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  1. I have VERY fond memories of a 1965 Rambler Ambassador. The chances of that car ever being in a car chase is nil...a skateboard could have beat it in the 1/4.
  2. I wasn't old enough to drive when Bullitt came out, but I sure was old enough when Smokey and the Bandit came out...and it was late at night...and raining.
  3. Here is the main car chase in the 1974 Gone in 60 Seconds. During the chase, there are several unplanned crashes. In one of the unplanned crashes, Eleanor (the mustang) gets spun out into a light pole severely injuring the driver who is also the director, lead star and stunt driver of the movie. The movie was made for $150,000 and grossed $40,000,000 at the box office.
  4. So many great car chases with Bullitt and The Blues Brothers at the top. Don't forget Smokey and the Bandit and especially the original Gone in Sixty Seconds chase scene with Eleanor the Mustang. The original Gone in Sixty Seconds was a low budget movie but I loved every second of it. The remakes...not so much. These car chase scenes were back when they actually used real cars and drivers. These days, it's all CGI.
  5. Many, many years ago, my parents took me and my little brother to the Atlanta Zoo during summer vacation. We went through much of the zoo and finally came to the ape/monkey exhibit which was in a long barn like enclosure with glassed in cages on either side. The cages had signs describing the type of simian(s) inside the cages. When we got to the orangutang cage, the female's butt was swollen, red and actually looked like it was painful. On the glass, next to the nameplate, was a hand lettered sign that stated "Please excuse the appearance of the female. It is normal and due to the fact that she is in heat". That told me what I needed to know and we went through the rest of the zoo and left. On our way back to the campground (we were camping), my parents started talking about the orang's appearance. I don't remember if it was my mother or step-father that said "Didn't you see the sign, she was in heat". Just then, my little brother piped up and said "What I don't understand is why they didn't put her in a cooler place". That was at least 55 years ago...we still kid him about it.
  6. I was in a store this morning in Clearwater, Fl. They had CCI 209 shotgun primers @ $50 per 1,000 and CCI Lrg rifle primers for the same price/quantity. Didn't buy any as I don't use either.
  7. Seems all fake. Trees look like Spanish Moss, shadows do match but look cropped, seems like it has a mid set of wheels and I don't think that it'd clear many bridges. Other than that, I've seen dumber looking vehicles.
  8. If the little fuzzy tailed rats get into your attic...look out. They will do some major damage to your electrical wiring, ac ducts and damn near anything else that they can gnaw on. Used to get paid REAL good money to repair it. They should be called fuzzy tailed grounded seagull rats.
  9. 22...23...Whatever millimeter it takes.
  10. IF Ruby doesn't want them, I would like to buy them.
  11. Does the "relieved" umpire get to sit in the stands and yell "HEY UMPIRE, YOU SUCK"?
  12. Finally, the age old question has been answered... Why did the house cross the road?
  13. And (in these days of electronically stored records) it's a permanent document.
  14. I liked the 1982 version of The Thing. When that dog's head popped off, I damn near jumped out of my seat. The 1951 version was okay, but by the time that I was able to appreciate Sci Fi during my "informative years", the special effects of a 1951 movie paled in comparison of any 1965 movie. Not only that, but the none of the four tv stations aired it...well maybe channel 44 but it was UHF an always came in fuzzy. First time I saw it was on Dr Paul Bearer's Saturday broadcast. The 2011 versions isn't worth mentioning...even though I just did.
  15. I have no love or use for the BATF, but I am somewhat amused by lack of memory and some of the comments on this site, other sites and jabber at the range. I should point out that (then) President Trump, in complete agreement with the NRA, is the one that requested the DOJ ban bump stocks by reclassifying them as machine guns after the Vegas shooting...it wasn't just the anti's and Dem's folks.
  16. I'm still stuck at "liquid Bavarian food". I'll guarantee that I'll be using that one. Congratulations Forest! I hope that you are able to visit the US and experience the people, the culture, the firearms and the natural wonders. I know that if I could, Germany is tops on my list of Countries to visit.
  17. Not only that, but those flames scare the lesser AR's.
  18. There will always be the one time deals or steals...widows, someone strapped for cash, heir sell offs and the like. Truth is that there haven't been any deals on firearms ever since 2020 with the plague, Floyd crap, BLM riots and election fallout. Primers, gunpowder, parts and components fall into the "no good deals" category also. I don't visit many forums, but I hear about the "great deals" while at the range. Under subtle questioning, they aren't such great deals or were made long ago. Just last week a guy with a Universal M1 Carbine was telling me about his "great deal" on the Carbine...$1,100...it was all I could do to not laugh.
  19. The Tampa Bay Rays (MLB team) has a "rays petting tank" outside the centerfield wall. It's real popular with the tourists and kids. Occasionally, a homerun ball will splashdown in the tank. I don't think that any rays have been injured by the homerun balls and no one has been barbed by the rays. Around Florida, the natives shuffle their feet in the sand while in wading salt water, scares them away usually. Getting barbed by a ray hurts...a lot, even more if the barb breaks off in the wound. BTW, many of the "scallops" that are sold aren't really scallops, they're stingray or shark meat.
  20. I see they positioned it on it's back. Is that so they can charge $20 to scratch it's back for a 1/2 hour?
  21. Congrats Doc Great looking vehicle.
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