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  1. Pat, I am. And it’s not just topics like this. It’s the media and internet in general which gins up everything just to generate clicks.
  2. Coulda ridden on the bare rim with the same effect.
  3. But it sure clogged with mud and gravel!
  4. Buds = 5 each Person = 5 Watch = 2 each last line: 5 + (10+5+2) x 2 = 44
  5. Sum of yous guys iz smart! I ar not… Fun brain teaser!
  6. Flote is an old, seldom-used word for flotilla. Dunno if Bailey was referring to that or if it was a typo.
  7. One of the things that’s really annoying are the on-camera dugout interviews while the game is being played. Where a member of the team that’s just come off the field dons a headset, stares into a camera and yaks with an announcer. Meanwhile, there’s action on the field not being shown.
  8. Apparently I was misinformed. Regardless, it’s still not a SASS category. It took someone to create the award and build it into something with national recognition, which is my point. The OP can do the same.
  9. They aren’t SASS categories. Those are unique to the matches that award them, such as Comin’ Atcha. Can’t be a Jedi Gunfighter unless you attend T-Bone’s match. I’m sponsoring a buckle for the top Classic Cowboy 1860 Henry Shooter at the 2024 Kansas State Championship & Classic Cowboy Showdown in Chapman, KS. I made up that sub-category and nobody can win it unless they come to Chapman. (See Major Art Tillery’s thread below.) The Major invented the Classic Cowboy Showdown and has turned it into annual national event. If you’d like to put on a special award/event for B-Western, go for it.
  10. Yup. Gotta give that money to students who voluntarily took on ruinous debt, illegal immigrants and subsidies for $100,000 electric cars.
  11. I bought that exact shirt and two others (different colors) at Costco last year for about $45 total.
  12. those were intakes for the piston engines that drove the props - two engines per prop set, for eight total engines.
  13. They allow cruising at higher altitudes where the air is thin. They’re more expensive to manufacture. Back then, airports were generally much smaller, making ground maneuvering and storage more challenging. Not many hangars to accommodate it were available in those days.
  14. SEC in particular, and Div I NCAA in general are just a farm system for the NFL. Nothing college about it except for the location of the stadium. Even then, they’re often played in NFL stadiums. Not knocking NCAA fans, I just don’t think there’s a difference between the leagues, except that the NCAA football playoffs are an annual sham. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
  15. Because even after the house is washed away, the owner still has to pay back the loan. Unless they’re part of a disenfranchised minority. Then the government picks up the tab. Lots of other scenarios here that all end with the government picking up the tab. Maybe it’s the insurance companies, who pass the cost on to their customers. And when they can't, the government picks up the tab...
  16. A couple of things: Your final crimp is too shallow. It also appears your wad isn't seated deep enough into the hull. Either you've too much powder in the hull for the wad, making your stack height too tall, or you don't have enough wad pressure. (Caution: see GJs post above.) Win AA two-piece hulls have a bit of lip inside at the top of the base wad where a plastic shot cup/wad can hang up. I found I had to up the wad pressure a bit to push it past that lip. Otherwise my hulls crumpled at the final crimp. Again, I've never seen a cut like that, but your hull does show signs of crumpling which typically happens at the final crimp when the overall shell height is too tall. A finished hull should measure 2 1/4", and I'm betting yours exceeds that. I highly recommend downloading this manual and starting from scratch on setting up your press. There's an image of a properly formed crimp (page 9 Fig. 21) and four more images in the troubleshooting section (page 11). Also double check your recipe to be sure you have the correct component combo. https://www.mecoutdoors.com/images/uploaded/Operating Manuals/1008455 600 JR Mark V manual.pdf Good luck!
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