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  1. I thought that I was finished selling and buying, but somebody had a super nice Smith and Wesson 586 up at the Paradise Pass on Saturday that they were selling, so this has to go to fund that purchase. This is a Stoeger Uplander single trigger SXS shotgun. It is the same as the Coach gun, but with 26 inch barrels. This has screw in chokes. The only ones that I have are the ones that are in it. I do not know what choke they are. The only modifications to it are the disabling of the auto safety (the safety still works, it just doesn't engage every time the action is opened), Long Hunter lighter lever spring and Long Hunter stainless firing pins. The chambers have not been polished, the openings have not been beveled or chamfered, and none of the working parts have been polished or messed with. You have do your own modifications, or have your gunsmith do them. You know that nothing has been improperly worked on or modified. You can cut the barrels, or leave them at 26 inches. It actually balances fairly well with the 26 inch barrels. The stock looks very nice. The LOP is just under 15 inches. The metal finish is nice, but there is small small spots of freckling. The middle bead on the rib between the barrels is missing. $575 plus the shipping costs. I would gladly do a FTF in NE Indiana or up at Paradise Pass at the beginning of the month.
  2. "Damn it Walt" sounds like a really good alias! I may just do that.
  3. Catorce, you have my phone number. Call me and we can work out a deal!
  4. I have to sell another gun to fund a recent purchase. I have a Marlin Cowboy 38 special with a Lassiter short stroke (Lassiter has not done a lot of these) It is in super good shape, and has the 20 inch barrel, and it is JM marked, and it does have the Ballard rifling. I have had it about 6 years now, and it runs great now. After I had it about 6 months, it developed the dreaded "Marlin Jam" I sent the carrier to Gunner Gatlin so that he could put the carbide ( I think that is what they use) insert in the bottom of the carrier. That carrier will not ever wear out again. Once I got it back, I could not get the timing right, so I sent the rifle down to Widder so that he could go through the rifle and get the timing right. He worked on it and sent it back with a clean bill of health. Also during my time with the rifle, I have put the one piece firing pin in the bolt, replaced the main spring with a Palo Verde main spring, and put the Ranger Point Precision coil spring extractor in the bolt. It also has a stainless follower in the tube. If you are not familiar with the Marlin short strokes, it is very ammo specific as to OAL. The overall cartridge length must be kept under 1.440, and I always tried to keep it at 1.430 or less. The one good thing about the design is that it now uses an angle feed (like a Widdermatic), so it will feed most all bullet types. The other thing is taking it apart. With the short stroke, the ejector has to be moved forward. There are two holes in the receiver where the ejector can go. It goes in the one closest to the bolt face (not the factory hole, which is drilled all the way through the receiver) when assembling the rifle. I ran it for another year after I got it back from Widder with no problems whatsoever. After I retired it I had it professionally refinished, and it looks almost as good as new now. The wood is also in excellent shape. I have fired about 300 rounds after the refinish to make sure that there were no problems. The person that did is is a friend, and he went very light on the buffing wheel so all of the lettering looks like new. The only negative to the rifle is that early in it's life, there must have been a squib in it. It is really hard to notice, and you probably would not know if I did not tell you. There is just a small patch in the barrel where the cleaning patch does not meet as much resistance as the rest of the bore. I have fired thousands of rounds through it without any issues. I have included a photo of the rifle with another Marlin Competition with no short stroke, and a Marlin .32 special (which has a shorter stroke than a normal Marlin) so that you can see the difference in the stroke length. This rifle is in the middle. I am asking $1600 plus shipping for this. Normal short stroke Marlins are going for a minimum of $1800. I settled on $1600 because of the squib issue. I would gladly do a FTF at the Paradise Pass or in the Ft. Wayne, Indiana area so that you can shoot it. If shipped, please make sure that your FFL takes deliveries from private individuals. I will include a copy of my ID in the package for their transfer.
  5. Sold I just picked up an SKB on the wire, and am letting this one go. I used this as a backup to my current SKB, and also as a main match gun for a season, but it just isn't the same. The Baikal is built like a tank and incredibly rugged. It just feels a whole lot different than an SKB. This one I purchased direct several years ago from Johnny Meadows before he moved. It has all of his modifications. It also has the single trigger. Single trigger Baikals are very difficult to come across at this time. As an added bonus, the Savage version had nice engraving on the side plates. 21 inch barrels. 12 gauge. I have never had a double or fail to fire with this single trigger. It is every bit the equal of the SKB trigger, and is mechanical, so there is no inertia required. LOP is right around 13.5 inches. It has the usual cart and table dents and dings. I am asking $800 plus shipping to your FFL as long as they will accept from a private individual. I will be sure to include a copy of my ID in the shipment for their transfer paperwork. I could also do a FTF at the monthly match at Paradise Pass, or the Indiana State Shoot. I am in the Ft. Wayne, Indiana area if you want to come and take a peek and it and shoot it. If you do a FTF, I may just throw in a box of Winchester AA Low Recoil/Low Noise loads. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  6. Been looking for an skb. Message sent Per our conversation, I will take it.
  7. Pm sent sent Sunday night. Have not heard back. Is this still for sale?
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