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  1. Things like this remind me why there is no radio, phone, tv, internet, wife, kids, dogs or any other type interruptions while I'm reloading...close the door...just me and the task at hand, no pun intended. After loading, all rounds visually checked, put into 20, 50 or 100 round boxes and marked with a sharpie. Certain types of ammo are run through go/no-go gauges.
  2. As long as they can keep a 9 inning game to under 3 hours , I'm good with that. A 4 hour, 3 -4 game is ridiculous. The batter/pitcher routines had gotten out of hand and I hope that this takes care of it. Attention Major League Players - Just play the fn game...it's not about you!
  3. Looks like we posted at the same time. Oh well...what are the chances of two shark feeding frenzies in the same place, at the same time!
  4. They obviously didn't read the Penetrating Oil thread.
  5. Filmed 15 miles off the coast of Louisiana during a fishing trip. A school of Menhaden (bait fish) being set on by a BUNCH of sharks. I don't think it would be a good time to cool off by jumping into the water...
  6. That's why I stated that Hodgdon distributes TB. By the time that ADI begins to produce TB again (if ever), I think they are going to find their sales of TB low and disappointing due to the fact that people have found other powder that is cleaner and performs better.
  7. Oh come on...at least they could toss the dog a finger or two.
  8. So...the company that distributes Trail Boss states that it is hearing 2024 for the next production of TB. Hearing? That means that they have no clue as to when TB will be seen again...if ever.
  9. Unless there is a local/range rule against it, there is no SASS rule against it. Perfectly legal.
  10. Expires at midnight tonight 2/28/2023 https://www.natchezss.com/
  11. Regardless, congrats on the new and almost indestructible targets.
  12. Is that a normal type set-up for the targets or is the arrangement for display purposes? The reason I ask is because of the overlapping targets.
  13. 0% that is not self-induced on a 550B. Even then, I would say 2 out of every 4,000.
  14. Why did I look at this post? Thanks, just thanks...she's starting to realize that my truck really doesn't have that much room for the "one's that have been in the truck for a while" routine.
  15. And that's all before tucking his necklace back into his shirt, tapping the plate with his bat 3 times, tapping of to the far and near side of the plate once each, re-adjusting his helmet...just before holding up his hand to signal time out.
  16. Did you pose this question to the people that run the forum? That's where you answer will be.
  17. You have the training, a younger age and a great location to build, stock and protect a bomb shelter and your family. I sincerely wish you luck in building it and hope you can somehow keep it a secret from everyone near you. In my location, if the bomb didn't get us, the hoards of desperate people would quickly overwhelm any armed resistance with just sheer numbers. There would be no escape and a bomb shelter wouldn't be of much use. If we received a real warning of nuclear attack, I think that I'll just turn off the media, snuggle up to my gal and say goodbye to each other.
  18. The Chinese leadership (if you can call it that) has been killing it's citizens by the millions for centuries. They could care less about killing millions more. The Chinese have knowingly and accidentally released Covid, and other viruses/diseases upon their own citizens and hence the World population. I've stated and believed from day one of the Covid 19 pandemic, that it was a purposeful release and experiment of a biological warfare agent that got out of hand. They probably have many more types of this type of warfare available and ready for use by whatever means they deem necessary. The Chinese wanted to destroy the economy of every country but China...and it worked.
  19. He must have beat up all the women who would have him, now he gets to try Russian women. Don't let the door hit cha in the butt on the way out...scum.
  20. Gunpowder cannot be shipped legally by an individual without proper HazMat certification by any shipping means. Anyone that suggests otherwise is mistaken. I might add that posting intents to circumvent or violate the rules on shipping "hazardous" materials on a WIDELY visited site...seeing how anything posted on the internet NEVER goes away, is not really a great thing to do.
  21. Maybe I should have posted it as a "Street Legal" car. Of course, I don't know what the qualifiers are for the term "Production car".
  22. I lived in Fort Myers, Florida during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I remember the duck and cover drills and the turtle cartoon. I don't remember anything about the Crisis other than the constant sonic booms and roar of the jets. When we moved to the Tampa/St. Pete area, there was a house with a underground bomb shelter, we went inside it once. If living in that for month is what it takes...no thanks. I now live about 20 + or - miles away from MacDill AFB...ground zero for the Russians or Chinese. I've seen both "The Day After" and "Threads" and several other nuclear war movies/documentaries. If or when nuclear war takes place, I hope they miss and drop it right on top of me (not that it would matter at 20 miles away) so that it would be instant vaporization. I'm with Cyrus as I think that we are closer to becoming involved in a nuclear exchange than we have ever been since the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Soviet sub almost launching a nuke torpedo during the Crisis is probably the closest (that we know of) ever been. If Putin takes much more losses in Ukraine, he may believe (falsely) that he is in a position to loose his Russian Top Dog position and react stupidly with nukes. IMO, once one flies...the situation escalates rapidly and they all fly. Humans would survive...at first. Then starvation and disease would slowly kill the rest. No Thanks. Millions of years from now, a new form of life will be saying that a meteor strike caused a mass extinction of life on the planet.
  23. A new all electric car has taken the top spot as the fastest production car in the world. The Pininfarina Battista. Some of the features... 0 - 60 in 1.79 seconds 1/4 mile in 8.55 seconds 1/2 mile in 13.38 seconds @ 222.50 mph 1,877 HP (4 electric motors) 225.50 top speed 300 miles per charge $2,200,000 price tag (plus tag and title) Only 150 will be built. Be the first one on your block to own one!!!! Story below https://www.foxnews.com/auto/pininfarina-battista-worlds-quickest-car
  24. Pink Floyd already did that, but they were British...does that count as Canadian by proxy?
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