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  1. My Dad has one of the Baikal shotguns with the faux exposed hammers and needs to replace one or both of these hammers. My admittedly quick search did not turn up anything. Not at Brownells or Numrich. Got suggestions? Doc Nelson
  2. Here in eastern utah along I-70, the sun is up nearly an hour before it has enough strength to cast a shadow thru the smoke. Red dawn rising every morning. Doc Nelson
  3. I loaned my rifle to my Dad at a shoot because his went down. He loves his TB but when I got the rifle back after 10 stages it was like he'd been shooting black powder. Anybody experience this extra dirty gun action after running TB? It was .45 and a 200 gr bullet but I don't know the powder charge. Doc Nelson
  4. What would make me drop this sport after 20+ years = untouchables. Live ammo is a must, haven't seen that mentioned. Cowboy era is a must so western clothing is required. CAS has to remain an amateur sport without sponsored shooters(advertising as such) or prizes based on placement. VARIETY is essential, I am not a golfer but I can't imagine going to the same course time after time and doing the same thing over and over again. Ruts and stagnation will doom anything. I have shot matches with stage titles and procedures and no story or set-up and I have shot matches with aspiring novelists with a long story/ set-up. I much prefer a nice short story and set-up. Without it we are just shooting and I can do that without travel and other expenses. Doc Nelson
  5. People are generally shocked when they find out I am not a good electrician. Courtesy of my daughter who sent it to me just the other day. Doc Nelson
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