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  1. I don't know if involuntary manslaughter was an option for Lee's death in North Carolina. It must be in New Mexico.
  2. Any and every time my premium goes "down", it's only because they lowered my coverages or raised my deductibles and hoped I didn't notice. That's why I always compare previous coverage amounts with the new coverage amounts.
  3. Yeah, what Rye said. And because that suggestion was so bad...make it sandspurs, not tulips.
  4. Because I was curious, I checked to see if any criminal charges were ever filed in the death of Brandon Lee. The answer is no, there weren't because in North Carolina where the movie was being filmed, the person being charge with criminal negligence has to have performed a "willful and wanton" act of negligence. Evidently, prosecutors did not think that anyone was "willful and wanton". A lawsuit was filed by the family of Lee and settled for an undisclosed sum.
  5. That was a different guy, John Eric Hexum although the spelling could be incorrect.
  6. A dummy bullet was a made from a factory .44 Mag round that they had pulled the bullet, emptied the powder and loaded the bullet back into the brass that still contained a live primer. The revolver was then used in a scene, "squib" round was shot which lodged the bullet in barrel. The next scene the gun was used in had regular blanks in it. Blank was shot and it had enough energy to propel the bullet with sufficient force at close range to strike Lee in the gut creating severe internal bleeding and causing his death. I remember that because a lot of people were talking about Bruce Lee's death being a murder and that the same people that "murdered" Bruce Lee, had also killed his son Brandon.
  7. My understanding is that they put a BB or piece of shot in the dummy cartridge. To make sure that it's a dummy round and not a live round, they shake it like a spray paint can. Seems to me like the method of drilling a hole in the brass would be a better, more visible solution.
  8. The Eagles Little Feat Lynryd Skynyrd Jackson Browne Mountain The Who The Guess Who The Outlaws
  9. The Doors Jimi Hendrix The Mamas and the Papas CSN/CSN & Y Eric Burdon and the Animals The Grass Roots The Association The Beatles The Rolling Stones Pink Floyd Ted Nugent That should hold you for a while.
  10. A truly talented but troubled musician. He lived a few miles away in the Sarasota area for many years and used to do local shows every once in a while. He may be gone but his music will live on forever. RIP Mr. Betts
  11. It is important to me that the Person that was handed a Real firearm, did not take the responsibility of checking that firearm, assumed it was unloaded, cocked the hammer, pulled the trigger resulting in a fatality and wounding another, face the repercussions and penalties for his actions. The charges should have nothing to do with semantics, it should have to do with personal responsibility, or lack thereof, one's actions.
  12. Hey Doc. Post some pics of your models! I used to build them also. Still have some of the race car models because they were the most recent (30 years ago). Still have all of the air brush stuff and other modeling tools, paints, etc., etc.,, in a tackle box. REAL good chance that all that stuff is dried up and rock solid now. Lost the tanks, ships and airplane models somewhere along the road of life. I'll get some pics up when I can although none of them say Pat Riot!
  13. Now if his name was Blue Bird...I would have to wonder.
  14. Whose index finger on his right hand belong to? The Producer...or the Actor? Oh, Hey....Maybe it was Alec Baldwin's finger!
  15. I have a mental list of actors that is they are starring in a movie, I won't go to see it in a theater as a portion of that money goes to the commie actor. The list is long, so I don't go see a whole lot of 1st run movies. I will watch a movie starring some of these actors if it's on one of the streaming services as they don't make any money directly from me. I looked up who Ritchson is and at least he is (sort of) American. It really pisses me off when a foreign actor starts degrading Americans or our rights while living the good life here in the US. If they want to live here fine but stfu about our laws and Constitutional rights or go back to your own damn country.
  16. You're so old, you taught Keith Richard how to play guitar.
  17. Your options: - Sell them as factory ammo for a reasonable price and buy different ammo. - Pull the bullets and reload them per established/published specs. - Blow your gun up, cause possible injury to yourself or others because you seated a round that was already at max deeper into the case creating dangerous pressures. I'd go with option 1 or 2.
  18. A couple of them look like they had a dual usage. After the march, at camp when they were freezing their...I mean when it was REAL cold, they had other uses.
  19. Not only no and no, but Hell No and go to Hell No.
  20. The guys I felt sorry for was a video of some Chinese guys that were pushing multi-tiered scaffolding around on some type of loading dock and pushed it into some high voltage overhead power lines. It hooked them up and they couldn't release their grip, one guy was actually able to get away from it. It was a multi-minute video, watching them fry and catch on fire was hard to watch but I made the guys watch it. A video like that makes the employees think about what they're doing and to be situational aware of their surroundings...I doubt it's something they'll ever forget. I know I didn't.
  21. I've seen some real gruesome pictures of copper thieves that were killed trying to steal wire/etc. One was a picture of someone that screwed up at a utility power substation. There was about 1/2 of him left, the rest was just a black chunk of ash and charcoal with a pair of large bolt cutters in it. Hard to feel sorry for a thief.
  22. I dunno, obese cop chasing a punk with his pants around his ankles. Probably be a sight to see and even better video.
  23. I was in a local Albertsons supermarket (no longer there) when the lady at the counter where they sell the "custom cut" meat, seafood, stuffed porkchops, etc., announced on the store's PA that if anyone came up and sang a song on the PA, that they would give away a full New York strip steak to the singer. I went up, told they lady "I'll do it". She asked what song and I told her "Wipe Out". She handed me the mike and off I went...a laugh and two words "Wipe Out!". She had obviously never heard wipe out as she was in her early 20's. She said that I had to sing the rest of the song, I said "I did". Another guy standing at the counter said "That's all the words to the song." The steak was delicious.
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