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  1. Funny thing about that statement is that one day he'll be trying to remember what he called the older folks "back in the day". FUDS...bah....he'll forget anyway.
  2. I don't care which way the guns are turned, the area around me isn't gonna smell too good and I'm gonna be a nasty shade of green.
  3. Always liked his movies. Enemy Mine is my favorite with him in it. I honestly didn't know he was that much older than me. Thanks for all of the entertainment you've provided for everyone the World over. Rest in Peace Mr. Gosset.
  4. I know this is a Meme thread, but that's not what is important right now.
  5. Some news on the debris removal. Baltimore bridge collapse: Governor details plan to remove bridge and help affected (bbc.com)
  6. Last week, my brother, who lives on the east coast of Florida, called me to say that my niece was involved in a minor auto crash in St. Pete (20 miles away mol) and asked me to go down to comfort her as this was her first crash and was uninjured but crying and distraught. Of course, I went to support her. I'd been a while since I've seen her. She's a cute little 21 year old blond with, you guessed it, a nose ring. I didn't say anything but I thought it looked terrible. I didn't say anything. Her car was still drivable as she had changed lanes and hooked a fender well of a pickup with her bumper and tore her bumper most of the way off. I took it the rest of the way off, threw it in the back of her car and followed her back to her apartment. Met her boyfriend, after seeing him...it kind of explained the nose ring...what a putz. I won't say anything to her about her choice of men or the nose ring. I was young once too, I'm sure that I looked dumb too and my choice of women sometimes was questionable.
  7. Blue Jays 8 - Rays 2 Rays 0 - 1 Has the look of "One of those years". I may have to revise my season guess.
  8. ***SOLD PENDING FUNDS*** Nine pairs of pants, sold as a lot. All have previously been worn, for the most part multiple times. All in fair (1 pair/Frontier Classics), good to great condition. Most are 40" x 26/27". These pants still have many years of life left in them. See descriptions and pictures below. Pic #1 Wahmaker - Faded tan 40 x 29 Tombstone Outfitters - Light brown/dk tan 44 x 26 Scully - Chocolate brown 40 x 26 Pic #3 Wahmaker - Blue 40 x 26 Wahmaker - Black/Saddleback w/stripe 40 x 26 Wahmaker - Green/saddleback w/stripe 40 x 26 Pic #5 Wahmaker - Light greenish 40 x 26 Wahmaker - Black 40 x 27 Frontier Classics - Brown w/stripe - 40 x 26 Has 1" tear where right pocket meets lower portion. Price for all nine - $90.00 shipped to the 48 Personal check, USPS MO. Sorry, no electronic payments.
  9. Okay, I'll bite, what happened in '83?
  10. I heard they suck. We had one when I was a kid. I think they still had it long after I moved out.
  11. How is Ms. Worthless today? She almost looks like she's smiling in the picture, I know that dogs don't smile. Tails don't lie though.
  12. I don't know if they were designed that way or not, I'm not a civil engineer. One thing for sure, they couldn't have hurt.
  13. The ship stopped upon striking the bridge. Perhaps if the bridge would have been protected by structures and cushion provided as the picture below shows, this may have been prevented.
  14. In Joe's video, the ship is clearly underway with power 43 seconds before impact. Dolphins (barriers protecting the bridge supports) would have probably prevented this accident. Tug boat assistance through the bridge would probably would have prevented the accident. Look at the Sunshine Skyway to see what I mean about the dolphins.
  15. Happy Birthday Mrs. Subdeacon! My gal's is Friday. We have some nice scenery around here, but nothing like that. I guarantee she won't want to go to Taco Bell, I wouldn't let her eat a taco in my vehicle anyway as it's almost impossible to eat a taco or burrito while in a car without wearing it. I am making her prime rib with all the fixin's. Opening day for her beloved Rays is tomorrow so she's looking forward to that also. I won't be greeting her at 4:00 in the morning with a birthday dirge as I have an aversion to bullet holes in me. Except for the fall, it sounds like a good birthday was had by all. The scenery is absolutely beautiful, what a treat!
  16. Because they can't hit s*** with their snub nosed .38 revolvers. Now the A-Team, they could spray hundreds of bullets around and never hit anything...that's skill!
  17. There is no way that the road repair crew could have had time to drop what they were doing, get in their vehicles, start them up and clear the bridge...not even if they were the one's to have received the MAYDAY. In the video, posted by Joe, from the time that the lights go out on the time it hits the bridge is 43 seconds (mol). I really don't believe that they were able to stop traffic that fast and probably only stopped traffic immediately after the collapse. Although tragic, a bunch of luck happened during this event. - The fact that it was 1:30 am meant that traffic was virtually non-existent, would have been a different story at 8:00 am with the bridge full of work commuters. - Two vehicles missed the collapse by a mere 10 seconds. They will forever be glad that they didn't catch that stop light, or whatever...but will always wonder what would have happened if they did. - The area where the workers were collapsed in a kind of slow motion. I believe that this is what allowed the two survivors to live. The impact of the 185' fall was "cushioned" by the domino effect of the collapse. - Law enforcement was apparently nearby and closed the bridge off before anyone else drove off the land portion of the bridge into the water or embankment. I believe that there will be some new bridge protection requirements proposed in the very near future. Dolphin type protection of the main piers on either side of the shipping channel will probably become a required retrofit. They might even require large ships to have tug assistance through areas with bridges that must be traveled under to get to port. None of it will be cheap and ultimately the taxpayer and/or the consumer will be the one paying for it.
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