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  1. You aint kidding, Snakebite has been in the game for a long time and knows how to put on a top notch match. Him, along with all of the fine folks up at KRR will make sure you have the best time.
  2. One of our club members who saw the “Behind The Scenes” segment (a few seconds after the credits), asked me if we were dropping sand in front of the blower to get the dust effect. Sand would be a bit dangerous for the actors and equipment and would require a very powerful blower. Mike - who did our effects - was dropping handfuls of sawdust.
  3. Thanks Yul, that's route I intend to travel going forward.
  4. yes I understand, but I was just showing him how it would facilitate multiple pulls.
  5. this is a very crude mock up, but this is how. The pocket loops are no different than what you see on pull 4 belts.
  6. Assuming that you are right handed, can you grab 4 with your pump hand and load over the top with any currently legal style bandoleer? My only reason for wanting to vertically stage shells in a bandoleer would be to accomplish the grab 4 the same as the guys with the SG bets with the tiny divider between the 2 pockets of 2 shells. I guess if you have giant hands it wouldn't be that impossible, The one guy I shoot with that runs a 97 wears a bandoleer and loads over top shoots 16GA to make it possible. I want to use a bandoleer so bad, but I still want to be able to pull 4.
  7. Jim, did you do them by hand or did you build a contraption like in the above photos and videos. I'm seriously considering this.
  8. yeah nothing in there about the way ammo is situated on a bandoleer.
  9. What would be the legality of the use of a non secured bandoleer that holds the shells in vertically staged pockets such as a SG belt would have instead of the standard horizontally staged configuration? I'm wanting to get such an animal custom made but wanted to see if anyone could find a rule that would prevent it from being legal.
  10. not enough AR's around for Beto to care about it.
  11. I wish, if I did I would use it myself.
  12. This can be done using a few lines of code edits to some of the boards template settings. Not sure who all is in charge of the technical webmaster duties for the site, but the link below shows how to add a custom link, in the Sassnet.comt case it would be a link to home. This is also assuming that this forum is powered by I.P Board as I suspect that it is. https://www.devfuse.com/forums/tutorials/article/4-add-link-to-primary-navigation/
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