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  1. Looks sort of steampunk. Maybe they should add a digital display to the stock....
  2. May Day 60 years ago today, MCAF Iwakuni. Local communist demonstrators raised a ruckus at the base entrance and were met with fire hoses from the base fire department. Meanwhile, the seawall that ran behind my house was lined with armed Marines on the lookout for any demonstrators who might scale the wall. None did that I recall. Pretty exciting day for a 6-year old. Oh, this post is a about the weather. Lots of rain here.
  3. These are marketed under different names but are all the same. The plunger is much easier to use than the lever and band spring setup of other flasks. You can buy interchangeable spouts for the load you want. About as easy as it gets. https://www.muzzle-loaders.com/traditions-deluxe-powder-flask-a1201.html I load my cylinders off the gun as the loading levers on my 1860 Pietta Sheriffs are too short without using a cheater bar. I found over time, the cheater bar bent the levers to the point they wouldn't latch. I've fitted the wedges so they come out with thumb pressure, so the total time it takes to disassemble and reassemble is about 30 seconds.
  4. I loved the Mr. Tudball and Mrs. "ha-Wiggins" skits
  5. Yup! Adding on, Peter Sellers' "A Shot in the Dark" and the original "Pink Panther" movie
  6. easiest way to remember the pedals is to turn the wrench toward the back of the bike to remove them
  7. I had high hopes for it because I'd heard so many good things about them. Up until a few years ago they weren't available for a 650, so when I saw one at Cabelas, I jumped on it. Having said that, I bought my Mec 650 used back in the 80's, so I've no idea how old it is. It's a cantankerous contraption that took a lot of fiddling to get set up. When I added the the adjustable bar, it added a new layer of fiddling and I just gave up. I suppose I could get it dialed in, but it's easier to swap out bushings.
  8. I have one of those adjustable measures for my MEC 650 but went back to the bushings. I found the device wouldn't always cycle reliably. A real PITA on a progressive. Wasted far too much time fiddling with it. YMMV https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1833518928/mec-powder-bushing
  9. Is it necessary to put an antenna at the top of the mast? FM is a line of sight signal that’s limited to the curvature is the earth, or geographical obstructions If you’re that far away from the signal, the height of your mast won’t make that much difference.
  10. Apparently someone made one, but this doesn't appear to be Mattel. I could be wrong, but I don't recall Mattel making licensed items. By 1965, I had already been shooting .22s for a couple of years and the toys were off my radar. Wish I still had my Mattel Winchester tho...
  11. I had forgotten they used any unique guns for the series. But back then, I knew nothing about those kinds of things. My gun awareness was westerns, "The Untouchables" and "Combat"
  12. See pages 15 and 22 SHB where this is addressed
  13. Launching a plane from an aircraft carrier with wings folded speaks to a failure of many people from the various deck handlers, shooter, pilot and up to the air boss. Especially the shooter. How the hell could he launch an aircraft in that condition? Would not want to have stood with any of them before the skipper. I wonder if any careers ended that day.
  14. An 1863 Sharps cavalry carbine. Was never converted after the war, so it still needs paper cartridges.
  15. Possibly "Dilbert". I've seen some of these in one of my dad's flight instruction manuals. http://www.askacfi.com/photos
  16. Yup. A number of years ago I was duck hunting in Missouri and a game warden motored up to our blind. Wanted to check ammo to make sure it was steel shot as well as magazine capacity. No problem of course. Afterward I was thinking it must take a certain kind of man who's willing to approach two armed strangers in a remote slough.
  17. Kinda like having Win. '97. One to shoot, another in the shop and 2 for spare parts.
  18. I got to see them as Thunderbirds before they switched to the T-38s
  19. For some reason there's no sound, but you don't really need it. The opening scene from Air America
  20. I'm not ready to point fingers at firefighting efforts based on a few images and video clips shot from a great distance. Given the age of the structure (12th century) and the abundance of combustible material, it would go up like a match in just a few minutes, long before a meaningful firefighting effort could be mounted. If you've ever seen an old house or barn go up, you know how fast they can torch.
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