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  1. Huh? There weren’t any entrances, it was the end of a parade route. The only barricades present were to block auto traffic.
  2. I dunno, 800 LEOs vs hundreds of thousands of revelers? Unless our society is willing to accept safety perimeters and checkpoints, these kinds of events are going to occur. Even with those measures, it’ll occur anyway. Our society is that sick.
  3. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Doesn’t matter how much security there is.
  4. https://apnews.com/article/chiefs-super-bowl-parade-shooting-kansas-city-62e69a17b469b854afd7bcc3f548d1fc The first paragraph could be a cut and paste from a number of like events from our town. It’s distressingly common here as well as the rest of urban America.
  5. Alan Harton did mine, but that was 15 years ago, so I don’t know if he’s still in business. I’m reasonably sure I have a receipt with his contact info if you’d like that. As I recall, he was in the Atlanta area.
  6. Can’t speak for your measures, but they run fine though my Hornady. APP is prone to clumping, so be sure you break those up before pouring. That’s my experience with the older formulation, perhaps the newer stuff has eliminated that problem. Much is said about 777 being so much hotter than real BP. I don’t notice it for CAS loadings, especially in C45S pistols, 44-40 rifle. YMMV.
  7. All three of your narratives are predictable. That’s the sad part.
  8. https://people.com/chiefs-super-bowl-parade-shooting-multiple-people-shot-8581648 Despite the fact that the local news talking heads keep saying they don’t have any details, they sure can blather on about nothing. One thing we can be certain of, is the suspects in custody will fit a predictable profile.
  9. I’m still stuck on Angel. How did we get to valley?
  10. Hodgdon shows “unavailable”. Midwest reloads is a well-known scam site that’s been discussed a number of times here, over on the Wire and other forums.
  11. Hornady “New Dimension” .45 Colt 3-die set. On my Hornady press, there’s no need for a separate set of seating or crimp dies. Works for “long” Colt and C45S.
  12. Try buying it. I just checked and it’s out of stock.
  13. Oh. I thought this topic was going to be about another kind of LSD…
  14. Which is why I don’t think there was any to be had today. As I said over on the Wire, until someone on this forum says they’ve actually bought some new stuff and it’s in their hands, I’m treating all of the news as gossip and unicorn sightings.
  15. I’m thinking something is wrong with website as it’s showed in stock after showing out of stock. Only way to find out is call ‘em. I’m dubious they ever had any, but I’ve been wrong before.
  16. There’s gonna be another Chiefs parade downtown really soon. I’m guessing 500,000 will be there and 1/2 will be drunk. I’ll be avoiding that part of town at all cost. Whew!
  17. I thought the same of the Chiefs for the first 59 minutes of regulation.
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