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  1. Here is an article on loading the .45-60. https://www.riflemagazine.com/handloading-the-45-60-wcf
  2. Photos? Are you sure the RCBS die is not for .40-60? Is your Jamison brass headstamped .45-60 or is it some of their "basic" brass? The only problem I had when making .45-60 from .45-70 for an original 76 was that the .45-60 had a thinner rim. On some batches of .45-70 they were hard to close until I thinned rims of the shortened brass to a head thickness of .060". I later acquired some correct Jamison brass. The .45-70 rim is nominally .065" thick.
  3. The problem with all human activity is that there are humans involved.
  4. A little more background. Original Winchester 73s made in say 1874 or 1875 are not the same quality material as those sold in 1895. After smokeless became popular and nickel steel barrels came into use the major manufacturers made high velocity .38-40 and .44-40 ammunition. The box clearly said not to use it in 73s that it was intended for Model 92s and other strong rifles. This was in deference to the older 73s and other BP era guns that were still in use. Just as is the problem now people did not read the box or ignored the warning so the ammo was discontinued in the 1960s. Same with old Colt revolvers. SAAMI specs for the .45 Colt and .44-40, for example, are quite low in pressure in deference to the hundreds of thousands of older guns in those and other BP era calibers. Even today many reloading manuals have loads for the old model Vaqueros and specifically warn not to use those loads in New Vaqueros. New Uberti rifles might be able to handle more pressure than original Winchester 73s. However no mainstream manufacturer is going to sell hot ammo with warnings that they are only suitable for modern made rifles because a certain percentage of people won't read or heed the warnings. Follow SAAMI specs and you will be OK.
  5. The SAAMI spec for ammuntion is different. The Uberti rifles (except possibly the .44 mag) are all the same. Real simple. For whatever caliber you are using look at the SAAMI spec for that ammunition and keep your loads below that.
  6. 1. I have never heard of SAAMI posting specs for rifles. Have you a citation? 2. Uberti sells the 73 in .357 and .44 Magnum Answer - Keep your AMMUNITION to SAAMI specs.
  7. I'm still trying to figure out how you got a round with an OAL of 2.232" into a 1911.
  8. The crayon lube gums up the mechanism. If you use coated bullets they feed fine.
  9. I am sure glad you posted photos of the finished product. I guess my eyes were out of whack because the first photos of the raw product looked like Shrek puked a blue slushy. BUT, I knew if YOU were doing it the end product would be neat.
  10. Not really an issue. People do not measure 18.3 grains of BP and if the lot varies go to 18.7. BP is measured by volume. Instructions for loading BP. Fill case with powder and seat bullet. Don't need an update for this basic reloading information. I used a Hornady BP powder measure for years. "To adjust, start with the plunger all the way into the ten-grain notch. Loosen the knurled cap nut, and pull the plunger back while slowly rotating it. Starting at ten, count 15, 20, 25, etc., until you get to 50, then count 60, 70, etc., until you get to the desired charge weight." So, It was adjustable in five grain increments up to 50 and ten grain increments after that. Loads went bang, targets went clang. For some disciplines like long range target shooting you may use a drop tube, paper patched bullets, etc. and refine the basic loading instructions a bit. But for most shooting fill case, seat bullet and shoot.
  11. This is almost funny. The new Canberra is a LITTORAL ship. The Navy has been mothballing littoral ships that are only a year or two old in a huge waste of taxpayer money. I hope this new ship lasts a little longer than that.
  12. How many times have you heard that someone is being charged with lying to the FBI? In many cases they are not charged with the crime the FBI was investigating they are charged because they lied during an interview. The same with the 4473. When people get busted for a gun crime they pull the 4473 to see if the person lied on the form. So in addition to the charge for the crime they are also charged with lying on the form. Sometimes the only thing they get convicted for is the lie on the form. Remember in the good old days of Al Capone and Elliott Ness many mobsters were never convicted of murder or any other violent crime. They were convicted for income tax evasion or lying on their tax forms. Now what can be done and what is done are two different things. There are only around 300 prosecutions for lying on the 4473 per year which is statistically insignificat.
  13. I wonder why Victoria is on a medal for a war that took place before she was born?
  14. Sort of like Carter's Little Liver Pills. (Although you can still find Carter's Pills on the Internet.)
  15. The wreck of the Lexington lies in about 10,000 feet of water. It was lost in the Battle of the Coral Sea in May, 1942. The Lexington was built on the hull of what was to be a battlecruiser. It was only the 2nd U.S. carrier but was huge at almost 900 feet. The deck guns were originally 8" but these were too large for a carrier and were removed and temporarily replaced with 1.1" cannons. These are rare guns as they proved ineffective and were quickly replaced with the 40mm Bofors. The ones on the Lexington are still in remarkably good shape. As it sank there were huge underwater explosions and it was blown into four pieces. The stern is over 500 yards away from the main hull but the name is still clearly visible. One of the planes carried was the Devastator. The only known examples are the ones that went down with the Lexington. The Lexington has always been my favorite ship. My dad was stationed at Pearl Harbor in the 1950s and many of our family friends had served on the Lexington and were on her when she sank. We also knew several men who were on the Juno when it went down with the five Sullivan brothers.
  16. Is this the one? Looks like there is no serial number data. "The Ranger Model 30 is a variant of the Stevens Model 520A which was manufactured between 1912 and 1932 with some 191,000 being produced. No records are available to give a more exact date of manufacture."
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