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  1. I have a pistol grip '73, an 1860 Henry and just acquired a '73 carbine which is straight stock. The difference (to me) is almost imperceptible. Definitely not anything that affects performance.
  2. I missed last week's shoot due to another commitment. I'm a member of Powder Creek and shoot there regularly. Looking forward to meeting you! Are you on our email list? If not, please send me a personal message via this forum with your contact info.
  3. I thought it opened badly, but hoped it might get better. It didn’t.
  4. My wife & I visited Kleinschmidts western store a couple of weeks ago. A candy store for all cowboy clothing in Higginsville, MO. We walked out with an awesome suede leather jacket featuring a bit of decorative beading and fringe on the sleeves and upper torso. I’m not allowed to look at again until Christmas. How many days left till then?
  5. No. Scroll down to exclusions and limitations. However, the governor's control can be revoked as mentioned by Constable Nelson https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Posse_Comitatus_Act
  6. I think things went to hell back when they came out with that infernal bread slicing machine...
  7. From an AP article about a lengthy shootout today in Jersey City, NJ. My emphasis in bold. ”SWAT teams, state police and federal agents converged on the scene, and police blocked off the area, which in addition to the school and supermarket included a hair salon and other shops. Dozens of bystanders pressed against the police barrier to capture the action on their cellphones, some whooping when bursts of fire could be heard.”
  8. What Coffinmaker said - I'd like to know. Given the kernel size, seems it wouldn't clean the insides as well as walnut media?
  9. "About all I can say for the United States Senate is that it opens with a prayer and closes with an investigation." -Will Rogers
  10. The author is a pinhead. There were some bad decisions made with the intelligence the US had (pure 20-20 hindsight), but the claim about withholding info of the planned attack has been thoroughly debunked.
  11. Did he stay with the ship during the rebuild, or sent elsewhere to serve?
  12. +1 My shooting glasses are set up the same way and take some getting used to after the progressive lenses. I can now put them on about 10 or 15 minutes before the shooting starts and not think about them for the rest of the match.
  13. A critical battle, long forgotten among the many from the war to end all wars. Thx for the post, Joe.
  14. I'm in the midst of a big photoshop project and took a break from a mind-numbing task to enhance these three OP images. Based on the first image below, it appears you're correct, CC. Now take a look at the second image where the bolt is fully retracted. A little movement of the lever when the pic was taken could account for the protruding bolt. Without handling the rifle, it'd be difficult to tell about the timing. I'm also looking at the sharp edges of the carrier which appear to be gouged in the last photo. Does that suggest anything amiss with the carrier?
  15. Driftwood has already touched on different specs between guns. Turn your rifle over and measure the receiver length. This is a pic of my Uberti that measures 1.601. How does yours compare to your cartridge OAL? You may need to adjust your OAL to suit this particular rifle. Try a few of different lengths and let us know how it turns out.
  16. I bet you find the OAL of your cartridges is shorter than the snap caps. As already noted, your cartridge looks too short and is allowing the one in the magazine to protrude too far into the receiver. Either you've loaded it that way, or they're telescoping because of an improper crimp. A few cycles of dummy rounds thru a Henry will telescope them pretty good if the crimp isn't right. With a 200 gr, .428 Missouri Bullet, my cartridges measure 1.584 and feed great in my Uberti Henry. Max OAL according to Lyman's Cast Bullet Handbook is 1.592.
  17. Maybe she learned gun handling from Chief Inspector Drayfus. (Scroll to the 2:30 mark.)
  18. Pat, methinks you need Ironman's suit or something made by Stark Industries...
  19. Agreed. A West Point grad and I have been watching this game together for the last 14 years. We have a standing bet where the “loser” has to do 20 push-ups. The last several years I’ve had to perform and I’m getting too old for this. Beat Army, go NAVY!
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