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  1. If Flint did not take the vest, i will take it. PM sent.
  2. SOLD PENDING FUNDS I have for sale a super nice 1873 Uberti Short Rifle 38/357. It was purchased from Evil Roy Shooting School in 2012 or 2013. It had the full action job on it from Griner Gunworks when purchased. It later had the Slixsprings straight trigger added, along with the safety notch in the hammer filled in with JB weld, so it can be restored with simply removing the JB weld. The work included milling the brass carrier to lighten it up. I am not sure which generation the short stroke is. The photo with the lever open shows the length of the stroke. It includes the original links and lifter that was removed when the action job was done. The wood is very nice with only one or two very minor dings that you have to really look for to see. The bluing and color case is still super nice. I think that this only saw one match or two, and then was put away. This is a super nice rifle ready to go. The only reason I am selling it is that I recently got the chance to purchase a Carty Miroku 1873. Price is $1325 shipped to your FFL as long as they will accept shipment from a private individual. I am in NE Indiana and would gladly meet you FTF for an inspection. I am thinking of shooting some Classic Cowboy. I would consider a trade for a pair of 45 Colt caliber pistols (prefer stainless or nickel 4 5/8). I am looking for the low/wide hammer style pistols.
  3. I tightened a screw too much on my Ruger .22 Single Six and cracked the grip. I am looking for somebody to repair the grip. The grips on these pistols are hard to come by, and would like to keep the grips on the gun. They still work as they are, but want the crack repaired if possible. Thanks
  4. If Ace passes on the deal, I will take it.
  5. Hi Wild Walt,

    I am very interested in the Uberti Lightning.  Problem is I have and AR to sell and I just put it on MEWE.com, Southwest Virginia Gun Trader.  I Hope I can raise the money before someone beats me to it.


    Chet Anderson

    Southern Drifter

  6. Please contact me @ bill.americanfamily@gmail.com

  7. Does anybody have a phone number for Widdermaker. I tried to send him a PM, but his inbox is full and cannot take any more messages.
  8. Hey pard, just dropped you a friendship request.

  9. Hey Pard,

    Just to keep ya out of trouble. Even if you ship to Indiana resident you still have to ship to an FFL.

    You can sell direct however. You may have mistyped something but I figured I would make sure.

    See ya this Saturday at Cutters I hope.

    Blood Washed

  10. Howdy Dad I got your stuff today. Your FFL guy wont accept anything shipped via USPS. He only wants UPS/FEDex which will cost me another $25 (2nd day air only)to ship that way. Check to see if he will take this pistol that way, or get another FFL or I will need more gold to cover the cost of shipping. Or we can forget about it and I shred everything and no harm no foul.Let me know ok? Hoggy

  11. My address and REAL name, no really is -

    Tom Craven

    586 Julia Court

    Lewisville, Texas 75067

  12. Please send pics of the rig to fritzking@cablemo.net.



  13. I have a Buscadero style belt for 5 1/2 colts and clones with a crossdraw holster and 38 loops.

    I will sell it to you for $75 shipped. If interested I will send you pics.

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