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  1. Good to hear that you sought medical help somewhat soon. If your condition doesn't improve rapidly, please seek other medical advice as the condition may get worse pretty damn quick. I spent 10 days in the hospital (Morton Plant) after improper treatment of bacterial pneumonia in my right lung. Drain tubes in my back that went into the sac between my lungs and ribcage, constant IV antibiotics/etc. and some REAL painful douching of the infection every four hours. Besides the monetary expense, I lost most of the capacity of my right lung. On the bright side, I quit smoking after 45 years of 2 packs a day. You're spot on with the "Death's doorstop" comparison. The only time I would go to seek unscheduled medical attention was if I was leaking too much blood. Seriously, if you don't start getting noticeably better, seek a different doctor...it could save your like and a sh**load of money.
  2. I read that bonuses were given out just beforehand...what a convenient coincidence.
  3. I recently read a article about Manson's children. None of them wanted to be associated with Manson but, of course, the media wouldn't/won't leave them alone. One of the sons committed suicide as he couldn't deal with the burden of being Manson's son. The rest have strived to maintain their distance to him and his name. One of his grandsons claimed his body and disposed of his carcass because he felt that it was the right thing to do even though he hated the legacy. I feel sorry for the offspring of notoriously criminal people. They didn't have a choice over their parents, they just have to live with the infamy of their name and heritage. I, personally, couldn't imagine my life if my father had been a Hitler, Stalin, Manson or thousands of other reviled monsters. There have been many evil people that have idolized and emulated Manson. I don't know if the moron that this thread is about claims any Manson connect or not but one thing is for sure...this idiot is just another loser.
  4. Might want to let them know that they can see a picture of the broken part on the Sass Wire. May influence their decision.
  5. Still have the trophy from the first match I shot...3rd place Modern from the Cigar City Shooters in Brooksville, Florida on July 6, 1997. There were only three people in Modern and I think I finished dfl overall...I didn't care, it was kinda fun to shoot steel in a timed event...even if I was using .30 Carbine Blackhawk pistols (downloaded lead rounds), a S x S that kicked like a mule (and my ass) and a 92 rifle that didn't have a detachable magazine. I thought that YOU people were crazy to be dressed like this, in this kind of heat, down in a limestone pit, out in the boonies through 3 gates and a creek, shooting these kind of guns that I hadn't shot since I was a kid...and having fun? Crazy bastards. Still doing it, even though it was kinda fun...that was 26 years ago.
  6. Did anyone notice that they NEVER show the gorilla that installs the mag tube cap? Interesting video though, thanks Buckshot!
  7. Come tomorrow, it'll be an hour past time to end the insanity.
  8. Seems like the more we play in a game based on the simplicities of old time cowboy tv shows and movies, the more complicated it becomes. And...that ain't a good thing.
  9. I have the same album and insert. I must have played that album a 1,000 times. My favorite songs were Smoke on the Water, Highway Star and Lazy. I don't know why I am holding onto my 250+ albums. I don't even have a turntable anymore. Probably should sell them as there is a resurgence of appreciation for vinyl recordings from the 60's, 70's and 80's and some of my collection is somewhat rare.
  10. I was actually looking for the one that Joe's dad and brothers were trying to yank the bars from the window. Couldn't find it on YouTube so I settled on this one. The one with window bars was hilarious also.
  11. So far, no snow this year here. Always a chance though. Okay, not a chance in hell. Might get down into the 50's though. Okay, not much chance of that either. This time of year is heaven in Florida. After May, not so much again until after October. At least Cali received desperately needed precipitation. I just hope it is stored well and isn't wasted.
  12. So am I. I've read conflicting reports that Discover is rescinding the tracking and that Discover is keeping the tracking on course for a March or April (can't remember which) roll out.
  13. If she's attacking me with a cast iron frying pan, I've already figured out that she's not there to make bacon and eggs. She's screaming at me to get out of "her" house which is my house. I'd figure she was on drugs but naked or not, the frying pan could do some serious damage. I'd have to defend myself with lethal force if I couldn't get away from her. Edit: The reason that he shot her in the leg is that he probably didn't want to hit the frying pan. I just hope that when he gets the frying pan back that someone hasn't washed and scrubbed it. That'd be my luck.
  14. Thirty-three Taliban died during a bingo game in Afghanistan. Caller called out B-52, they died in the stampede to get out of the building.
  15. IMO, it would definitely fall within the "impacting the match outcome" train of thought...not that I subscribe to that train of thought. Not all TO's are created equal and not everything in life is equal or fair. If I shoot on the morning shift in bright, beautiful weather and the afternoon shift has to shoot in a blinding rainstorm or visa versa, it affects the outcome of the match...but, that's life and that's just the way it is.
  16. I'd ask him if the letters F O meant anything to him. I hope things wouldn't escalate to the point of finding the breaking point of a beer bottle...or worse.
  17. - Yes, someone can hand you a device to clear the jam. - No, the reload must be brought to the line in an approved manner by the shooter. Don't stage your pistols and run for one either, it's even worse juju.
  18. Take it to a tire place and have them locate the leak and patch it or repair it. It could just need the valve stem replaced also. Cost you between $20 - 25 probably.
  19. You're lucky. My ex-mother-in-law was a pterodactyl, at least that's what she claimed...I really think that she was older than that.
  20. Long neck bottles and excessive drinking. Been on both the receiving end and the giving end. The bottle will break depending on how thick the bottle is and how hard the strike is. Half the time the bottle won't break and will fall out of the user's hand as they aren't holding on to it well. I've never seen one break in the way that they do in the movies, you know...shatter...they don't. They break into jagged pieces and the holder of the neck of the bottle is usually left holding a stubby, jagged handle of glass, still VERY lethal but not like the movies.
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