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  1. Agree! But my head still hurts from following that train of thought.
  2. Yup. I got the score 3 years ago. A recent stress test though, which was part of my annual exam, wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. By themselves, neither result was a compelling reason to do the angiogram. But taken together is why we took a closer look yesterday. The score was the deciding factor. Coulda been something, coulda been nothing. Glad we looked, because it was something. BTW, I haven’t bought any green bananas in decades.
  3. Hope it got dragged thru the water while he reeled it in. Hope he recovered his lure or bait. That would have a waste!
  4. Kinda like ping pong, but without the table.
  5. Okaaay, it’s still a great way to start any day!
  6. Went in for angiogram today to verify results of cardio calcium score. Just a precaution because I’m asymptomatic for anything else. Full disclosure, on a scale of 0-400, with 400 being bad, I got a 1,535. I win! No way to tell what that really meant without the catheter procedure. Could be something, could be nothing. So I go in expecting to come out with a stent, at worst. After all, I’m in otherwise excellent health, 6’ tall and and a trim 175 lbs. for my 70 years. Instead, I won the triple bypass jackpot. Gonna have that done this Tuesday 5/23. 5-7 days in hospital. The worst of it is no shooting for 3 months. I know a number of you have BTDT, so I’m just commiserating a bit. Spent the entire day getting all the pre procedure tests done and still trying to process today’s events. The silver lining is all the test results are otherwise good. The most important thing is this was caught early, which makes recovery relatively easy and a likely superb long term outcome.
  7. I’m betting that if it was really aboard like that, the outer skin would have been shredded by the island in the process.
  8. They're flown that way so often, it's hard to tell anymore.
  9. In Prescott http://www.cowboycorner-az.com/
  10. I have 2 cans like the one in pic 4. One holds 5 gallons. Trying to manipulate that spout with a full can guarantees fuel will be spilled. Plus, the spouts leak excessively so your hands get soaked with gas too. And yep, those suckers are expensive.
  11. Captivity would have sucked. Still, I wouldn’t want to be him when he got back.
  12. Hard to believe that’s Phil Spector. My, how he changed.
  13. Indians changed their name to that because woke of political pressure. Like the Washington Commanders of the NFL.
  14. I thought this was going to be about the M4 carbine…
  15. When I was flying for the Civil Air Patrol, we would occasionally fly the perimeter of the firing range at Fort Riley prior to live fire exercises. Even though all the roads at the safety perimeter were barricaded, a local would sometimes move one so he could go fishing. We would report it to range control and they would send someone to escort him out.
  16. “Ahead of its time” is bestowed only with 20/20 hindsight.
  17. I have the same press and have found when that happens, the shell plate has come loose. Sometimes a round with a high primer advances anyway and is discovered upon inspection before loading in a box. I also have to remind myself to firmly seat every primer. It’s easy to short stroke the lever.
  18. Coulda been interesting. That was one of the proposed features that had to be scrapped before production.
  19. I’ve read much about Preston Tucker and this venture. It’s an entertaining movie, but plays very loosely with facts. His head of engineering, who I recall was his son-in-law, had said the company was severely underfunded from the get-go and was unable to develop the car as conceived. He said many corners were cut just to get a few cars built and those had multiple teething problems. Tucker was a huckster making bold claims in order to raise cash, but he couldn’t back up those claims. That led to being charged with securities fraud for which he was later acquitted. His SIL said the venture collapsed for lack of funding and unfulfilled promises, not some Big 3 collusion/conspiracy. Although they were not unhappy about the failure. I’ve not watched the OPs videos, so perhaps this was covered already. The engines were leftover helicopter engines made by Franklin. Adapting them to cars was an inspired decision, giving them a marketing bonus and saving millions in development and manufacturing costs. Too bad they couldn’t pull it off. It truly was ahead of its time.
  20. I wasn’t really aware of what Bodie was and is until I looked it up. Interesting! Thanks for the post, Joe. I learn something new every day! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodie,_California
  21. My Uberti 1872 Open Tops did not come with a screwdriver. I finally took care of those pesky hammer blocks with some JB Weld. Those %#*s would self-deploy at the most inopportune time.
  22. Or not all. If you only saw 15 minutes of one episode, you’d seen them all. For those who liked to watch gorgeous people anyway, “Battle of the Network Stars” was more believable because it didn’t pretend to be anything but a T&A spectacle.
  23. I initially had a lot of feeding issues with my new Inland. After cleaning off some burrs on the mags and putting several hundred rounds through it, it settled down. Very accurate if I do my part. It likes my reloads better than Armscor. My OAL is consistent. Armscor is not. Cheesy stock like a new Daisy BB gun. I stripped and refinished it to a darker hue. Nice looking now.
  24. I don’t remember 911 before the 80s
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