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  1. Well that was fast. A new shooter road into town, swept it up and it was gone.
  2. I very good friend of mine recently passed away, Dogwood Dave. His widow wanted to make sure his equipment went to good homes. Bob Enck, of Enck’s Gun Barn, came to her aid to sell all of his guns. Now, she is left with his Gun Cart. I suggested that if there was a new shooter in the Southern PA Area or someone that needed a basic gun cart, she should past it on for free. So, here it is, can someone make us of it?
  3. So maybe I need to explain further. I look at members profiles and there is a list of SASS Clubs. I keep on getting notices that my profile is only 50% complete. It wants to know the name of the clubs to which I belong. My question to the forum was very basic: In order to list a club in my profile, do you need to be a member of the host gun club? I currently shoot in a match in NJ and four in PA. I am welcomed, have a great time and made a number of friends, but I do not consider myself a “member’ of the club. I pay the entry fee to shoot the match, but I do not pay dues to the host club. I think I will just go with the answer that Garrison Joe gave. Something like “It depends, I have seen it both ways. Bottom line, you need to ask”. Thanks to all for the responses.
  4. Wow. Now that is how to answer a question. Thanks so much. I can now go to the various clubs and have a little more information to ask how they are connected to the Host Club. I could not have asked for more concise answer.
  5. What is unfortunate for me is that while I shoot at 3-4 local matches, the “Host Clubs” have closed memberships. I understand that existing members of the club want to have access to range time and do not want to swell the membership ranks, but as I am retired, I would love to help out around the club. My issue is that because I am not a member, I am not allowed (insurance I guess). Question: Can a shooter be considered a member of the portion of the club that is "SASS Affiliated" but not be a member of the host gun club?
  6. Mudflat Mike.  Sonoma Steve here.  Just wanted to thank you for selling a great rifle.  I had more fun than ever with the Uberti 1866 I bought.  It was on from the first shot and has not missed the mark in any of the matches I have shot.  Thank You again.  I have recommended the SASSNET to the Lever Action Facebook Group as a safe and honest place to purchase quality rifles.


  7. Looked for your post, but did not see one under "Trigger Mike". Can you relay the name and topic it's posted under.
  8. Looking for a used Uberti 1866 Yellowboy Short Rifle, with 20 inch barrel, chambered in 45 LC. Would be great if it was already match ready.
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