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  1. Hi there i am found! Pm sent thanks bourbon doc
  2. Thank!!!??? mo money ! mo guns !!! THANKS PARD BD
  3. Howdy Pards with above noted ..and limitations for parts ... . for those of us with old style cattleman’s .. You have me thinking about a “critical parts list for my pistols”.... .. what would you consider critical parts list for our shoot’n irons thanks boubon doc
  4. Howdy shootn fox Fyi a pm was sent feb 11 re order thx bourbon doc
  5. howdy coffinmaker and thanks for the info, and as i am at times focused on easy ... i will proceed with 44-40 brass as my BP go to brass case, and after resizing and shooting it will be fire form fitted, so to speak .. thanks again ... BD
  6. Howdy, When shooting BP in 45 pistols and not using 45CS brass .. In an attempt to limit fouling.. Is it easier /better to anneal 45 brass or re-size 44- 40 brass. Thanks bourbon doc
  7. Howdy jeeper Understood. If Yosemite passes these by Please contact me. Contact information sent by p.m. Thank you. Regards Bourbon doc
  8. Meant to say If it’s OK.. I will take to get frames from cowboy jeeper90 please let me know if this is ok Thank you. Regards Bourbon doc
  9. If its ok ... i will take two grip frames from cowboy jeeper please ket me know .. thanks regards boubon doc
  10. Howdy lead slinger I understand that one of your local club pards “the kid” P.m.ed you and is probably Going to take them.. I understand! .. . and all is good... pard. Regards, boubon doc
  11. Howdy two ponies, p.m. sent Regards Bourbon doc
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