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  1. As AO stated, Antelope probably will not return anytime soon. All driving times are based on starting at Antelope Hernando is this Sunday (1st Sun) 1- 1.25 hr Weewahootie in the 2nd Sat. 2 - 2.5 hr. Lake County is the 3rd Sat. 2 - 2.25 hr. Myakka is the 3rd Sun. 1 - 1.50 hr. Ruskin is the 4th Sun. .75 - 1 hr. There are other matches that are further away also.
  2. Well, 3 down...1 to go. Go Rangers
  3. One good thing Joe...Waldo has been found.
  4. Sure they are...you just didn't pick the right team. Boy, it sure got out of hand quickly. Only one problem with jumping out to an early lead...there's still 6.5 innings left.
  5. Evidently, some folks think they have monetary value... https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p4432023.m570.l1313&_nkw=sass+belt+buckle&_sacat=0
  6. Not Van Morrison's best album but it's not bad and the song is pretty good. Yes, I know what the food is also.
  7. Moral of the story is "Crackpots make the day beautiful".
  8. 99.9999999% of the World's population could care less about belt buckles or plaques.
  9. That used to be the case...now, they just shoot the dog first.
  10. If Garcia is injured, that is a huge blow for the Rangers. That was one great throw to home, on target and in time. Helped that the runner didn't bother to look at the third base coach though...still a big out though and no run scored. Go Rangers!
  11. Coincidentally, this was in one of the online news sites that I look at in the morning. The last prison ship in the US is being shut down. Last operating US prison ship, a grim vestige of mass incarceration, set to close in NYC (baynews9.com)
  12. Boy, a ton of great defensive plays tonight by both teams. Pretty good game overall too. Rangers 2 wins, 2 to go. Go Rangers!
  13. Look at the entry fees for any large match, everything from State Championship to the World Championship. Those awards aren't cheap and match fees reflect it. Does SASS really need 56 (mol) categories?
  14. Since this is your first post on these forums, I STRONGLY suggest reading the Scammer thread pinned at the very top of the Classifieds on this forum. Be very aware that PMs (private messages) stating that they, or a friend, have exactly what you are looking for are likely to be scammers.
  15. I was taught long ago how to make a tourniquet out of almost any rag or cut up shirt/pants or vine or rope and a stick of some kind. Never had to use that knowledge, hope I never do.
  16. Seems silly that folks would believe a radio broadcast about Martians invading the Earth...until one remembers that radio was one of the few forms of media available for news and the like. Presented for you, the original War of the Worlds broadcast.
  17. Billy Gibbons and his wife? Just kiddin.
  18. Gotta get it back to base somehow...Duh...
  20. When I buy two of the same kind of commercially made guns, I'm looking for a discount...not pay more. Although consecutive SN's are cool, it really doesn't mean anything other than they were made during the same time frame...maybe. It does add value for resale purposes, but only because people will pay more for them.
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