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  1. I never thought I would be reloading shotgun shells again. In the 90’s, when I started reloading, I started slow with a RBBS Rock Chuker for rifle and handgun loads and a used MEC Press for shotgun. I loved reloading and customizing loads for cowboy, target practice and hunting. Then Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods started having sales on AA Shotgun shells, so it was cheaper and easier to purchase shells then to reload. I put the MEC on the shelf for almost 15 years. That seems to have all changed now and I was forced to bring out the MEC and even upgrade to a Hornady APEX Press to start reloading shotgun shells again. I purchased a Hornady LnL AP Press a while ago and use it for everything from 9mm to 45-70, so getting my hands on a used Hornady APEX Shotgun press was only natural. And yes, I still used the MEC for 2 ½” shells. I sometimes use an 1887 lever action shotgun and it only works smoothly with 2 1/2” shells. The MEC has a plate that allows me to reload the shorter shells. My club shoots trap on Wednesdays and Fridays and since most don’t reload, I have access to a 55-gallon drum of once-used AA and STS hulls. Shot seems to be easy to get and powder and primers are not an issue. When I purchased the used APEX, it came with a couple gallon containers of powder and 10,000 CCI primers.
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