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  1. Oddly enough, this is todays Bizarro comic.
  2. And beer refrigerator, giant tv? Why is the bed made...is he expecting female company?
  3. Not only that but to a young boy, some of the swimming/water rescue scenes were rather revealing in some of the earlier black and white Tarzan movies. Looking back now, I'm surprised that they were shown during the late 60's on tv. Some kids might have said Shazam, I always said Ungawa!
  4. I highly recommend this rifle for EVERYONE shooting in the Silver Senior Category, especially those who reside in Florida.
  5. Didn't know that, thanks...really. I think that touching her buttons would not bring me good luck at all according to Mrs. Sun
  6. He doesn't, he chases the fireman while nipping at his ankles the whole time. It's by design, makes the fireman pedal faster enroute to the fire.
  7. I could have found a better location for the pry bar!
  8. Rolling Stones 9v battery tester.
  9. The good thing about the 9v batteries is that everyone has a built-in battery tester...their tongue. Easy to tell the good ones from the weak, bad or almost bad. I did the test once with a new battery and my gal asked if it was a good battery. I said, no honey...completely dead (it was brand new and STRONG), you try it. She said, you're sure to which I said, sure I'm sure. She tried it...boy was she pissed.
  10. I always buy my Energizer in multi-packs of 4 or 8 for about $2.75 each battery. I change out the 2 smoke detector batteries every time change and have other devices that use them also like powder scales and clock backups. I also have a stud detector or at least I used to...don't leave the battery in it or you won't have one either.
  11. I've rolled a few in my own neighborhood. I come to almost a complete stop and look for traffic but technically, I'm running a stop sign. I never do it in unfamiliar areas, especially residential neighborhoods. I seem to see more and more people just blow right through stop signs (red lights also) without even tapping the brakes while staring at their damn cell phones.
  12. I'm with CC. It's been altered, still has historical significance but not the same as original condition. I appreciate the article though...what not to do with a historically significant relic and firearm! I'll give a hundred dollars for it though! Side note - I did find the Guns of the St Valentines Day interesting. Didn't know that the two Thompsons used in the shooting were recovered and have pictures. Didn't know the only survivor, the dog, was so traumatized that it had to be put down shortly after the event. Although the '97 theory is somewhat (wildly) assumptive...I did like the article.
  13. Looks like he got shot in the back to me...and what is my ex-mother-in-law doing there?
  14. This ^^^ I'll add - Even a self defense/justified shooting is going to get REAL expensive. I highly doubt that the jewelry (or other) store is going to provide funds for your lawyer...cause you're going to need one, regardless of legality of the shooting, if you shoot someone.
  15. I only looked at a few random aliases. Amazing the info that people put out there. It's not just the Classifieds, it's everyone that is registered on the SASS Forums that may have their info publicly posted.
  16. I didn't see it on the latest PSA ad, but in the last one, they stated that they were based on the Series 70 and that all of the internals were 70 Series type internals. They were, probably still are, made in Turkey. Turkey has been putting out some pretty nice guns for the price lately. For the price, you just can't beat it. Everything I've put through it fed fine, including some wadcutters although most of it was round nose flat point of varying ammo (lead and jacketed). Grips absolutely suck, cheap looking and cheap feeling - buy new grips. Sights are small, hard to pick up and are not modern sights, weren't supposed to be I guess. Sights on the original A1 weren't any better. Magazine was a little stiff but good quality. If I had the funds, I'd buy 3 or 4 of them just to put away for a rainy day.
  17. College kids with a 1/2 million free dollars....Hmmm Not sayin' they would, mind you...but there may be a party! Now THATS the place I would want to camp out at! It's good to see that there is still some young, red blooded American males out there that still give a damn.
  18. I'll see if I can find him. Just ran across him while I was verifying a couple of things.
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