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  1. For a goodly portion of USFA production they used some or all Uberti parts. Uberti parts are darn sure not all forged.
  2. The easiest solution would be to have someone that is familiar with Ruger revolvers take a look at it. It would probably be a ten second diagnosis. Doing it on the wire and playing 20 questions takes longer and often does not yield positive results. I will take a stab at it. 1. You said the last time you used it was five years ago. Did you take it apart or do any maintenance before putting it in the safe? 2. Does the hammer rebound after falling or does it never reach the primer? (If you put a sized primed case in the cylinder does the primer go off?) 3. Make 100% sure the hammer plunger and base pin plunger are not frozen, bent or sticking. Make 100% sure the pawl spring is not bent or crushed by the gripframe and make 100% sure the bolt pluger is on the bolt and has not slipped off while reattaching the gripframe. 4. Cock the hammer and pull the trigger then, without releasing the trigger, push forward on the hammer. Does it move forward? 5. Cock the hammer and pull the trigger and push forward on the hammer spur THEN release the trigger. Does the hammer move forward or does it trap movement of the tirgger? Slowly release pressure on the hammer. Does the trigger drop down? 6. Cock the hammer, pull the trigger and while still holding the trigger will the hammer cock? If so SLOWLY pull the hammer back and shine a light into the gap as the hammer comes back to see what it is hitting.
  3. Fiocchi has bought land in Little Rock, Arkansas to build a primer making plant. I think we will see primers from Fiocchi long before any come from Expansion. Fiocchi is a major International ammunition maker. https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2022/nov/15/ammunition-maker-fiocchi-usa-to-build-primer-factory-in-little-rock/
  4. Not really a California safety as all the older NMV's had the safety lock. Later ones seem to have eliminated the lock and use a sheet metal spring seat. Just to keep things simple what I would do is order the springs for the NMV with lock and then put a stack of washers on the end of the strut on the other one to take up the difference in length. That way you only need to worry about one type of spring in the guns and the actions should feel the same. https://www.gunsprings.com/RUGER/SMALL FRAME (XR-3) SINGLE ACTION/cID3/mID52/dID229
  5. Since it does not use moon clips the round must headspace on the case mouth so a .40 S&W would fall too far into the chamber.
  6. Yep, the first thing I did when I got home was look at Uberti's website. Nada. Then I did a search and found a few dealers selling them.
  7. Was just at Sportsman's Warehouse and they had a Uberti single action in 10mm with a ported barrel. First one I have seen in that configuration.
  8. That is him. Probably taken at Fire and Ice.
  9. Did you replace the transfer bar? It looks like a New Vaquero transfer bar was put in place of the old one.
  10. The lastest advance in auto racing. Windshield wiper googles. The propeller started spining at about 15 mph and were quite the thing for open car racing in the good old days.
  11. They are efficient enough to filter out the Baby Ruth floating on the surface. At least that is what they told me it was.
  12. Doesn't it feel good to have fixed the problem yourself!
  13. I am going to Belgium next month. While I am sitting in Bruges tasting some of the local delites I will have to see if Dylan Mulvaney's photo is plastered on the bottles or cans or on local advertising posters.
  14. Anheuser-Busch is owned by a Belgium company called InBev. I wonder what the owners will think of the Busch employees that made the decision to engage in politics rather than selling beer.
  15. Outlaw is basically shooting from the hip. Josey Wales is using two more handguns in place of the rifle. Never heard of Renegade except the old Fernando Lamas TV show.
  16. They are not new SASS categories. They are special catagories offered by some clubs. The rules are whatever the club says they are.
  17. Every morning I spend a goodly amount of time reading the major news websites. CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, Reuters, Associated Press, FOX, etc. I look to see what they are reporting and also what they are not reporting. None of the "mainstream" media is reporting on the Budweiser story.
  18. Have you ever noticed that in "apologies" by liberals they never admit fault or actually apologize? An apology is "I was wrong and I am sorry." Have you ever heard a lib say that?
  19. What does this mean? If it is not fixed then there is more work to do.
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