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  1. The news just said the Pres was done with his colonoscopy and "had resumed his duties." I did not know he was performing any.
  2. I thought a revenant was sort of like a zombie.
  3. Take the old piece and use some gunsmith's solder on it. Tin the piece in the hole and tin the bottom of the latch. Put the parts together and heat. I don't ever recall seeing one of those that is theaded. Pretty shallow hole for threads.
  4. This past weekend was another sunny and 85 degree day and another EOT work party. Dozens and dozens of wooden boxes are spread out throughout the range during the match and most are painted to match the stages they are on. These were grouped into their color schemes and a base coat applied to ready them for EOT 2022's color schemes. On the left are two EOT stage coaches. In another part of the yard a group is cutting plywood squares and a short time later they have become the bottoms of a fresh batch of split rail fences. As soon as they are completed they are sprayed with sealant. These cheerful volunteers are working on making the tiller for a river raft. In the background in the container are some barrels. The river raft will be placed on top of these barrels and become a large "table" to stage guns. Boxes and boxes of awards have started to arrive. They have to be unpacked, inspected for damage, have their nomenclature plaques installed and then repacked until the awards ceremony. The awards process is a months long process.
  5. Under the carbon ring and dirt on the front of the cylinder the factory very LIGHTLY scratches the last three digits of the serial number. They are often very hard to see. What I do is take a number punch set and make them more visible.
  6. Including "beloved" TV westerns when I was a kid I did not like Hopalong Cassidy and The Lone Ranger. I still donot like them. When it came out I thought the original True Grit was horrible. As I have aged I find it not quite as horrible.
  7. When two things are working perfectly and then both quit simultaneously the chances of that happening are very low. Something changed. Did you get the cylinders reversed? Did someone else take the guns apart? Gun makers often put in heavy springs to overcome poor fitting parts and to make sure the guns will fire. The solution is not to put in heavier springs if the guns were working OK. The solution is to do a little investigation, find the problem and fix the problem. There are only five parts in the Vaquero operating system. The hammer, the pawl, the transfer bar, the bolt and the trigger. It is not rocket science to fix one. It just takes some careful inspection looking for the problem(s).
  8. Just double checked my IPhone. Saloon works fine.
  9. Finger holes for when you are shooting it gangsta style.
  10. Opps, I was giving suggestions for the Howell and had to delete that. On the Kirst about all you can do is paint or stamp a chamber and make sure that is always your dead chamber. I took a metal stamp and stamped a chamber and then filled it in with paint so it was easier to see. You can also take it to a machine shop and have them put a window in one chamber.
  11. Their offices are in Florida. The "production facility" is in Colorado. Been that way for quite a while. Got to remember APP is a very small enterprize.
  12. Or adopt the simple life of a frog. If it is smaller eat it, the same size hump it, larger run away from it.
  13. WJ is in Australia. Time and space are different down there.
  14. And when you click on this address the computer shows you the actual address the email came from. It is the same address so it appears legit. I get lots of stuff from the bank and other places looking for information and when I click on the address the computer shows that it was not sent by the bank.
  15. Works fine for me. Lots of posts on there. This comes up once in a while maybe you can do a search. Computer geeks talk about clearing the cache (?) or deleting the SASS website from your computer and reloading it (?). Bottom line is the problem is on your end.
  16. A couple of weeks ago we had a stage that was 10-10-4 with three shooting positions - positions A, B and C. After you fired from position A you had to move two or three yards to position B. After shooting at postion B you had to move another two or thee yards to position C. When everyone was done there was not one single gripe. THAT was crazy.
  17. Pretty fuzzy photo but I think Luke Skywalker had one like that in Star Wars.
  18. Got the same email and was just about to post a copy but saw you have already done so.
  19. My favorite Burma Shave poem - He lit a match to check his tank that's why they call him skinless Frank
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