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  1. Want to really mess with them? Hand them paper money and a Susan B Anthony dollar or a Sacagawea golden dollar. Be prepared to wait for the manager though.
  2. - Mr. Pittman - Science/Biology - Mr. Tsacrios - History (primarily history after 1850) - Mrs. Baldwin - Arts - Mr. Graham - Woodshop - Coach Brown - Baseball - Mr. Schriner - Small engines All of the above were actual teachers. I gave them all hell but, like Pat's teacher, taught me anyway. I use something that they taught me nearly every day. Below are not teachers but all of the below taught me about my chosen profession - Electrician - Rick Heller - Worked my first day in the electrical field with him in 1978 and ever since. Still a close friend to this day. - Butch Messick - Taught me a lot about the commercial side of electrical work. - Jim Nissley - Owner of an electrical company that I worked at for 30+ years. I absolutely hated the man as he was the greediest, most narcissistic person I've ever met. That aside he taught me about NEC, electrical estimating and the business side of the electrical field and how to NOT treat employees.
  3. Pat teaching his new pet to play dead.
  4. Speaking of getting stoned, whatever you're smoking must be really good s**t or you just completely suck at reading comprehension.
  5. Boy, I can just hear William Shatner now.....
  6. And another 3 months, 7 days until the Japanese surrendered. Eighty million+ dead and untold hundreds of millions wounded, homeless, uprooted from their native land and destitute. I hope the World NEVER, EVER sees such slaughter and degradation of mankind again. A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE GREATEST GENERATION and GOD BLESS AMERICA.
  7. I loved seeing ANYBODY pull a Dale Earnhardt move on Dale Earnhardt....you know..."I wasn't trying to wreck him, just wanted to rattle his cage a little."
  8. Real cars, real metal and real drivers. Look at the area around the track, you couldn't give away the land near the track back then.
  9. In Pinellas County (FL), county workers will drive around on the weekends and steal any and all Garage/Yard Sale signs paid for by individuals...but won't touch election signs left up weeks after elections. The election ads haven't started here...yet...they will though. I vote in every election but rarely like the choices and thoroughly detest the election time fights and drama. I won't put candidate, or the like, signs in my yard. Too many people's houses, cars and property have been vandalized by people that hate whomever/whatever is on the sign.
  10. I thought that Trump proclaimed that Cinco de Mayo would henceforth be known as The 5th of May.
  11. Unless it's about a reverse mortgage...
  12. Just the pants, the part with the full wallet pocket.
  13. Sounds like fun was had by all!! Nice fish also. Believe it or not, there is a large population of Sturgeon in the north Gulf of Mexico and the Suwannee River of song fame. Years ago I was with some friends that had a place on the Suwannee and went out in his boat. He was just putting down the river doing about 10 mph and boats were passing us at much higher speeds. I knew his boat had a large motor on it and was quite fast so I asked him why we were going so slow. He told me about the Sturgeon in the river, that they jump out of the water and had been known to jump at an inopportune time into speeding boats severely injuring people and killing people on occasion. I though he was full of it...until about 5 minutes later when a 5' - 6' Sturgeon jumped out of the water at chest high level about 3' on the port side. If that fish would have jumped at the wrong time into a boat doing 40 or 50 mph, would have been time to call in a medivac chopper. I did a little research on them after the excursion. They are a protected species (considered "threatened") in Florida and you're not allowed to keep them for food or trophy. I didn't ask about the slow travel on the river again.
  14. We always called the principle Mr. (last name) in grades 1 - 8. In high school, we had split sessions. Grades 9 - 10 went to school in the afternoon shift and grades 11 - 12 went in the morning shift. In grades 9 - 10, we called the principle Dean Clark when referring to him among ourselves and Mr. Clark in person. I got to meet him on the first day of 10th grade after getting caught smoking in the rest room. We later referred to him as Chop Shop Clark after he was arrested for participating in a chop shop operation later that year. In grades 11 - 12, we called the principle both Mr. Hyde and Dean Hyde. Mr. Hyde had been some kind of General in the US Army prior to becoming Dean. He was generally fair but if you messed with him, he'd do a number on you and he was built like a tank. I was in trouble often and skipped school often, so I saw him a lot. A few years after I graduated, I saw him in Lums all by himself. He recognized me and called me, by name, over to his table. He then proceeded to buy us beer until we were both ****faced. Turned out that he was a good guy, just doing his job as Dean. Never saw him again.
  15. Speaking only for myself... I show respect for others when I'm shown respect for myself and my values. It's almost impossible to watch or listen to any form of media without being bombarded with their gay/trans agenda being thrown in my face at every turn. It's gone way too far and most heterosexuals are tired and appalled at being force fed the gay/trans agenda in every facet of their life. The whole companies trying to being inclusive has gone the other way to the point of excluding straight people. If one refuses to believe that is true, just take one look at the Anheuser Busch/Bud Light fiasco. Now Smirnoff is trying the same thing? Stupid and idiotic is my words of choice for their campaign. I fail to understand why it is so important to them to force their beliefs or way of life on children starting in kindergarten. It may not be even overtly done, just look at the background of any program shown that shows kids in a school or classroom...those rainbow colored posters, art work (commercially done by adults) and other various items strategically placed within the schools...that's not by coincidence, it's by design. Why? What is so important to the trans community that requires 5 to 10 year old kids see a drag show? I'll show respect where respect is earned. Respect, by me, is not earned by shouting down everyone that doesn't believe in the shouter's agenda and attempting to force their beliefs on the 85%++ of the people in the US that are heterosexual.
  16. Post of the year (so far) right here!!!!
  17. Sorry, I misread the title.
  18. What do you call four Mexicans stuck in quicksand? Cuatro Sinko.
  19. Not surprising. Up until the last episodes, I was enjoying the series immensely. The last episodes seemed labored and centered around highlighting (making) country music stars. I'll watch the remaining episodes and hope that the follow ups don't involve "subscribing" to a pay channel. Divorces have a way of screwing up many things, I wish Costner good luck with his,
  20. Bass players need love too, you know...Tim Schmit...need I say more?
  21. Is the Kevlar uncomfortable to sleep in? Just kidding. Congratulations! Through thick and thin means though thick and thin.
  22. On this day, in 1904, Cy Young pitched the first perfect game in baseball history during the World Series Era. Since then, there have only been 22 more pitchers to accomplish this feat. Twenty-seven outs in a row. https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/this-day-history-may-5-1904-cy-young-pitches-first-perfect-game
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