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    My sweetie Uno Mas, our fur kids, dear friends, camping, SASS, NRA Life.

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  1. Remember you guys were from Long Beach. How do you like Florida.

    1. Calamity Kris

      Calamity Kris

      We like it a lot here.  We will both be retiring soon and plan to stay.  Actually, Uno grew up in Downey, off Firestone and Gallitin, not far from where your picture was taken.  His father still lives in the same house.

    2. Big Sage, SASS #49891 Life

      Big Sage, SASS #49891 Life

      Our family moved to Downey in 1947. I was in the 1st graduating class at Warren High in 1959. Worked at North American Aviation. Went to USC and played football there.

    3. Calamity Kris

      Calamity Kris

      Small world.  Uno's sister teaches at Warren and Uno graduated from USC.

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