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  1. As far as the original question - Sally in the Flying Nun days. That's a habit I could get into.
  2. That's not even a contest.
  3. It was cold (for Florida standards), his van was parked next to the passenger door and he knew that he wouldn't be there but a few seconds. His van was also an old pos, I could have gotten into his van with a metal coat hanger.
  4. There is a good chance that his prints are already on file. Let law enforcement do their job...citizen's arrests sometimes have a tendency to go wrong and the "good" guy ends up getting arrested instead of the criminal.
  5. Well, I suggest that if you commit a crime during winter...don't pee in the snow near the crime scene!
  6. It is ironic that Wasserman Shultz, the Jewish socialist Democrat from Florida, wants to regulate ammo...and thereby firearms, after her own people were massacred by terrorist because they were UNARMED by law. Just shows the depth of the money being funneled to the anti-gun politicians by socialist left wingers like Bloomberg and Soros.
  7. That didn't work when I was a kid, doubt it would work now either.
  8. You kiddin' me? That was probably a $7,000 whiff just by itself.
  9. While at one of the Florida State matches during January at St Augustine, I had ice on my vehicle windows in the hotel parking lot. No problem sez I. I load up the truck, start it up, turn on the heat full blast, take the alarm/lock remote fob, lock up the truck and go back to the hotel room for 10 minutes. Ten minutes go by, go back out...no ice, all's great...except the truck won't unlock with the fob with the motor running. Funny, didn't read about THAT in the manual. Go for my wallet which has a non chip key in it for just such an occasion, shit...it's in the truck. I borrow a phone, that's in the truck too, call up AAA. They'll be here in 10 minutes. Great, but now I'm running late to the 1st day, morning flight at the match. They showed up in about 10 minutes. He got out of a beat up old van, asked if I was the one who called, I said yes and pointed to the running truck. He reached in the open door of his running van, grabbed a plastic wedge and a slim jim. Shoved the wedge in-between the window and the rubber window seal, stuck the slim jim in and popped the lock. Total time on site was about 30 seconds...never even closed the door to his van or turned it off. I never left anything of value in the truck if it was going to be out of my sight, even for the least amount of time. Don't lock the doors without my wallet in my pocket either.
  10. Rosalynn Carter, former First Lady and wife of Jimmy Carter, has passed away at the age of 96. May she Rest in Peace.
  11. Rosalynn Carter, Jimmy Carter's wife, has passed away at the age of 96. May she Rest in Peace. Oops, meant to be in the Saloon.
  12. I'd be thinking, as I look at the other nine 10lb bars..."That SOB shorted me a pound."
  13. I like mushrooms on most everything except pizza and chili.
  14. Whomever came up with the concept of eating beets should have been beaten to death with one-pound bags of potatoes.
  15. Ironically, Chekov is the only one dressed Gunfighter.
  16. Head cheese is okay. Scrambled eggs and brains aren't bad if you mix them in buttered/salted grits. For more of my family's (somewhat) twisted recipes, visit the pinned thread at the top of the page.
  17. They are on my list also, although I never considered Goldberg to be an actress. My list is way too long to remember or, if I could remember all of them, list here. It would be far easier to list the few actors/actresses that I like.
  18. How about $2,700,000? A little out of my price range. Wonder how much that would be for a shot? Cheers! Bottle of Scotch whisky sells for a record $2.7 million at auction (baynews9.com)
  19. They knew that they were killing themselves. They had "practiced" it, Jones was announcing that they were committing "revolutionary suicide" and 900+ people didn't all just die at once. From what I understand about suicide by cyanide is that it is quite painful and, for lack of a better word, unpleasant. The people near the rear of the drink line had to witness the others dying a horrible death.
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