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  1. Thanks Joe. I gotta say, I never thought about the fire threat to wooden trestles. All that work....
  2. Starting to believe in the POTUS? Padded room isn't going to cure that...high voltage electric shock therapy might work...maybe.
  3. I'd take the train over it, but stand there on the tracks...no way, no how, ain't gonna happen. Beautiful bridge. I wonder how long it stood before succumbing to age or progress.
  4. Yeah...that black coffee with keep you awake at night...among other things.
  5. Dry conditions also means lower humidity. I keep all powders and primers in a climate controlled (ac) environment, never had a problem.
  6. When is the last time it had a good cleaning, not a complete tear down, just a good bolt/carrier out cleaning? Does the hammer end up on the 1/2 notch? If so, is there a dent on the primer? Are you sure that the bolt is going all the way into position? Not meaning any offense but are you babying the gun while working the action?
  7. What is it doing, or not doing specifically.
  8. About once every 10 years or so, I'll stop and get a root beer at the A & W. Not a giant, just a medium. Tastes just like it used to, good...but then I don't buy another one for another 10 years. Don't know why, just do.
  9. I remember the pictures of the piano. Thought it was cool then and still do. RIP President Garfield
  10. See how well that worked for her! I always try to have a Plan A, Plan B and a SHTF Plan. Having multiple plans have got me this far, so I'll continue it.
  11. So far as the deefense/defense thing goes, it's the crowd that starts chanting DEEFENSE, DEEFENSE at a football game because they are drunk enough to think that the defense will get more fired up than they already are to prevent the other team from scoring. Conclusion - it's for the crowd to get fired up, not the actual defense In baseball, the chant would be useless as the "defense" starts with the pitcher and only continues if the batter hits the ball. Conclusion - if one starts chanting DEEFENSE, DEEFENSE at a baseball game, everyone else with think they're a wacko rookie fan.
  12. I always heard "Never have a battle of wits with an unarmed man."
  13. Package securely and bury the drugs deep in a place where it is unlikely that anyone would ever dig them up. You may need them for "collateral" or money down the road. I can't see any sense in taking the proverbial high road, after all...he's a murderer even though the scum he killed deserved to die.
  14. I must have missed that day (and decade) also! When the temps get near 100 with 75 - 80+% humidity, it's easy to get heat stroke within an hour of even moderate work outside. Dozens of people die every year in Florida because it kind of sneaks up on them. By the time that they realize that they are dehydrated, it's too late. I've seen folks pass out at matches on multiple occasions and many more on construction sites/jobs. I have to imagine that that record fell this year as the meteorologists keep saying that this is the hottest year on record for Florida.
  15. Just because everyone says it's a bad idea doesn't mean it won't be fun!
  16. Rednecks just go to family reunions to pick up girlfriends/boyfriends. At least, that's what I heard.
  17. 73 is blazin' hot? I haven't seen a exterior temperature of 73 since early April. Maybe sometime in in late October we'll see 73...maybe. Along with the high temps, we are down about 18" of rain as the normal afternoon rain showers have stopped appearing. If your summer there is like the latest summer here (hotter than hell itself) I wish you luck. I'm ready for some (Florida) winter temps...already have my winter shorts and T-shirts picked out. Wait, I never put them away.
  18. Hmm, I must have missed that day in geometry class. In reality, I went to one week of geometry class and never went back. Got away with it too...until the grades came out.
  19. I know, I have read extensively about the gangsters of that era and other eras. The Untouchables clip was just for effect.
  20. Depends upon how far away it is and how much gas I need.
  21. Yep. I don't know why I notice roadside debris, but I do. Five gallon buckets and empty coolers (no lids) seem to be very common around here on roads with a 55+ speed limit. Being in construction, I have plenty of 5 gallon buckets w/lids. If anyone needs a five gallon bucket, visit a jobsite that is being drywalled and/or painted and look in the debris dumpster or ask one of the drywallers/painters if you can have one or two. You might have a language barrier to overcome but the buckets are 10 times better than WalMart, Harbor Freight and others. To answer Alpo's question, would I walk a mile to save a buck...no. Would I drive through the parking lot to WalMart, only if I needed something else also. I confess, I do some grocery shopping at WalMart. My only other choices for groceries are Publix (nice stores but 15 - 20% higher on all items) or WinnDixie/Aldis/Save a Lot (which are all run down regardless to neighborhood) or Sams which is still WalMart with a membership fee.
  22. The scarecrow said "The sum of the square roots of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side." Said the same thing, the opposite way.
  23. Isn't that the opposite of what the Scarecrow said?
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