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  1. I'd get a beer and a lawn chair...
  2. Yeah...but did he wear a cowboy hat? Makes a difference you know.
  3. Of course they're disappointed. Reporting on death, destruction and politics is the only reason they exist...if it bleeds, it leads. Now they'll have to backtrack to the Maui disaster as if they haven't run that in the ground already.
  4. Along with OLG's advise, try pushing the bolt forward until it is all the way into battery and push the carrier up from the bottom.
  5. Neither does a blue plastic timer or gun carts. Few cowboys owned a rifle, shotgun and two pistols...let alone get into six scripted gunfights in one day. To the OP - A few clubs in Florida have a "relaxed" dress for the summer. This is to help keep the attendance up and keep the attendees from dying due to heat related problems. A few club matches still have starting lines and all large matches do also. If they don't have a starting line, nothing prevents anyone from saying one of their choosing. Keep in mind that SASS/CAS is NOT for historical reenactments or some type of "reliving" the old west...it's for fun and fellowship with like minded people.
  6. It's those that disagree with Vlad who's health seems to take a turn for the worse unfortunately.
  7. From form 4473 14 - Sex ___ - Male ___ - Female ___ - Non Binary No, I'm not kidding.
  8. I was actually at a brand new Super Walmart fairly early in the morning when the front desk (not on purpose) did the Porky's paging skit. I busted out laughing as did several in the automotive department. My gal was clueless as to why I busted out laughing. Made my day.
  9. Ask my gal about metric washers (inside hole) and Home Depot sometime. I get reminded about it once a month...but the look on the Home Depot guy was worth it though.
  10. Surprised Newsome hasn't made mud slides illegal or do they just slap a "May Cause Cancer" sticker on them?
  11. Don't believe their website as far as availability and items in stock. If you want to find out if an item is in stock, call...unless you just want to get out and waste time and fuel. Same thing with Academy Sports...call.
  12. Looks like it's moving pretty slow. Get ready for a ****load of rain and some wind. Good luck Yul and everyone in the path.
  13. Ironically, Jimi Hendrix passed away 53 years ago today. Stevie Ray passed away 33 years ago on the 27th. Both passed with the boundless talents still in their infancy. The world was robbed of what might have been.
  14. No we won't. By that time it'll just be a faded black, unintelligible blob of ink.
  15. So many jokes..so little time...
  16. A few years ago, I visited a friend of mine and met his girlfriend for the first time. She was wearing "winged eyeliner" and I thought it looked ridiculous, but I never said anything to him or her. For those who've never seen it, it looks like someone trying give themselves an Asian or Egyptian look of some kind. I keep seeing women wearing eyeliner in this fashion and saw a woman on a TV commercial of about age 70 wearing a heavy version of it and thought to myself "That looks hideous". I decided to look it up to see if this was a new trend and whom it was fashioned after. Turns out that it's been around for a while. Audrey Hepburn wore a version of it and so did Elizabeth Taylor, although Taylor was playing Cleopatra. Has it become popular in your area and do you think that it enhances women's appearance? I don't, but that's maybe just me as I don't like a woman with moderate or heavy makeup. What do you all think?
  17. Mr. Barleycorn is in the business of selling firearms. I'll just bet that he doesn't want to sell an incomplete gun. I was cleaning my '73 in the garage and the indent ball flew out. I heard it hit the drywall ceiling and bounce once off the concrete floor. I looked for that damn thing for an hour. Near the end of the hour, I was letting a few swear words out (okay, more than a few), kind of loud. My gal came out to see what I was cussing about, so I told her about the little ball that was 1/2 the size of a BB. She looked down, bent over, picked something up and said "You mean this?" You guessed it, it was the ball...she had found it in less than 30 seconds.
  18. I'll pick up any denomination of money. Coincidentally, I picked up exactly a nickel and a penny yesterday. While working in parking lots for 3 years, I picked up a bunch of change and a few paper bills also. I'll say that over that 3 year span, I picked up close to $20 in change and about $40 in paper bills (one was a $20). Had to work at a few car washes over the years also doing electrical repairs. Believe it or not, there was always lots of change on the ground where the vacuum's were located. Don't know why. I pick it up because I'm cheap AND poor.
  19. Evidently, he has had multiple offers over $1,000,000 and supposedly turned them down. https://www.foxnews.com/media/oliver-anthony-turned-down-8-million-dollar-offers-since-going-viral-nothing-special-about-me
  20. Salient points? Keanu Reeves and brake failures...makes sense now! Go fight with someone else...I'm not in the mood.
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