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  1. Many of us remember days without air conditioning (especially in cars), no microwaves, black and white tv, party lines and rotary phones and no desktop computers - which make this post possible. Simpler? Maybe, but I don’t want to go back to it. One can always get a phone and use it exclusively as a phone. You just have to adapt that you can’t dial it.
  2. It’s been going for a number of months. To me, it’s better than a hyphenated heritage.
  3. And we had a great time meeting you! Loved the boomerang sweep on Saturday. Was stressed at first when stage was read but realized I was overthinking it. Kudos!
  4. Yup. Kinda like Soviet dictators Brezhnev et al who all had a “colds”.
  5. Yup. It’s on the way to Warsaw, MO, Truman Lake and Lake of the Ozarks. Been thru there many times over the last 30 years. Didn’t realize the bank had been closed that long. Time flies.
  6. I thought that was Dr. Evil’s space ship.
  7. If it can, at least the "rider" won't slide off the back. An acquaintance of mine did that decades ago and sliced his keester on the license plate. Had to get stitches. OUCH!
  8. Yup! Similar to Buena Vista, CO which is pronounced byoona
  9. I don’t catch your drift. Secretary of War title was abolished in 1947.
  10. If you shoot Frontiersman occasionally, it will hold up for a little while. If you shoot Frontiersman regularly, it won’t. The weak spot is the post/base connection for the cylinder.
  11. That list cain't be right. Everyone around here knows that Nevada (pronounced nuhvayduh) is in Missouri and Arkansas City (pronounced arKANsas) is in Kansas.
  12. My traditions stand broke after moderate use. It's ok for the occasional C&B plinker, but not for SASS Frontiersman. I'm replacing it with a Tower of Power unit.
  13. A bit of trivia on the scene where the plane flies thru the billboard: The guy who was hired to build the billboard had no idea they were going to fly an airplane through it. He built a top-notch sturdy billboard thinking it might lead to further business. Unfortunately it was so strong that the plane was heavily damaged and had to be totaled after the stunt.
  14. My son gave the Criterion DVD set. One of the options for viewing is with deleted scenes edited seamlessly into the theatrical release. Basically this movie is a 3+ hour chase scene. Absolutely hysterical!
  15. I also recently installed a C&I SS kit (5th gen) in an early model Uberti .44-40 SR carbine. Dropped right in, as did the kit I put in my Uberti .44-40 Henry (3rd gen). All I had to do was file on the carrier lever to adjust the timing. Don't touch those links until you hear from Jim. If you are using the original brass carrier, you'll need to modify it. Go to C&I website for instructions. Let us know how things turn out.
  16. Ouch, that makes my head hurt. Have you been talking to Alpo?
  17. I know nothing of BP cannons. I assume that's supposed to be a pound of powder?
  18. Until I got into CAS, I didn't know there was such a thing as a Henry, much less different models of Winchester, so I never really cared as long as the story was decent. Not nearly as bad as 13-shot Colt revolvers and Sly Stalone firing 15 or 20-second bursts from an M-4 carbine.
  19. Looks like Wagon Train. Pretty sure that's Frank McGrath in the background and maybe Rory Calhoun in the foreground?
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