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  1. Over 1/2 of the names in my phone list are SASS aliases or nicknames. They'll have fun with those for about two minutes until they cross-reference them.
  2. Mrs. Sun makes Aldi key ring quarter holders to sell at craft show/fairs. They are a pretty good seller both on E-Bay and at the shows so I guess a bunch of people shop at Aldi's. I think she sells them too cheap ($3.00 each+ $4.00 shipping) for the amount of time she puts into them but she always says, "Crafters don't do it for the money." She has all kinds of designs for her embroidery machine, these are a few.
  3. Hardpan If you decide on one like Sassnetguy posted, make SURE that you have extra keys made and keep the key insert well oiled/lubed. Don't ask me how I know...but I know.
  4. They're going to make my unlock my phone? Boy are they going to be bored.
  5. When I was a kid, I read the Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn stuff over and over. I know how to get a fence painted purt quick like too.
  6. What is it with ya'll and three's lately?
  7. Nope, I don't leave firearms unattended in vehicles. I would never rely on anything electronic to work 100% of the time.
  8. I'm glad that they reestablished communication with Nomad and that it, and Voyager 2, are still relaying information back to Earth. Launched the same year I graduated high school and the same month I moved out of the house and out on my own at 17. I'm still about 10 miles from where I launched from, Voyager 1 is 15 billion miles away from where it launched from...Hmm. Every time I hear about Voyager 1 (and 2), it reminds of the Star Trek episode with the spacecraft Nomad in it.
  9. My gal picked up two of them at church rummage sales for $5.00 each. One of was used but still had box and directions, the other was unused in original box with directions. I don't have a water based rotary tumbler, they are going to get used for dried meats and jerky. I realize that garage sales, rummage sales and the like are more numerous around my location but I see dehydrators at thrift stores and garage type sales all the time. Something to keep an eye out for.
  10. There were eight brothers in my family that all fought for the Confederacy in various North Carolina Infantry divisions. Four died in battle or from battle wounds, two died in Yankee prison camps and two came back. One of the brothers that came back was my Great Great Grandfather. I still remember my Great Grandfather (born 1881) talking about his father and what his father told him about the War although I don't remember specifics now regretfully. He died in 1971.
  11. Nor The Jeffersons Blazing Saddles would be about 2 minutes long.
  12. Gravity and elevation. This will probably go downhill from here.
  13. Very nice and a great present! Oh, Happy Birthday...a little late but you know what they say...
  14. I've reseated a spent primer multiple times over the years on a Dillon 550B. It punches the spent primer out, hangs onto it on the pin, reseats the spent primer and continues on with the reloading process. It is noticeable during the inspection...but you do have to inspect them.
  15. If these were in a rifle, I could agree, but these were in a pistol...high primers would have almost surely locked the pistol up unless you advanced the cylinder by hand. I've heard these complaints quite a few times since the plague affected manufacturing. I have not heard the FTF issues with semi-autos, only with revolvers with lightened springs. My guess, quality control issues coupled with harder cup materials.
  16. Not to be confused with Scooby Dooby Doo.
  17. I am so happy for you and your neighbors that they disallowed it. I hope that you never have to experience what we have over the last 2 - 3 years, but you'll have to stay vigilant to prevent it. I'm just glad they gave you all the opportunity to voice your disapproval of it. We never got the chance to voice our opinions. Congratulations!
  18. I remember always trying to patch myself up before asking for assistance. Didn't get in trouble for whatever I did to cause the injury, usually cuts and abrasions. The first stitches I ever got was when I was the first time my Dad let me go while learning how to ride a bicycle on a tar and gravel road. Gotta let you go sometime, that was it! My uncle told me about one such patch job he and my mother did on himself. Seems my grandfather had told him to stay out of the (salt) water and DON'T JUMP OFF THE DOCK at the place they were visiting. Well, he jumped off the dock...into a small oyster bed. Almost cut his big toe off. He and my mother sewed it back on dental floss so that Grandpa wouldn't find out. He did anyway with the limping and all. Grandpa took him to the doc, doc said she did a good job, no reason to take them out and put new ones in.
  19. I don't think that dreaming of bathrooms is necessarily a good thing.
  20. They must be moving to Pinellas County, Florida as the Sheriff's Dept. does enforce existing laws. Many of the PSO and local law enforcement have plate readers on their vehicles. These plate readers provide A LOT more information than just expired tags...A LOT more. I would like to see the exploding plates though. Do they actually explode or just catch on fire like Tesla's. Good thing that fuel fillers aren't behind the license plates still.
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