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  1. Thanks Graybeard. I'm pretty sure it takes 2 1/2 inch shells which limits supply even further. Fortunately, I was able to fine a 12 gauge CZ Sharptail that will be my main match shotgun. I will be keeping my eyes open for availability of some appropriate ammo as supplies improve.
  2. I just finished cleaning up a nice one my dad gave me. Manufacturing date is 1905. I had planned on using it for CAS but it’s a 16 gauge and finding ammo was just not going to happen any time in the near future. I’m just getting started but I’ll bring it out someday and put it through it’s paces.
  3. Thanks Sam. Bucky sent me a PM and we're figuring it out. Thanks for looking out for a new guy. The dies were the last piece of the puzzle to get me shooting in my first match.
  4. You don't happen to have any 38/357 dies looking for a new home do you? Mine have been back ordered since January and I'm anxious to get shooting.
  5. I got mine replaced about two months ago for my 550B. I was the second owner and and it was at least 12 years old. I think it might just depend on who at Dillon you’re dealing with.
  6. I got a CZ Sharptail Coach recently on Guns America from a company called The Exchange in SD. I paid a little bit less than suggested retail and they were great to deal with. It's not cheap like a Stoeger but I thought it was a fair price. I bought a 12 gauge but if you don't mind a 20 gauge it looks like they have one in stock. Good luck.
  7. There is one on gunbroker right now that doesn't appear to be getting a lot of interest.
  8. Public Service Announcement (PSA). Talked with Tinker John (a fine gentleman) yesterday and helped him get set up on Venmo. If you haven't used it, it is a free and very convenient way to instantly transfer money. I'm not affiliated in any way but, appreciate the time savings and free service. I hope this is of use to someone.
  9. I will take 300. Do you take Venmo or would you prefer another means of payment.
  10. I would be interested in purchasing some brass. How much are you asking?
  11. H Jack, I total understand on giving the original poster priority. I would actually plan on shooting it with standard loads loads since I don't have the ability to reload shotgun shells at present. Will it handle non-black powder loads and does it cycle reliably if it's run assertively? Thanks, Dave
  12. Hi Jack, If Big Iron isn't interested I might be. Let me if he want to go in a different direction. Thanks, Dave
  13. I’m just getting into the game but recently lived in Warsaw, IN. Is EOT a spectator friendly event? I would love to go back up and check it out.
  14. I just ordered .38/.357 pistol dies, tool head, powder die, and conversion kit last week and just received a shipment notification last night. They are definitely overestimating the backlog.
  15. I will second Inlinefabrication. I don't have any experience with the Dillon Strongmount, but the Inlinefabrication mount is built like a tank (in a good way). I got their standard 550 mount and didn't get the quick change plate. I mounted it this past weekend and couldn't ask for a more solid mount. It is a little more expensive than the Dillon Strongmount but the metal thickness, build quality, and height/configuration options seemed worthwhile to me. I was not disappointed.
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