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  1. This one of several adjustable/sliding powder dispensers. https://muzzle-loaders.com/products/muzzleloader-brass-powder-measure-120-grains-mz1410?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0-GymZCpggMVlNbICh0JJgqqEAQYAiABEgKCTvD_BwE
  2. Several years ago I inadvertently loaded up a batch of .45 acp ammo that was barely below power factor. I found that out when my ammo was tested before the start of our state match. MDQ. Those were the rules and it was my responsibility. Nonetheless, going home without firing a shot after paying a match fee leaves a bad taste in the mouth. I’ve no problem with the big bore requirement, but I’ve always felt that PF was persnickety. That and the fact my ‘87 lever gun wasn’t allowed. Still, I played the game until component prices and availability went nuts over three years ago. No way am I gonna expend three times the amount of large pistol ammo than for a cowboy match. Those days are over. Historically, the rules have always been restrictive and IMHO limited its appeal to cowboy shooters who are already fully vested in their equipment that can cross many categories. Given today’s realities, relaxing the rules is too little too late.
  3. Kaman HH-43 Huskie for me in Iwakuni - late 50s…
  4. Oh the horror! I’ve some great memories of growing up on a military installation. These kids will have stories few can match (or appreciate).
  5. Clifford Berryman https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clifford_K._Berryman
  6. Anyone have experience with these folks and know of the quality of their ARs? http://blackrainordnance.com https://blackrainordnance.com/product/bro-a2/ ****************** EDIT: picked one up at LGS today. Think I’m gonna be happy with it!
  7. And if you give $10 to a beggar who uses it to buy a fatal dose of meth or fentanyl, would you be wrong or right? That’s a chance I’m not willing to take. I know addiction up close and personal. ‘Nuff said.
  8. One of the homeless shelters in my area says not to give money as they'll just use it for drugs & alcohol. They suggest instead to give them the location of the shelter. I used to live and work in NYC like Rip and got panhandled frequently. I see the same thing here, just not as frequently. It was revealed in NYC that a few made a good living at it, but most were unable or just plain unwilling to use a handout for essentials. Addiction is a horrible thing, but I'm not going to fund theirs.
  9. I was taught in Boy Scouts how to use my belt and neckerchief as tourniquets.
  10. I’m sure they’re heavily taxed too, which makes the government addicted to the revenue. The dirty little secret in this country is the taxes collected on tobacco, which they say is to defray the cost of treating smoking related illnesses, are mostly diverted for general spending. Years ago the states sued the tobacco companies to “recover” health expenditures. Each state received several billion dollars. Audits later showed that the state of Missouri only spent 6 hundred thousand dollars on health initiatives, while the rest of their 2 billion settlement went to general revenue. That was just one example. I'm sure most states did the same. The hypocrites can’t afford to have anyone quit smoking.
  11. Looked like an interesting article, but it was so riddled with sexually oriented advertising between paragraphs that I quit reading immediately and cleared my browser.
  12. “Santa Baby”. Gag me. Especially by Madonna. This, “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Grandma Got Run Over by A Reindeer” will be played almost hourly by radio stations here from now to December 25th.
  13. Apparently Federal has dropped him. He now uses ammo donated by a distributor of brands I’m not familiar with.
  14. Never heard of, or seen them. In the US, they looked like this:
  15. The reason there are so many executive orders is Congress has little to no interest in doing its job of legislating. They have the power to rein this stuff in, but it’s easier to let the executive branch fill in the vacuum and take the heat than actually take a stand or be responsible for anything. They’re fat and lazy, just like voters.
  16. Question asked and answered. Closed to further replies. Sorry Pale Wolf, that’s a cheap joke, but so am I, and couldn’t resist…
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