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  1. I posted this on another thread. These were the prices at last week's Phoenix gun show. No hazmat, no shipping, no limit on how many you could buy.
  2. I hope that loud goofy commercial does better than the Bud Light commercials have done for Bud. I am still waiting for the Merwin Hulbert I put a deposit on. Or the made in the USA 73 that parts were shown at several SASS events or the STI single action (photo) that was supposed to be the be all end all or the Standard or even CZ Colt. The reality is there is virtually no market for high end single actions.
  3. That is one of those things that if you stare at it and squint with one eye you can see the Starship Enterprise.
  4. I agree with Pat. I forgot what the topic is but I don't put much faith in someone simply listed as "Guest" and location "USA."
  5. In the 1951 version James Arness was The Thing.
  6. First you need to post a CLEAR photo of what your present front sight looks like. What can be done depends on what you are starting with.
  7. I have not seen a decent gun store in Arizona that has antique firearms in decades.
  8. I brought some Schlenkerla Smokebeer from Bamberg in my suitcase for my daughter's beer tasting group. I could not drink the stuff but the group thought it was interesting.
  9. FYI the Bisley hammers are not a drop in. They have a distinctive hump on the back of the hammer that has to be gournd off to fit the standard plow handle grip frame.
  10. Yes. They have been in Phoenix for years. I go there quite often as it is not far from my house.
  11. The single most important piece of equipment has been totally ignored. Before any of the stuff mentioned above can be of any utility you have to get it from the parking lot to the range and then move it from stage to stage. You have to have a first class gun cart otherwise your back will hurt so bad from carrying that heavy junk around you will not be able to shoot. Forget this crap about modifying a baby stroller or jogging carriage or converted golf bag or converted hand truck from Harbor Freight. They are junk and will look crappy. If you look crappy how can you shoot well? You need a quality, lightweight, purpose built gun cart. Once you get to the line refreshed and with no back strain you can begin to worry about all the other stuff.
  12. That is why I have not gone in a long time. $10 to park and $18 to get in. Once in it is mostly stuff I have zero interest in.
  13. Just as an FYI why do you want to replace the base pin latch spring? On guns that shoot heavy loads it might make sense. On puss load CAS guns if the base pin is not coming loose when you are shooting why mess with it?
  14. Hot and I had absolutely nothing to do so I went to the gun show this weekend, if for no other reason than to get some excercise. If you go down all the aisles it is quite a distance. Same old story. Mostly black guns and Elvis plates but I did see primers and some powders in stock. Winchester, Federals and CCI were available by the thousands with no limit on supply. Here are the prices for the two favorites for CAS use. I "exercised" for several hours and just before I was ready to head to the car before I collasped I struck a deal with another old geezer for this ugly old beast. This is a Savage Ring Trigger Navy (.36) revolver. My goal is to pull the nipples and give it a complete going through and get it set up to shoot. Got it home and got it apart. Needs a new trigger spring (which I will have to make as there are no replacements) and the half cock was broken. Other than that everything looks shootable. I ran a brush down the bore and literally cleaned out some cobwebs. After a little solvent the bore is bright and shiney for the first five inches. However, the last one and one-half inches at the muzzle are dark and still rusty but should clean up into a very shootable bore.
  15. The Russians bombed their own city last night. Said it was "an emergency release of an air ordnance."
  16. FYI. RNFP bullets are not really "flat." This is a more or less standard 200 grain RNFP .44-40.
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