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  1. Thanks for the links and replies. After taking it apart and looking it over I agree with the quality assessment. Doc Nelson
  2. What can anyone tell me about this rifle? I thought it was an Uberti, older one but that isn't the case. Specifically, does anyone know how interchangeable the parts are with Uberti? Short Stroke Kit? Springs? Looking at the bolt and thinking it may need some help for extraction but I haven't shot it. 45 caliber. I just never recall hearing about this maker but my memory..... Doc Nelson Ok, so this is a 4 digit Chaparral Repeating Arms 1873 in .45, first digits being 01xx. Uberti parts do fit, and I did test fit a short stroke in it and it was f
  3. Ok, I don't normally post for any reason let alone personal, but at work we had a boss retire and then got a replacement. I am 57 yrs old and I have worked in a wide variety of work places but the "retiree" was the worst self-proclaimed genious know-it-all I have ever come in contact with. Idiotic is a kindly and generous description. New boss is so completely 180 that is is very hard to comprehend how much nicer this crappy job (but it is an "essential" job) has become. I may even make retirement myself. My wife noticed a significant change within 2 days. Best Christmas present s
  4. For those who enjoy Cholula, a step up comes from Dove Creek Colorado, Carhart and sons El Toro hot sauces come in a green jalapeno, chipotle habanero, and red jalapeno. Not so hot for this gringo that I can't taste the sauce. Doc Nelson
  5. I have a couple Stampede's, one grip frame is slightly smaller than the other so the grips do not interchange. I am guessing that fit-wise you would be fine as I have interchanged other parts before and been just fine but I also assume these were kind of made from 'spare-parts' like the old Milleniums from Cabela's that had variations to the frame from one to the other. Doc Nelson
  6. Frontier cartridge classic firefighter. Yes I do shoot this way a couple times a year. Doc Nelson
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