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  1. I thought you were already retired based on the photos of your cabin in the middle of nowhere and you down by the creek beating your laundry on a rock.
  2. The problem is not when "you know" it is time. The problem is for those with diminished capacity that do not realize it is time. I know several people that knew it was time to quit and have. This is one of those difficult questions like when do you take the car keys away from grandpa? Well, most of us are grandpa and telling your friends and contemporaries they are no longer safe to shoot is tough but may become necessary and require some sort of intervention. I don't want to get shot because someone else is "just trying to have fun."
  3. It is very feasible IF you can find a barrel. The fact that barrels may be on some supplier's website does not mean they have them in stock. What Yul suggested might be the better option if you cannot find a factory barrel.
  4. Can you not hit a trash can lid at 15 feet, i.e., minute of SASS? Based on your measurements I would not mess with it. If 11 degrees was "magic" every gun manufacturer would be using it. Then the gurus would claim 12 is the way to go. Why would you ream the cylinder throats. They are dead on at .451.
  5. Actually I did not know the difference. I would not watch awards from either group.
  6. I thought CMSA was Cowboy Mounted Shooters Association. Guess I was wrong.
  7. 0. Lots of new cars come with run flats and have no spare. The pressure in each tire reads out on my dash.
  8. Different strokes for different folks (so to speak) but I won't use them in anything with rifling. Shotguns fine.
  9. You know when you hear a song and then just can't stop humming the tune. This ain't one of those.
  10. So much for the BS about CAS being so expensive. Heck go buy a bass boat, motor, rod and reel.
  11. Being forced to wear whatever those stupid green things are no wonder he looks bored.
  12. You guys have it all wrong. The real villian is Teeter. She has infiltrated the Dutton clan and is calling the shots from the inside. She is pure evil and the illegitimate daughter of John Dutton. She and Jamie are going to run off and get married.
  13. By the time I get to the point that I can't remember what foods I do not like, it won't make any difference. I'll be at the home drooling in whatever they bring me.
  14. The Dillon 900 has been replaced by an electric drive Spolar.
  15. There are no primers to buy so that excuse don't wash.
  16. Louisville slugger for $300.00! What the heck does a glove cost these days?
  17. I'll have to watch it again. Reminded me of the old movie serials. The hero is going over a cliff in a car screaming his head off on the way down. Yet, in the next episode the hero miraculosly jumps out before the car goes over the cliff.
  18. Hodgdon only recommends it for pistol loads. They market the stuff so I guess I would believe them.
  19. I thought you said they were for reloading.
  20. Low overhead. That is how they have such good prices.
  21. The planning for Winter Range and now End of Trail goes on year round. The planning and small prop construction goes from indoors to outdoors in the fall when the summer temps begin to drop. This past Saturday it was a mild 89 degrees and the containers of props were opened for the first time in months. The final Winter Range was cancelled because of Covid and this was the first opportunity to look at props built last year and to examine the drawings and plans for structures to be built for EOT 2022. Hundreds of props will have to be rebuilt or repainted to eliminate the old WR logos and to replace them with EOT logos. Here is one group starting work on some of the smaller props. Over on the other side of the yard another group begins examining the hundreds of targets to replace pivot bolts, pull chains, target hangers, etc., and to replace any plates that are showing signs of being pock marked or any signs of bending. The EOT targets are AR plate and are replaced on a regular basis. Those that have been to WR and will be making return trips to the new EOT have seen some of the phenominal stage fronts built by the Swiss Kid. Here he is just starting a new front. Other stage designers are also working on new stage fronts and they will be shown in future photos. Over the next four months as more work parties take place and the stages come together the Rough Riders will post more photos.
  22. Are you claiming that you are not the resident?
  23. I don't know what CRS is so you are one in front of me? Critical Race Science?
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