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  1. I am selling 465 pieces of fully cleaned, trimmed, chamfered and primed 30-06 brass, various makes. Fired 3 times max. Primed with Remington 9 1/2 primers. Switched to all S&B brass.318 R/P brass89 F/C58 Mix (Winchester, etc.)$225 plus shipping.Cannot go USPS because of the primers (it is considered loaded ammo)FTF in NE Indiana would be great if you are in the area.
  2. SOLD Pending Funds I have 500 pieces of 45 Colt brass for sale. It is cleaned, sized and primed with Federal large pistol primers. It is mixed headstamp, and a few are new with a few nickel cases in there as well. I have no idea how many times most have been fired since I purchased most used. I have not fired most. I never really got into shooting 45 Colt. $140 plus shipping. If you want pics, I can post some-but they are cartridge cases with primers. Not much to look at. I have to ship UPS or Fedex since USPS considers primed cases loaded ammo. I would gladly do FTF in NE Indiana or save them for the Paradise Pass monthly shoot since they shoot year around.
  3. Bump for a nice carbine. I am going to take it to Paradise Pass in the morning for the Nov. 5th monthly match. It may sell up there, it may not. Payment methods are USPS MO or Bank Check (No waiting). Personal checks I may ask for a day or two for it to clear if I do not know you. I had this sold, but the buyer was insulted that I would ask for additional time for a personal check to clear, even though I did not know him/her, or had never dealt with him/her before. I got tired of being told how foolish I was, so I cancelled the sale. They also suggested Venmo, but all electronic payment methods I am aware of prohibit firearms sales. How about $1025 shipped east of the Mississippi, and $1050 west of it. I will also throw in a large bead carbine band with it. https://www.longhunt.com/storelh/index.php?route=product/product&path=88_96&product_id=240
  4. Sold I have a very nice 1866 Uberti Carbine for sale. 45 Colt. 19 inch barrel. Used very little. I got it about 6 years ago, and sent it off to The Cowboy Shop for the Codymatic action job. It runs great. I have only used it about 6 matches. Usually when the club has their "Old Time" matches. It is in very good shape. I have never run it with black powder. The photo with the lever open shows the lever fully forward. It runs both 45 Colt and 45 Long Colt with no problems. (Just a joke, relax!) FTF preferred in NE Indiana. Will be at Paradise Pass on the 5th for the monthly match. More than happy to ship as long as the FFL will accept from a private owner. $1100 OBO. Please do not hesitate to make on offer if you think that the price is too high. Not interested in any trades though.
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