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  1. You obviously don't travel much in Florida. The red lane shown is for retirees, New Yorkers and Canadians that have their cruise control set at whatever the speed limit is. The yellow lane shown is for the same group only their cruise control is set at 1 mph lower than the speed limit. The green lane shown is the passing lane in most instances.
  2. Many people put stuff into their drains that they shouldn't and (IMO) disposals exacerbate the problem. Some think that using hot tap water to "help" the oil/grease that they pour into the sink drain dissolves the oil/grease...it does somewhat, until it gets to the P trap and below. Then it cools and adheres to the side of the drain conduit like glue, getting thicker and thicker layers as time goes on. Once it gets into the sewer system, it forms "greasebergs" which are really giant grease clogs. Greasebergs and flushable wipes (which aren't really flushable) are major problems for all major jurisdictions. Michigan Slim could provide much more insight into this problem. Glad I was an electrician and NOT a plumber.
  3. Nope, don't know their situation. All I know is that they are using their EBT cards for expensive foods...while they have two or three kids in tow. Are those kids going to be the ones eating that crab and shrimp? I doubt it. All I can go by is what I personally witness them buy and what they use to pay for it with...expensive food and EBT cards. If you read my previous post, I did state that most of the EBT recipients are indeed needing assistance. It's the few that abuse the system that puts the entire system in an unfavorable light. As far as food banks, I've been watching the news and their coverage of food bank give aways for Thanksgiving...and the lines of medium to high(er) end vehicles filled with people talking on their cell phones and a few smoking cigarettes. Just pull up, get your turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, green beans, etc., with no qualifiers. If one really wants to witness the "abuse of the system", go watch a food bank (or the like) food give away or even worse, a Toys for Tots give away. Just watch the recipients' drive up in newer vehicles, some smoking cigarettes, staring at their cell phones, drinking their Starbucks coffee, pick up the free items and drive off. I have witnessed it first hand multiple times, makes me sick to think that there are people and kids that truly need help but don't receive it because it has all been given away to people that really didn't need the help.
  4. I beg to differ. I've seen EDT/SNAP cards used for many "luxury" type items. Lobster, crab, shrimp, prime rib, t-bones/steak, expensive fish fillets and the like are among the "luxury" items that I've seen the cards used for. I'd say that I witness it about one out of every ten times (10%) that I go to the grocery store. I also personally am aware of at least 3 people that receive SNAP benefits that have no business whatsoever receiving them. Selling the SNAP benefits is also a thriving business from what I understand. Don't know how that works, but it evidently happens on a regular basis according to the State of Florida. Don't get me wrong, I know that most of the people that receive SNAP benefits truly need it however there are that many that don't. I personally think that there so be some limitations on the type of food that SNAP benefits should be able to purchase. Be even better if there were dedicated SNAP benefit stores with the foods that the cards could purchase, no more extravagant taxpayer funded meals.
  5. They tried that, the mountain lions just pushed it off the table and denied the whole thing.
  6. I have enjoyed this thread immensely. With every song, I associate a memory with it...some good, some not so good, some long hidden and some with some regret...but all with a nostalgic retrospect. Thanks Kris!!
  7. If you want to see and, most noticeably, hear a pissed off woman...listen to the wife of a guy that boils an accidentally shot armadillo because "I eat what I shoot". Don't want to see, hear or smell the result again.
  8. Do an internet search for How Chicken Nuggets are made, you won't eat them again...ever. Makes tube meat look good.
  9. Why would somewhat complicated scenarios and/or sweeps drive potential members away? They aren't members yet and more than likely haven't shot any scenarios or sweeps of any kind. The cost to shoot SASS/CAS with good equipment is what deters most potential members from joining SASS and shooting CAS. To start out with good equipment (guns, cart, leather, SG belt) will run between $4,500 to $5,000 these days and that doesn't include reloading equipment or components. That's some serious cash. The days of $250 Blackhawks, $600 Marlins and $200 shotguns is long gone. Sure, someone could purchase a set up that will work for CAS for $2,000...if they want to struggle with their equipment every time the timer goes off. That would be more of a reason to quit CAS due to frustration. I can't speak for everyone the declining membership or active participation in SASS/CAS...only for myself. I started in 1997, joined in January 1998...25 years active membership. For the first 10 years, it was every weekend (4 -6 matches a month), then it was 3 matches a month, then 2, then 1 and now none. Why? It's actually not just one thing, rather a compounding of reasons. - After 26 years, the scenarios have become dull and repetitive. This isn't a cut on stage writers, there's only so many ways to shoot 10 - 10 -4 without extensive target set up and tear down. In other words...it's boring as hell anymore. - The targets have moved in so close that at times they are within 10' from the shooter. Beyond manipulating your guns as fast as possible at targets placed ridiculously close, shooting skill is not needed. In other words...it's boring as hell. - The people of SASS have changed. It's impossible to describe the change, it's not just the faces that has changed...it's the attitude and philosophy that has changed also. I wish I could sum up this change with a few words or sentences, but I can't. It's more of a gut feeling of change more than an overly overt one. - I finally came to the realization that driving for a four hour round trip, spending between $75 to $90 (fuel/ammo/match fees) to shoot for two minutes and taking all day to do it, is not economically feasible for me any longer. That's for a monthly match, multiday matches like a State match will run $600 minimum with match/hotel/fuel fees. I don't do State matches anymore. - Categories. Come on, do we really need 56 categories so that everyone goes home with some kind of award? For a State match, those awards aren't cheap and match fees reflect that. It's gotten out of hand and is completely inane. - There are a few other reasons that I will not post here as they are personal reasons. With all of that said, I am still a current SASS member...for now. There will probably come a day when $69 will no longer be disposable income and my SASS membership will come to an end. When that happens, I'll still look back at most of the people and experiences with fond memories.
  10. IF the batter stepped completely out of the box with BOTH feet, the call should be batter out. If it's only one foot out of the box, it really depends upon the league rules and sometime the opinion of the umpire(s). It gets hard to define. read below. I haven't seen that movie in 30 years, don't remember the scene. http://www.qcbaseball.com/rules/out-of-the-batters-box.aspx
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Ima and the kids.
  12. I don't remember anything about it. I was pre-kindergarten. I do remember the sonic booms of the jets during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Kinda weird.
  13. The Marlboro dusters are nice, warm dusters with a removable quilted liner. Marlboro used to have a "Marlboro Miles" giveaway. They had a 5-mile UPC print on the side of a pack of cigarettes. Once you collected xx miles, you could order from their catalog. They actually had a lot of good quality items that had an actual use in real life. I still use quite a few of the items I redeemed my miles for...but all things considered, I wish I hadn't collected all those miles. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Marlboro duster, or many of their other giveaways items for a reasonable price.
  14. Heather Thomas from the Fall Guy. Yeah, A pretty face don't mean a pretty heart, but some of them are (drum kick, drum kick, drum kick, drum kick) simply irresistible.
  15. I'd be disappointed if there wasn't!
  16. Fried mullet roe. First had it for breakfast mixed with grits. Had it many times since, many different ways. Still prefer it fried with buttered grits, pepper, salt and a little tabasco.
  17. No matter how many times it see it...I laugh my a** off every time. Man...that was a great show!
  18. My understanding is that the insurance companies aren't that worried about dog damage to property as the deductible will usually cover the damage cost...it's dog damage/bites to humans and the accompanying lawsuits/litigation.
  19. Is Ruth Buzzi not an option? In that case, Audrey
  20. The then Heather Locklear...all day and twice at night!
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