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  1. Not recently, matter a fact, not since the plague appeared and people started bidding stupid prices for run of the mill/nothing special guns. I swear that the people don't add up the total cost of the firearm. You know...shipping , CC fee add on, tax and FFL fees at the buyer's end. Depending on the seller's conditions and cost of the firearm, it could add $100 to $150 to the transaction. A $500 gun + $50 shipping + tax (7% in Fl) + 4% CC fees + $25 buyer's FFL fees = $637 total cost. I still look but rarely bid and if I do...I always get outbid at the end.
  2. It is indeed a strange day when I agree with both CC AND Phantom.
  3. Fluorescent "curly cue" type lamps may affect electronics signals also due to harmonics inherent with the ballast. Incandescent lamps are the correct solution. Also, pay attention to the "Max Lamps Watts". I know that 60w incandescent isn't a bunch of lumens but it's better than having to replace the lamp socket due to excess heat. When incandescent bulbs are outlawed, only outlaws will have incandescents. They'll have to pry them out of my cold, dead...wait...they'll have to pry them out of the cold, crammed with stuff, hall closet.
  4. Montana must have put out No Trespassing signs and Missouri has educated cats. I always get a kick out of the State of Florida spending millions to install "animal crossings" on the Interstate complete with signs that say "Animal Crossing". I guess we must have some smart panthers, bears, deer, hogs and pythons down here.
  5. As almost everyone will tell you, go to a couple of matches first BEFORE you purchase anything. By purchase anything, I mean everything from gun cart, to leather, to guns. If you don't, you'll wish you did...unless you're well off financially. I don't even own the first set of pistols that I started with, don't own the second set either. Still have the first rifle that I started with...somewhere. The second rifle is long gone also as is the first and second shotgun. I really suggest that you stick with .38/357 for your "first guns". You can get .45's later, after you get a feel for the game. If you have the financial means, I suggest starting with Ruger pistols of some type, Uberti '73 and quality shotgun of choice. The Rugers and Uberti have a ton of aftermarket "speed" parts to choose from and repair/replacement parts are readily available. Choose quality leather/shotgun belts also. Buy once, cry once. As far as the footwear question, it shouldn't be a problem. Most clubs make certain considerations for people with medical conditions which affect their feet. As long as you don't wear Air Jordan type shoes, you should be fine...although once you start finishing first in category, a few people might question your footwear choice. I can't stress how important it is for you to go to a couple of matches to get the "lay of the land" and especially try out the various firearms. Not meaning to be a jerk but hide that pride and ego and accept some genuine generosity/advice from the people that have "been there".
  6. Virgin sacrifice would have been even more effective...if you could find one.
  7. I think that it starts the moment you say "I do" and continues until the divorce decree.
  8. 2.5 - She offers suggestions, then stays pissed at you for the rest of the day because you gave her "The Look".
  9. NIce! Gotta ask, who signed the baseballs (not the guy on 1st)?
  10. Hey Dad, I can send you my address again...I guess you misplaced it last time.
  11. I've got a secret solution to the cat and Christmas tree dilemma.
  12. That should get a laugh, Thanks and Like emoji all at once.
  13. Do not give me clothes, snack gift arrangements or gift cards to YOUR favorite restaurant. If I do receive stuff like that, I graciously thank the giver for it and later donate or give it away. I'm with Pat on polyester. Whoever invented that crap for use as clothing should be wrapped up in it and set out into the Florida sun for 10 hours with no breeze and then set on fire so that the polyester sticks to them like glue. Okay, maybe not that extreme but you get the point.
  14. You obviously don't travel much in Florida. The red lane shown is for retirees, New Yorkers and Canadians that have their cruise control set at whatever the speed limit is. The yellow lane shown is for the same group only their cruise control is set at 1 mph lower than the speed limit. The green lane shown is the passing lane in most instances.
  15. Many people put stuff into their drains that they shouldn't and (IMO) disposals exacerbate the problem. Some think that using hot tap water to "help" the oil/grease that they pour into the sink drain dissolves the oil/grease...it does somewhat, until it gets to the P trap and below. Then it cools and adheres to the side of the drain conduit like glue, getting thicker and thicker layers as time goes on. Once it gets into the sewer system, it forms "greasebergs" which are really giant grease clogs. Greasebergs and flushable wipes (which aren't really flushable) are major problems for all major jurisdictions. Michigan Slim could provide much more insight into this problem. Glad I was an electrician and NOT a plumber.
  16. Nope, don't know their situation. All I know is that they are using their EBT cards for expensive foods...while they have two or three kids in tow. Are those kids going to be the ones eating that crab and shrimp? I doubt it. All I can go by is what I personally witness them buy and what they use to pay for it with...expensive food and EBT cards. If you read my previous post, I did state that most of the EBT recipients are indeed needing assistance. It's the few that abuse the system that puts the entire system in an unfavorable light. As far as food banks, I've been watching the news and their coverage of food bank give aways for Thanksgiving...and the lines of medium to high(er) end vehicles filled with people talking on their cell phones and a few smoking cigarettes. Just pull up, get your turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, green beans, etc., with no qualifiers. If one really wants to witness the "abuse of the system", go watch a food bank (or the like) food give away or even worse, a Toys for Tots give away. Just watch the recipients' drive up in newer vehicles, some smoking cigarettes, staring at their cell phones, drinking their Starbucks coffee, pick up the free items and drive off. I have witnessed it first hand multiple times, makes me sick to think that there are people and kids that truly need help but don't receive it because it has all been given away to people that really didn't need the help.
  17. I beg to differ. I've seen EDT/SNAP cards used for many "luxury" type items. Lobster, crab, shrimp, prime rib, t-bones/steak, expensive fish fillets and the like are among the "luxury" items that I've seen the cards used for. I'd say that I witness it about one out of every ten times (10%) that I go to the grocery store. I also personally am aware of at least 3 people that receive SNAP benefits that have no business whatsoever receiving them. Selling the SNAP benefits is also a thriving business from what I understand. Don't know how that works, but it evidently happens on a regular basis according to the State of Florida. Don't get me wrong, I know that most of the people that receive SNAP benefits truly need it however there are that many that don't. I personally think that there so be some limitations on the type of food that SNAP benefits should be able to purchase. Be even better if there were dedicated SNAP benefit stores with the foods that the cards could purchase, no more extravagant taxpayer funded meals.
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