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  1. On my NMV’s the last three of the frame SN is engraved on the face of cylinder. My OMV’s get cleaned one at a time as they don’t have that. Regards Gateway Kid
  2. Yes I know. Check back a few posts. Others said without aftermarket pins and extra strength latches you had potential for hammer interference due to over penetration into hammer channel. Not possible on mine but I was being polite. Gateway
  3. You and me both. Got curious and decided to drag 8 OMV's and 6 NMV's out of the safe to try, and could NOT force the base pin in far enough to interfere with the hammer. Factory base pins (although I have shortened the heads a bit for more positive ejection) and and factory base pin latch springs on all but 2 of them. Guess anything is possible though. Regards Gateway Kid You coming over this weekend?
  4. False alarm everyone! Real outlaws would have an accordian or bag pipes! Regards Gateway Kid
  5. Congratulations CC!!! Way to keep following your dream! We are all pulling for you so keep it up. Respectfully Gateway KId
  6. Now retired and looking to spend the upcoming year going to at least a few of the clubs that I have read about/heard of. When my wife and I were in business we did quite a bit of business with Wells Foods in Monmouth ILL and there was a sign for the Shady creek Shootists (I think) along my route. Is that near you guys because if it is it sure would be convenient to hit both clubs on a single trip. Any info ideas on that? regards Gateway Kid
  7. Before she passed my aunt was a showgirl and ended up becoming a dance instructor/choreographer. twice a year her students would put on recitals and this song was a staple for many years. Sadly the "dancing" gene chose to skip a generation and though she tried mightily my inherent lack of rhythm and musical sense came out and I never did learn to dance (except in the living room with no one watching of course) Regards Gateway Kid
  8. Actually that is how my 7th grade auto shop teacher taught us. We were somewhat rural at the time, he had seen some deer in the cornfield on the way to class, shot one, flipped it into the bed of the truck and brought it to the garage, hooked it up on the lift and we all sat around wide eyed while he gutted and cleaned it. Only thing I ever heard about after that was that he had the class clean up the floor and one parent wanted him to pay to clean her son's clothes. The rest of us had already changed into overalls so no big deal. That was one of my favorite classes/teachers as we also learned to take out and repair/reinstall a TH400 tranny, rebuild a Quadrajet, tune a Pontiac 400 CI engine, and take the rear end out and rebuild the suspension and ring/pinon assembly. Good Times! Regards Gateway Kid
  9. Lots of good choices here. I use my 550 as a single stage press to load my 45-60. Basically same process for smokeless or BP. Usually only loading 20-30 anyway so not a lot of time required in any case. Couple minutes to change tool head, few more to change primer system (sometimes) thirty cranks of the handle to resize and reprime. put em in a block and charge, check everything then put bullet on top, thirty cranks to seat and crimp, done. Regards Gateway Kid
  10. Don't know about Europe but in 1976 (age 18) was going to go bird hunting with some friends in Northern Colorado and somehow broke the stock on my shotgun. On the way stopped in Fort Collins (Woolworths) and for the princely sum of $60 bought a Rem 870. Don't remember if I did paperwork but the whole transaction took less than 10 minutes. Regards Gateway Kid
  11. Ok I'll bite. Just how long did it take you to clean that bench up for your photo op? Regards Gateway Kid If I knew how to get pic's from my phone to the wire I would show my man cave (and take my whoopin')
  12. Yep ^^^^^ I like the belt to hold the shells end slightly below the belly button. That seems to fit my reach correctly. Also check between the holsters with 2 fists every time to be sure the spacing is correct. Since I wear my holsters on the front of my legs it is a good thing I am a "wide body" to ensure adequate room between them. Regards Gateway Kid
  13. Bet the one from 2100 was a blonde! Last words something like "I told em we should of landed at night! Regards Gateway Kid
  14. Well alrighty then! Assuming you are going to take a shot as well so that means two? Wishing you success! Regards Gateway Kid
  15. What are you driving? a diesel vw rabbit? Empty on the highway I get about 20 mpg without a trailer. 2008 F350 with 6.4 liter. with a trailer I get 13 mpg or so (11,000 pound 39 foot 5th wheel) as an average. Around town about 14-16 depending more on idle time than anything. But hey I have heard you new mexico hunters are a creative bunch, willing to try just about anything in search of wild game! Just remember when you get your deer (or elk) only one will fit in the back seat of a rabbit (BTDT) and the other is lashed to the roof! Love ya girl and good luck! Gateway Kid
  16. Hey 4T when you get around to visiting give a holler. My wife and I will be in space 20 the Sunday before thru the completion of EOT and we may need to give Shanley and Sue some help with their adult beverages. Not sure who is organizing the potluck this year but the Colorado contingent usually have one on Tuesday or Wednesday evening and of course the wildly beautiful and mysterious Singin' Sue and her other half are invited so you may as well come too. regards Gateway Kid
  17. Don't forget your Twinkies!!! Unless you are including those in your "survival foods: category I know I do! Regards Gateway Kid
  18. Though I don't use stoegers anymore when I did this was my technique. ^^^^^^ Flitz on a long cotton bore mop, chuck it up in a drill, on slow speed run it in and out for about 3-4 minutes then clean thoroughly. This is best done in steps as some have experienced "over smoothing" which can make for harder extraction rather than easier. Also you do not want to (nor need to) dramatically change the chamber dimensions, as you could turn the chamber from a perfect circle into an oval. (barrels now ruined) Then I take a good quality fine file and just break the sharp edges of the chambers mouth and extractor to facilitate loading. BEWARE this step is very easy to over do and is NOT reversible. Do not take off more than a tiny bit to keep the sharp edge from catching your shell when loading. To much will change the headspace and in extreme cases keep the chamber mouth from holding/supporting the shell correctly (read risk of personal injury) and the gun may have intermittent FTF as the firing pins will no longer impact fully on the primer. Take it slow and evaluate each modification for satisfaction, then do some more later if you choose. BTW a well tuned stoeger can be a fine shotgun for the game and can last for years. For many they will be all the shotgun they ever need. YMMV Regards Gateway Kid
  19. Looks like a well trained guard dog to me. Regards Gateway Kid
  20. My SKB’s have been converted to mechanical reset which disabled the selectors on them. Other types of conversions may or may not do that. In any case the now fixed selector fires the right barrel first, left second. Haven’t had any trouble with that and don’t think if it was the other way (left then right) it would make any difference or advantage. Before the conversion when the barrel selector worked if there was no inertia to reset and you had to switch barrels you could push the button then fire or “thump” the buttstock then fire. On yours (and mine now) just pull the trigger again. Whatever the system you will get used to it quickly. Enjoy your shotgun, it looks like a beauty. Regards Gateway Kid
  21. This is what I experienced. My 45-60 is a Chaparral, quite possibly the only functioning one on the planet, and is loose so it works fine with the cut down version and correct head stamp 45-60. My reloads the same in both brass. No problems so far but it only gets shot once or twice a year. My buddy has an original in pristine condition but the action lacked quite a bit of closing correctly with my reloads (cut downs) and would only run correct head stamp 45-60 brass. Tolerances and stack up being what they are my guess is that some originals will work with either some won't. YMMV Regards Gateway Kid
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