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  1. Uno and I were diagnosed with Omicron today. That makes it our second round of COVID in less than a year. I told my brother just as an FYI. He made it sound as if I should expect to die because I have it again and we're not vaccinated, shame on us. I told him thanks for his concern. I wanted to tell him to stop watching so much media hysteria but I knew that comment would get me nowhere.
  2. Uno and I both tested positive for Covid 2.0 yesterday. It hasn't been worse than a slight fever, runny nose, scratchy throat and a little bit of a cough. I'm waiting for the official word from the company on when they will let us come back to work. We'll see.......
  3. Thanks, UB. I really needed that.
  4. Thanks for sharing, Doc. A good outcome indeed.
  5. I'm looking for a pard Uno and I used to shoot with at RR Bar by the alias of Ed Westerly. Does anyone have contact info for him? Thanks much, CK
  6. I believe it is. It is also the mascot of UC Santa Cruz............
  7. Glad to hear Melissa is going to be OK, and life it returning to as normal as it can be. Prayers up for continued good health and happiness for you both.
  8. Which Melbourne? Do you remember the name of the restaurant?
  9. I worked in retail security for a spell. One of the most thankless, awful, and painful jobs an honest person could do. You have to deal with the hypes, thrill seekers, kelptos and other dregs of society. The worst was having to testify against them in court, knowing they would be free in no time. I never want to do that kind of work again.
  10. BTT for the post holiday crowd...........
  11. Looks wonderful, UB. Enjoy it!!!
  12. This is the path my dietician is has me on also. I'm using the Baritastic App, even though I have no intention of having the surgery. It holds you accountable for what you put in your mouth. That has been the biggest help for me. It even allows you to scan the barcodes of what you are eating/drinking/cooking with to give you an idea of how many calories, grams of fat, protein are in a serving. Even restaurant meals are in it so you can't use that as a reason to skip tracking. The app is free. You might want to look into this. It has really helped me.
  13. Is it me or do their boots in the first video look much too long for them? They appear to curl up in the toes.....
  14. "Shut Up You Silly Cookie". Uno is "Are You Done You Little Garlic Mashed Potato" OOooookkkkkkkkk then..............
  15. Prayers for complete recovery, 4T. Please let us know if you need anything.
  16. Blessings for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to you and yours, SDJ.
  17. I'm making Swedish meatballs for our neighborhood gathering today. I bought a package of frozen, pre cooked meatballs, put them in a slow cooker. Make the sauce (In this case I mixed one envelope of brown gravy and one envelop of mushroom gravy). Pour the sauce on the meatballs and heat. I will put sour cream in just before we leave for the gathering.
  18. Another true story..... My parents wanted the three of us to experience the outdoors so each summer they would rent a motorhome or trailer and take us camping for a week. This particular summer, we went to Yosemite. I was about 13, my sister was 10 and my brother was 8. We were in this small tag trailer pulled behind my mom's big Pontiac Grand Ville. The folks got up early and dad was hungry so mom started to fry up some bacon. Us kids got up soon after to the wonderful scent of bacon wafting in the air. Well, a nearby brown bear smelled the bacon also. He ambled out of the woods and made his way to our trailer. Mom saw him pass by the window, circling the trailer looking for a way to get to that tasty treat. Mom screamed. My sister climbed up on the top bunk and tried to make herself very small. My brother, who had come down with the flu the night before, was sitting on a bucket in the middle of the trailer getting sick, from both ends......... Mom screamed again, "Frank do something". Dad grabbed his camera. By then, the bear had circled around the trailer and was now around back. He climbed on the three foot high rock dad used as a parking stop. He put both paws on the side of the trailer and peered in the back window. Mom nearly fainted. Dad is taking pictures. Brother is throwing up and sister is up in the bunk screaming. I'm sitting at the dining table thinking what the heck....... The bear decided he couldn't get in, climbed down off the rock and thought the tent campers next to us would be an easier target. He was right. The three of us kids gathered at the side window, with our parents standing behind us, and watched as the bear took the tent down with one swipe. The couple who occupied the tent managed to bolt out the back of the tent and to the bathrooms across the road while the bear was at the front of the tent searching for the cooler. He found it. He ripped the lid off the steel cooler as if it was made of paper. He stuck his nose inside and found a carton of milk. Clenching the carton in his jaws, he tilted his head back, milk pouring down his throat and body. As soon as the carton had been emptied, he shook his head, tossing the carton away. He decided there wasn't anything else he wanted in the cooler so he ambled back to the woods. Mom decided that was all the wilderness she wanted and implored my dad to return home. My brother wasn't getting any better so dad agreed and we headed back home. Upon our arrival home, the neighbors came over, surprised about our early return. Dad couldn't wait to tell them about the bear. As he was recounting the story, mom stomped off in a huff, upset that was the only part of the trip that was important to him. Later that day, he hurried to one of those 24 hour film development places to have the pictures processed to show the neighbors the pictures from our bear adventure. Alas, that was our last family camping trip. It certainly was one for the record books.
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