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  1. Frontier cartridge classic firefighter. Yes I do shoot this way a couple times a year. Doc Nelson
  2. I have a few trophies I really treasure because of the memories and competition, mostly though, I have begun to think of trophies as "mementos" or souvenirs of the match etc. That way I am less bothered by a participation trophy I may win by some kind of default. Probably as a result of shooting so many years with so few in my category. It isn't so much about placement as it is about how I feel about the match and the fun factor. Doc Nelson
  3. The best place for your holsters is where YOU can consistently draw and return to leather. One handed shooters have to have a consistent grip in order to be accurate, and returning to leather must be quick and safe. I prefer mine centered slightly ahead of the side seam of my jeans because I will have a crouched stance on almost every stage during transitions and I don't want my legs moving my holsters around. Doc Nelson (20 year gunfighter)
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