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  1. Just did mine last night, so easy, so much improvement, so much closer to my toggle link rifles. Doc Nelson
  2. From my uncle, "If your brains were dynamite you wouldn't have enough to blow your nose."
  3. I have been shooting Uberti 72 Open Tops for several years, 38 cal. then got the set up to switch to 44 special. 5 1/2" on everything. Great pointers, great shooters. I put in wide triggers, removed the hammer safeties, made my own firing pins and drilled and installed Ruger hand springs. I had to do some fitting of course but that was expected. That made them fit and work for ME. My daughter bought the same set as me just recently and they were much better out of the box than mine were. If they fit you and point well for you then I say they are as good as any repro. The newe
  4. Left eye dominant, right handed. As a youngster I taught myself to shoot right handed. As I got into gunfighter I found I prefer to shoot pairs so one day I quit thinking about which eye and quickly found I was using both eyes and could see both sights at the same time if the targets were big enough to line up both with. Still, if the sight is on target pull the trigger, quit worrying about which eye. Doc Nelson GF since its inception.
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