93, in good health and faculties but doesn't have the life skills to be able to take care of himself. {Doesn't know how to cook, can't do laundry etc.} MIL passed a couple of years ago and within a couple of months FIL had a GF that moved in. She has "lost" three husbands so far........The last one passed within a couple of days of my MIL. The family members that live locally to him have tried to do things like make dinners and take them over, stop by to do his laundry etc. but he will have non of it. His GF can handle those things..... Story developing.
  11. I quit coloring my hair a long time ago due mostly to the time and cost it took to maintain it. {My hair grows rather quickly so I was in the salon every 3 - 4 weeks.} Most of the coloring was to even out my natural blond color. After chemo my hair grew back grey and curly. I left it alone, except to get it cut. I was happy to have hair and didn't care what color it is. I still don't and that's 10 years later.
  12. My SIL spent more on her shoes for her wedding ($1,200), (which were concealed under her dress) than I did for my dress and all the guy's tuxes combined. It's all a matter of where your priorities are.
  13. Congrats. That is most certainly something to celebrate.
  14. Taters, Yum!!! With skin, sure. Without skin, sure. Mashed, sure. Baked, absolutely. Fried, even better. You get the picture.
  15. I agree with "Any port in a storm"
  16. Permatex II on both sides and be done with it. This is what I used it on.........
  17. From what I have been able to find, it's a baby piebald alligator.
  18. Very sorry to hear that. May she rest in peace.
  19. Or sell them on platforms like E-Bay and Poshmark. For items that are "New With Tags" you can fetch pretty close to full retail for.
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