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  1. Probably comes down to available cash. For most people, owning a firearm was a necessary luxury...couldn't afford it, but couldn't live without it. Didn't matter whether it was putting food on the table or providing protection, it was still expensive for the normal, everyday person. I doubt that any sutlers would have provided firearms, or the ammo, for a person that was sure to be killed in the coming gunfight on credit. No difference if it's the town drunk or "savior". Real world differs from Hollywood...even back then...no matter whom the actor.
  2. I have missed thoughts on that. On one hand, it would stop some of the scammers but not the ones that PM people claiming that their "friend" has exactly what they are looking for. On the other hand, many newbies acquire some (or all) of their equipment for SASS and would thereby be prevented from equipment acquisition in this manner. On yet a third hand, I've sold quite a few items to non-members who not only paid...but paid promptly and were quite thankful to purchase the items at a good price. The idea has it's merit, but also has it's drawbacks.
  3. Man who tell truth all day long, dead by sundown. Ancient Chinese saying (okay, maybe not).
  4. Implying that you are one of the go all electric "screeching morons" is quite the stretch for an innocuous post that was meant to be humorous. If you'll remember, I'm one of the ones that stated that electric vehicles have their place in todays world and work for some people...in other words, I was NOT anti EV. That's alright, I'm not thin skinned but I damn sure don't like being called Whoopie. Of the two SPG's you mentioned, I'd rather the have the M7. Really, I'd rather have the M108 as I think it would be better in heavy, rush hour traffic and still retain the firepower needed for whatever situation arises.
  5. Just kiddin with you Joe. No need for insults.
  6. It seems to happen every time the scammers send PM's to people that post ISO ads in the Classifieds. The scammers tell them that a "friend" has exactly what they are looking for complete with an Email address. The Mods block them from the site and the next day the spam starts. That's what the pattern looks like to me.
  7. Thanks Dave! It's a shame that these historic relics are left out in the elements to rust away, like the SPG in Germany. On another note, you just know that Subdeacon Joe is going to want one!
  8. RIP Tina Turner. Thanks for the years of entertainment and music.
  9. You cut off about 10 years of age with that shave!
  10. I wet shave about twice a week. Used to use the 5 blade whatever they were razors but blade prices got to be outrageous so I switched to the Schick disposable razors that cost $20 + tax, for a 20 pack at Sams or BJ's. Not as smooth but they're comfortable for about 10 shaves with Edge Sensitive Skin Gel. I don't like shaving but it's way too hot and humid in Florida for facial hair...been there, tried that for a year...no thanks.
  11. Every once in a while, I used to try a bite of treats that I would give my dog. Beggin Strips DO NOT taste like bacon...trust me on that.
  12. Generators make noise, a lot of noise...especially when everything else is silent. Just sayin.
  13. You're a strange kinda guy...making a billy club with leather cracker on it for your wife. That's gonna hurt when she cracks you with it. That is what is shown in the picture...right?
  14. Yep, that's Curly Joe. I can't imagine being the actor that had to play him, Joe DeRita. Even back then, there was paparazzi of photographers. I always loved the Three Stooges. The REAL Curly was the best...even though Shemp was the original 3rd stooge. Three brothers named Horowitz and a guy named Larry Fine started a absolutely hilarious comedy routine that is still loved today...almost 100 years later. WHHHYYY YOUUUU......
  15. I talked to a couple of AB distributor delivery guys yesterday. They told me that they (both of the guys I talked to) and most of the other delivery drivers are quite pissed at AB for both the idea of supporting something they don't agree with and the loss of money in their paychecks. Part of their pay comes from sales of AB products and this has noticeably cut into their paychecks and is not of their own doing. They also told me that several had quit and gone over to "the other side" which sells Miller/Coors/etc. products. They are also, in their words, REAL TIRED of the jokes and comments said to them during their delivery rounds.
  16. Keep in mind that Texas is on it's own generates it's own electrical energy is on it's own grid that is completely separate from the rest of the US. In this scenario, that would be an upside. There is a downside as witnessed in 2021 during the "great Texas freeze" when parts of Texas were without power for weeks. I don't know if an individual without nuclear weapon capability could completely disable or destroy the grid system. I'm sure they could do a bunch of damage via computer damaging sabotage, but the entire grid? Possible I guess. Countries with nukes and ICBM's could completely destroy our grid system, along with many other electrical items, with EMP nuclear devices. That would mean nuclear war with the culprit though, so at that point...I don't think the grid will mean that much anyway. Once one nuke flies, they'll all fly. The sun could also destroy the grid system (or at least cause severe damage), along with many other electrical items. Nothing we can do about that though.
  17. And Bullseye (1 & 8lb), Unique (1lb), Clay Dot (1lb) and Green Dot (8lb). Nothing is cheap anymore. I know that if I was low on the Alliant powders that I use, I'd buy when I could. Never know what's around the corner.
  18. Motor is not running...blade bar is up...no wonder it's hard to push.
  19. For me, it was a Go Fund Me back in the '60's. There weren't any safeties and DAMN SURE wasn't any self propel. Ahh...good times.
  20. Gonna end up at the pub anyway...with some good rub.
  21. P and...no bonus.
  22. Clean with a double secret, unrecorded 10 second bonus.
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