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  1. I sure know about all that... I was sure looking forward to visiting this year
  2. Country Joe and the Fish! There's a blast from the past! Saw them in San Francisco at the Fillmore once. I have "Eastern Jam" on my regular playlist on iTunes to remind me of what psychedelic music was
  3. Today I got a message in my voicemail from SASS about renewing my membership, the number was area code 505 and she knew my alias and when my membership expired. I have no reason to think it is not from SASS. I do not answer my phone as I can not talk and be understood anymore, my friends text me. Just wondering if anyone else got one or am I "special". I will be re-upping soon tho
  4. I shot Frontiersman from time to time with my Uberti 1860s,they needed a bit of tuning but not as much as my Uberti 1872s. I never had a problem with caps as I always cocked my guns in the vertical position, aided by recoil. Not fast tho. I used to shoot with a guy that used 1860s as his everyday main match pistols and he was fast
  5. Well, they got your number, but not mine.So far.
  6. I can't speak to his leather work, although what I have seen is good quality. I can speak to the quality of his bullets and the fact that he is a stand up pard!
  7. Did you drop something from your programming?
  8. Pretty amazing! Afraid I'm in the same boat as Lumpy tho
  9. Man o man, a guy I always wanted to visit with at the various matches we were at.
  10. Looks to me to be yes to both questions
  11. I have a Farmington rifle and I had a BT rifle, like the one OLG has.The guy I got it from asked me if I wanted to sell it, so I did. The Farmington rifle is a lighter, shorter barrel but it shoots every bit as good as the other, In always used bp and a 500 gr bullet. Mine is a low 1400 serial number, I did call them to ask about it but they lost the records in a fire as I recall. I have had it since about 1983. Don't scrimp on the sights!
  12. In the Electric Mist is pretty good, on Netflix right now.Tommy Lee Jones is in it
  13. I can understand her frustration, last spring I was in the hospital for 3 nights after having a VERY mild stroke, and I was going nuts to get out. I hope she has the wherewithal to stiick it out and do the pt, it is so important
  14. Sorry to hear this, see him on down the trail a bit I guess
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