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  1. Re profiling the hammers is the last thing to do after all other issues have been addressed, and you're certain the gun will run with a lighter hammer spring.
  2. The .45 colt case makes for a lousy smokeless cowboy cartridge in a rifle. Loading it at the bottom end of the range makes it worse. And loading it with a light bullet at the bottom end makes it worse still. I'm also lazy and would rather watch paint dry than anneal cases for CAS. Not knocking anyone who does and I admire that persistence and success, but it's not for me. I load all my smokeless Cowboy rounds at mid-range. When I load smokeless in .44 or .45 cases, it's Trailboss. The .44-40 on the left was loaded with 6 gr. TB and a 200 gr bullet. The C45S was loaded with a 180 gr bullet and 4 gr TB. Neither case has been wiped down or been thru the tumbler yet. (The rim groove on the C45S is stained from years of reloading it.) When I had a .45 rifle I used TB and a 250 gr bullet with similar results. Driftwood is spot on -- "If you think a 250 grain bullet will cause too much recoil, just remember that your '73 is a relatively heavy rifle and you may be surprised how you don't notice the recoil." Driftwood, you gave me that advice for my rifle almost 10 years ago. Thank you again.
  3. As I recall, he also wore a copper bracelet for its alleged health benefits, after his lung removal for cancer in 1964. I’ll have to look more closely at his pre-Green Beret films from the ‘60s
  4. I passed the link on to a VN combat vet friend of mine who looked up the outfit and he said the Better Business Bureau gave them an "F" rating. All reviews were negative. He went on to say all the guy sends you for $7.50 is an email and probably sells your DD214 info to a fraudster. He wen on to say the use of the FBI logo on his site is illegal. He's a retired attorney so I trust his research. Thought I'd pass it along.
  5. Notice the 7" barrels on Sammy's pistols compared to Garner and Biehn. Scroll to the 1:55 mark on the Rifleman clip.
  6. If your phone is a mobile device, you can block the number yourself. If it's a land line, you can have the phone company block it. At least that's the way it used to be.
  7. I took the dust cover off my .38 ‘73 Codymatic (Uberti). Saw it posted here on the Wire some years ago. Don’t know why it works, but it does help.
  8. Howdy SJC. I've done the swap on a Stoeger exactly like the one shown in the Chronicle articles. Take a good look at Larsen's pics and you'll see each trigger has its own channel. When the swap is complete, the left to right offset of the triggers remains about the same and of course, the front to back positions are reversed. It turned out well and was glad I made the swap. However, my newer Stoeger Coach gun shown below has only one channel and the original L to R offset of the triggers was achieved by the way they're shaped. After grinding and swapping them them however, the left to right offset became almost non-existent. That is, it's now more of tandem arrangement where the front trigger is almost directly in front of the rear instead of offset to the left. I found it a lot of work for not much benefit. Just thought I'd share my experience before you tackle the job. If yours is like the one in the article, go for it. If it's like mine you might want to think about. As always, YMMV. Good luck!
  9. Gonna take a break from the Wire and Saloon for a bit. These forums have been a pleasant diversion for a long time, but recent posts have been getting me down more than usual. Real life demands more of my attention at the moment. I'll be back when I regain some proper perspective. Until then, see y'all down the trail.
  10. It's a fine and all-to-rare video, especially in our current political environment. The guy is on screen for what 1.5 seconds? Kinda like trashing "The Searchers" because JW uses an 1892. JMO. Carry on.
  11. Nothing against her - she's an actress working for a living and for the exposure she gives the company, I would think she'd be worth more. I just don't like the character she plays. Things that make you go "blechh!"
  12. That's why I don't bother to weigh it - it's irrelevant. That's one of the beauties of BP loading, just fill the case to accommodate the bullet and you're done.
  13. No. They were amusing for the first year or so, but not since. She’s getting a little long in the tooth and kinda creepy these days.
  14. The Burger King “king” is pretty creepy.
  15. Pitcher appeared asleep at the switch, and the catcher bobbled a poor throw, so straight up question: who gets the error - catcher, pitcher or none?
  16. I roll my own paper cartridges for an original 1863 percussion Sharps carbine. It's tedious, but necessary for this rifle. Personally, I'd rather watch paint dry than spend time making enough paper pistol cartridges for a match. It's far more time-consuming than the few minutes saved at the range. For some, that's part of the fun, it's just not for me. I load my .44 Pietta Sherifs off the gun as the loading lever is too short to load on the gun. I used to use a cheater bar for leverage until I discovered it was bending the loading lever to where it wouldn't latch reliably. Some folks like to buy and pre-load extra cylinders to save time at the range. It still takes time to load 'em at home it and takes even more time to clean 'em after the match. A nice gun could be bought for less than the cost of extra cylinders. Removing an empty cylinder, installing another and capping it on the clock for the second pistol string is a time-consuming and fumble-inducing endeavor. Kinda like using a single shot rifle or shotgun. Bet you only do it once. Adding on, the average TO knows little of C&B peculiarities and probably would be very nervous watching you make the swap. If you attempt it, be sure they know what you're going to do ahead of time as they may ground your pistol, if they let you do it all. I like to keep C&B as simple as possible. Others think a lot of fuss and minutia is fun, and I'm not being at all critical of that. Whatever floats your boat. That's one of the cool things about C&B, there's a hundred different ways to approach it. Every time I load my pistols for Frontiersman, I'm reminded of what a marvelous and remarkable invention the self-contained metallic cartridge is! Have fun!
  17. For me, Wild Bunch and sporting clays
  18. Joe, If you don't have one already, I highly recommend it. Lots of good info on casting and loading. https://www.amazon.com/Lyman-Cast-Bullet-Handbook-4Th/dp/B07PSNM3KV
  19. Fascinating. I knew the barrel shroud had something to do with cooling, but didn't know there were fins underneath.
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