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  1. Do yourself a favor and buy, or make, at least 2 gun carts. Hauling all of that weight around gets real old, real quick. They are easily made out of simple golf club carts. The carts are found, at least around here, at garage sales or thrift shops. The below pictures are a follow shooter's cart from Florida. Total cost, probably about $20 - $30.
  2. The last time I shipped anything UPS was in 2020. That was some live primed brass in one shipment and some live ammo in another shipment...neither of which can be shipped USPS. Otherwise, I would NEVER use UPS for anything.
  3. I don't believe that ammo or brass, whether live primed or not, meet the description of firearm or firearm parts as defined by UPS themselves.
  4. Orthodontists are dentists that specialize in the alignment of teeth1. They help with crooked teeth, overbites and underbites, crossbites, spaces between teeth, overcrowding of teeth, and the treatment of temporomandibular disorders (TMD)1. Although both dentists and orthodontists work on teeth, and both provide professional care that helps patients have good oral health, a dentist is not an orthodontist2.
  5. Regardless of what I think or would have done...she's a dumbass for publicizing it in the manner that she has. Same with the goat. There are things that have to be done in life that are unpleasant, these things are better off left unsaid beyond immediate family. I don't know if I would have shot the dog or not as I wasn't there.
  6. I noticed the Shoe comic this morning. Dentists really don't install braces, it's Orthodontists that do.
  7. Anyone can ship brass with spent primers via any shipping service (USPS, UPS, FedEx, ect.) Anyone can ship brass with live primers if appropriately packed and labeled with HazMat symbol on the package but can only be shipped via UPS and only from a UPS main hub. Anyone can ship live ammo. Treat the same way as brass with live primers. Individuals cannot ship powder or primers without proper HazMat certification.
  8. My old dog was set for 4:00am sharp. One twitch of the eyelid though and it was tail thumping time...
  9. 2 - Computers 1 - Cable box 1 - Sirius radio 1 - Stove 1 - Microwave 1 - Atomic clock 2 - Alarm clocks 2 - Cell phones 2 - Cordless phones 1 - AC/Heat thermostat 14 - Total clocks All of them are within 1 - 2 minutes of each other except the Sirius radio (doesn't know the difference between DST and standard time/Sirius maintains they can do nothing about it) and the AC/Heat thermostat (doesn't know the difference either and I could care less about setting it as I don't use any of the clock controlled features). When resetting the clocks due to DST or power failure, I always use the Atomic clock time or the cable box time. Now that I've added them up, between the clocks and all of the different red/blue indicator lights on everything electric...that's a lot of parasitic power draw to pay for every year.
  10. Grady Judd is simply a no-nonsense Sheriff that sticks up for the 2nd Amendment and has no problem with citizens of his county protecting themselves. This interview was pretty tame by Grady Judd standards. Look him up on YouTube for some real good interviews. Grady Judd for President 2028!
  11. Judging by the length of the tail hair, gotta be part of the SWAT team.
  12. "What's important is that when we get where we're going, we won't ever get sick, we won't get any older and we'll never die." I always loved that line out of that movie.
  13. Nope. My ex couldn't see the wires at night.
  14. Are you trying to figure out where to score ammo five years from now? To answer the question, I don't think that firearms, especially small caliber firearms, are particularly effect against the T1 terminators. They kind of slow the T2's down a little but then they just reform and continue their mission. Forget firearms, think explosives. Remember 2029 is coming up quick and AI is already here. Cue the Terminator music
  15. The 9V's leak just like the rest of them. I've had them ruin the battery coupler more than once but the battery had been left in the device for way too long. Maybe they just don't leak as often because they have a much better connection with the coupler than just sliding the batteries into slots. Like everyone else, the Duracell's seem to leak more than any of the rest of them. I'll stick with Energizer batteries.
  16. Another thing that I saw on a random check was that some of them somehow sent a message to another member that everyone can read. I saw addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and other personal info also. It's how scammers get their foot in the door and they're good at what they do. There's a couple of layers of protection on this site that people ignore for some reason.... Use PM's, not public messages. Don't post any personal information (Email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, etc) that can be viewed publicly anywhere on this site. Pretty damn simple, yet...
  17. I went to the airport to meet a friend during a short layover about 14 or 15 years ago. We were going to meet at airside and decide what to do from there, probably an airport bar if I had to guess. It was cool for Florida, so I grabbed a flannel, that I hadn't worn in a year or so, before I left. Got out in the parking garage, the wind was blowing pretty good, so I put on the flannel and went to security to go to airside...oops, there's one piece of .30 carbine brass in my flannel pocket. Didn't get any funner from there. Long story short, missed my friend's short stop, got hassled and ended up being a real pita. I can't even imagine if this happened in another country. Made me more aware. Leaving the country these days, not hardly.
  18. I always thought the biggest boobs were in Washington DC...or is that the biggest asses...or both?
  19. Over 1/2 of the names in my phone list are SASS aliases or nicknames. They'll have fun with those for about two minutes until they cross-reference them.
  20. Mrs. Sun makes Aldi key ring quarter holders to sell at craft show/fairs. They are a pretty good seller both on E-Bay and at the shows so I guess a bunch of people shop at Aldi's. I think she sells them too cheap ($3.00 each+ $4.00 shipping) for the amount of time she puts into them but she always says, "Crafters don't do it for the money." She has all kinds of designs for her embroidery machine, these are a few.
  21. Hardpan If you decide on one like Sassnetguy posted, make SURE that you have extra keys made and keep the key insert well oiled/lubed. Don't ask me how I know...but I know.
  22. They're going to make my unlock my phone? Boy are they going to be bored.
  23. When I was a kid, I read the Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn stuff over and over. I know how to get a fence painted purt quick like too.
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