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  1. Pretty cool. I wonder how long it will be until they start doing that on capsules? From what I understand, they're designed for it.
  2. Thanks, Joe. It could be the machining, otherwise I’m stumped. With .428 RNFP bullets from 3 different casters, I get identical results. I’ll give Redding a call, but I’m betting I’m out of luck since I bought the die 6-7 years ago. I set it aside until this a thread popped up. I’ve too many RNFP bullets on the shelf to switch profiles. A new die would be far more economical.
  3. Howdy Joe, I've had just the opposite experience. I bought a Redding PCD for .44-40, but can't get a good crimp. When I dial the die down, for a better crimp, it shoves the bullet deeper into the case than when it left the seating die which is past the crimp groove. That leads to bulged and crumpled cases. I can see a ring where the die contacts the bullet. If I back off the die, the crimp is minimal. I'm making tiny changes in the die, but the line between too much and too little is incredibly small and for me, impossible to find. I'm not crazy about the Lee FCD, but it works. Data: Press is a Hornady LNL AP, RCBS Cowboy dies, Starline cases, 200 gr bullet from Missouri Bullet (uncoated), Bullets by Scarlett (coated), Rim Rock Bullets, (uncoated). Bullets are all .428. Do you have any recommendations I can try?
  4. It often goes that way. I’ve known several that dropped dead without apparent symptoms. You’re fortunate they caught it. Glad to hear you have the opportunity to get it fixed! I bet that once you’re recovered, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel than what you’ve been accustomed to.
  5. The red car was my wife’s Buick Encore after a 22-car pileup 3 years ago. She survived with a cracked sternum and 6 broken ribs. Without the airbags I’d be a widower. We like airbags.
  6. Pretty much. Taper for anything that headspaces on the case mouth, which includes some revolvers that use rimless cartridges such as Vaqueros chambered for .45 acp rounds etc.
  7. They worked fine in my Ubertis. Downside is I had to buy specific shell plate for my Hornady LNL progressive as the case rim is larger. C45S uses the same rim as 45 Colt and has the same volume as 45acp.
  8. A carbon ring doesn’t become a problem until you try to load a longer cartridge. Several ways to clean it: frequent use of a brass brush chucked into a drill at low rpm. flare the mouth of an empty case so it scrapes the cylinder walls. fire some black powder rounds get the Slix cylinder scraper from Longhunter
  9. Since it’s for pistols, I highly recommend a smaller case like C45S. You’ll have a far more harmonious outcome with light charges.
  10. You’ll need a firm roll crimp for light loads. Also, I wouldn’t put a taper crimped cartridge in a tubular magazine.
  11. My college roommate had an air horn from a Peterbilt under the hood of his car (back in the day when there was still room under the hood). That woke folks up.
  12. That’s pretty elaborate for a pool cue.
  13. My rifle has run flawlessly without one for over 12 years and thousands of rounds. I don’t see how one would improve on flawless.
  14. Until this thread, I didn’t know brownies were elves or vice versa. All my childhood references were elves. I learn something new every day. I’m constantly amazed by the bottomless pit of what offends people, the vast majority of whom are privileged & white. Won’t be long before black and brown bears will have to be renamed.
  15. The movie “Chinatown” is loosely based on this. A pretty good film noir.
  16. Rockets. I never understood why they called it "jet". Maybe it just sounded better than "RATO". They used them on P2Vs before they had jet engines. The jets on pods were a late modification.
  17. The jets were a boost for takeoff when heavily loaded. They were also used to increase speed when needed.
  18. Yup! However, I’m partial to the P2V Neptune. My dad flew these more than the P4Ms. Note the outboard jet engines on pods which were shut down in cruise flight.
  19. In the “Devotion” thread, UB posted a video of the Ryan Fireball. Rather than hijack the thread, here’s more on the topic. The Martin company developed a twin engine patrol plane in a competition for the US Navy. Ultimately, the Lockheed P2 Neptune won the contract, but 21 examples of the P4M Mercator were built. Most went to my dad’s ELINT/SIGINT* squadron VQ-1, and to another recon squadron, VQ-2. These were unique with the jet engine in the same nacelle as the radial engine. The plane shown below is from VQ-1 over Iwakuni. The jet intakes under nacelle are visible in this image. Note the lack of squadron markings that were removed by censors for this photo. The second photo was taken by dad on the flight line at Iwakuni. It shows up on the web because I posted it a number of years ago to a Navy patrol plane assn. site. There you can see appropriate markings. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_P4M_Mercator *Electronic intercept/Signal intercept
  20. I’m betting the original joke was that the plane is a Piper Comanche.
  21. Isn’t the cylinder just beastly on that thing? My model 28 S&W .357 N frame (6 shot) is 1-3/4” diameter. How big around is an 8-shot?
  22. I don’t know much about .45 acp revolvers. Doesn’t that mess up the headspace? I thought moon clips were only for bored through cylinders where there’s nothing for the case mouth to sit on. If the gun doesn’t need moon clips, wouldn’t a speed loader be more appropriate?
  23. I love my Glock* and my 1911. I carry the Glock 43 ‘cuz it’s more “carryable” on my slim frame. I have no problem with any of the plastic semi autos, Sig, S&W, Glock etc. Then there are those S&W revolvers… *Hate the box stock Glock triggers. Put an aftermarket connector and trigger in to improve things.
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