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  1. ha ha, good times, and nice shootin. Glad you had a good time, come back and shoot with us again sometime.
  2. For the past year and a half or for as long as Iv'e been reloading 45 Colt I have been using Trail Boss with a 200 gn. Bullet and a real firm roll crimp at the groove. The problem is that this stuff seems to be real dirty, if I shoot 2 matches or 12 stages it takes an hour plus to get the carbon cleaned / scraped off of the 73's carrier. So with that said I'm coming up on the last bit of a 5 lb. jug and looking for something cleaner but still reliable, open to any and all suggestions. Or is 45 Colt just going to be dirty at Cowboy pressures no matter what and I just need to get over it and learn to enjoy long hours at the cleaning bench. Thanks in advance.
  3. I load 3.5 grains of Trail Boss topped with a tightly crimped at groove Cimarron Hi Tech Coated 105 for my wife and she loves them. Good solid burn, they all go bang, minimal recoil in both pistol and rifle.
  4. I use this method and add a roll crimp to finish the ends off neatly, they work great and pretty much nothing but smoke and fire come out of the barrel.
  5. I kind of figured you had already been there so I didn't even mention them.
  6. You might give Paul Cauthen a listen, The album "My Gospel" is quite good.
  7. I agree,. Colter Wall is the real deal.
  8. Better yet take a shot every time he says "C#$K S*@KER".
  9. I wish, if I did I would use it myself.
  10. This can be done using a few lines of code edits to some of the boards template settings. Not sure who all is in charge of the technical webmaster duties for the site, but the link below shows how to add a custom link, in the Sassnet.comt case it would be a link to home. This is also assuming that this forum is powered by I.P Board as I suspect that it is. https://www.devfuse.com/forums/tutorials/article/4-add-link-to-primary-navigation/
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