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  1. Oh man! With magnetic limbs! I want one!
  2. If it were just one man, I think that NRA members could put that behind them and the organization could become stronger. Unfortunately, it wasn't just one man, it was, at the very least, several men and they were just the ones charged with the crimes. In my opinion, that was just the tip of the iceberg. There's no way that other people in positions of power (and still are) didn't know about LaPierre's/others improper use of funds for personal gains...no way. To me, that alone makes them complicit even if they didn't participate in the corruption. These same people, the ones who looked the other way while this stuff was going on, are still in leadership positions in the NRA. For the NRA to truly regain it's stature as the guardian of the 2nd Amendment, these people need to be removed from power and it needs to happen quickly...months, not years. It's the only way to earn back the public and membership trust. The NRA can, once again, become foremost leader in 2nd Amendment rights and I sincerely hope they do...but you can't just wipe the piss off of the toilet rim and declare the entire house cleaned.
  3. Also, no infield shifts allowed off the dirt or on the opposite side of 2nd base than they are normally positioned. Bases are a little larger, pick off throws are limited and (supposedly) basemen blocking the bags will be scrutinized closer than in the past. Mound visits have been reduced and I think that relief pitchers must pitch to a minimum of three batters. The reason for all of the new rules was to reduce the time of the game as they were going 3.5 to 4.5 hours for a 9 inning game...most of it due to the batters' delaying tactics as Joe alluded to.
  4. That was when I went from yearly to Life membership. On the SASS Wire, there was a thread about upgrading to Life or even for 1st timers a limited time offer of $200 if I recall correctly. Went Life and talked coerced others to do the same. If they would do something like that now, it would probably help to increase membership and raise funds.
  5. I sincerely wish you success in your recruitment effort.
  6. And far above that spring (out of the picture) is the indent ball for the dust cover on an 1873 rifle.
  7. From Wikipedia The NRA is governed by a board of 76 elected directors, 75 of whom serve three-year terms and one who is elected to serve as a cross-over director. The directors choose a president and other officers from among the membership, as well as the executive director of the NRA General Operations and the executive director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA).[215] In 2015, 71 members were white and 65 were male. More came from Texas than any other state.[216] Only 7 percent of eligible members vote.[217] Most board nominations are vetted by an appointed nine-member Nominating Committee.[218][219] One member is George Kollitides of the Freedom Group.[218] The nomination committee has been called "kingmakers" by MSNBC and Jeff Knox says "the process is front-loaded to give incumbents and Nominating Committee candidates a significant advantage"
  8. Sure... 122g 9mm coated flat point Sized @ .356 Seated @ 1.065 4.0 Win 231 Normal taper crimp for 9mm No crono data available They fed fine, with no problems, in Glock 17 (after market barrel), S & W Shield and a Canik 9mm.
  9. I didn't know that there was a new formula, all of the Unique I had was pre 2000. I gave away the opened containers and sold the un-opened containers during the plague. I guess that in the event of the Zombie Apocalypse, it would be a good powder to have as it is very versatile but I won't be stocking it anytime soon.
  10. In 40+ years of electrical work, I've never seen a receptacle with a configuration like that. European?
  11. I use W231 in 9mm (115g, 122g lead, 124g, 125g) and .45 ACP (185g, 200g lead, 200g. 230g) loads. While I've tried other powders for these rounds, I've found that 231 suits my needs the best. It's a fine powder that meters very well. I have not loaded .45 Colt with it as I don't have one..yet. If you run across some Alliant American Select, buy a pound of it and try it for 9mm, .38 spl., .45 Colt and .45 ACP. It's a very clean burning powder and meters well. I've not finished my experimentation with it for 9mm and .45 ACP but I use it exclusively for low power .38 spl cowboy rounds. For the record (IMO) the nastiest, dirtiest powder I've run across was Trail Boss and Unique. They are not among my stock of powders, nor will they be.
  12. I reserve comment. NRA, Wayne LaPierre found liable in lawsuit over spending (baynews9.com)
  13. A wife tells her husband that she wants to have breast enlargement surgery. The husband, knowing that the surgery is not cheap, tells his wife that another method of breast enlargement is to take a wad of toilet paper and rub it between her breasts for 6 months. At the end of 6 months, she tells her husband that she doesn't think that the toilet paper method is working. He says "I don't know why not, it worked on your a**."
  14. Hard not to notice, the old rolls used to span almost the entire roller, not now.
  15. Just remember Ozark...constant vigilance is required...in every election. In the span of 4 years...everything could change.
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