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  1. People are generally shocked when they find out I am not a good electrician. Courtesy of my daughter who sent it to me just the other day. Doc Nelson
  2. My best performance ever was with 45's. Having said that I have moved to .38's as the cost per round is less, especially with BP. I do shoot large caliber when shooting BP matches because of the buck and smoke but my wife prefers 38's in smokeless or BP. Eventually you will end up with more than one set of guns so... Doc Nelson
  3. I started with the Ruger Bisely, it took a bit to find the right grip but once I did they pointed very naturally. Then I went to '72's because I love the look. Found them to be natural pointers right off. I worked my 72's over quite a bit, firing pins and triggers and converted the hand springs to Ruger plunger springs, main springs and bolt springs, and removed the "safety" off the hammers. My daughter just got a pair of '72's and they were much better out of the box than mine. I shoot the '72's exclusively but I still fondle my bisleys and will one day pull them out for matches. BTW, my bisleys have half-cocks and that moved the triggers back to more like the clones. If you like to tinker, I love the '72's, but it is hard to beat the utter dependability of a Ruger. I just love both. Doc Nelson
  4. I was asked to sharpen a lawnmower blade, it was new but wasn't cutting the grass very well. Yeah, it was on backward. College grad teaching high school. Possibly the same teacher asked the math teacher what 1/10 of an hour was. Math teacher looked confused, said 6 minutes and waited for the punch line. Turned out to be the teachers credentials were the punchline. Never was able to confidently put "professional" in front of educator for my 19 years in that field. Doc Nelson
  5. I shoot pairs (double-cock) so every two pistol string is converted to pairs of shots. What nobody has mentioned here is eye dominance. I am right handed and left eye dominant but grew up shooting right handed. What that results in, for me, is that I can see both sights at the same time, a real advantage on multi-tap sequences, not so much when there is target separation. It is my observation that the more dominant your eye is, the more advantageous alternating is. I also believe the learning curve is steeper for shooting pairs, and yes, I hate counters that count by cadence and are easily confused with something different. Doc Nelson
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