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  1. I got a USPS box today, addressed to me, but the revolver barrel inside isn't mine. I I found the guy that sent it by myself, thanx!
  2. Yep, it's on the frame, But it appears to have a "navy" grip. The rear sight is on the rear, so you're correct, it's a Richards Conversion, I'll change the heading. Thanx!
  3. Imported by Cimarron, made by ASM. Unfired, but no box. 38spec. Small dent in the navy sized grip (safe ding) $400.00+ shipping
  4. Pre safety (1982) JM Marlin 1894 Marlin carbine in 38/357. Gun is stock, never been near a cowboy match. 18.5" barrel, holds 10 38 spec No marks on the bule, a few small scratches in the wood.Hol $850.00 delivered to your FFL
  5. Stock except for jewled hammer. Nice original model Vaquero, blue with box and paperwork $550.00 + $20 shipping to your FFL
  6. Palewolff must be napping on this one! He's addicted to Bromley's artwork
  7. Before cowboy shooting came along, folks would "fix" the magazine tube from pulling out of the extension when worn by welding it together, appears that's what's happend here. Good luck
  8. S&W 4th mod "Lemon Squeezer" 38 S&W. 5 shooter. Tight with good bore. $400 delivered Merwin Hulbert .32 pocket Model 5 shooter. Really good shape, but minus the folding hammer spur. Great bore. Still has some "suction" $575.00 Delivereed Merwin Hulbert 3rd mod Pocket 32 with 3 1/2 and 5 1/2" barrels. 7 shooter. Really tight with great bore but wrong grips $800.00 delivered
  9. I'm looking for 2 nicklel 7.5" barrels for a 3rd gen Colt SAA in .45
  10. I've got a stainless 7.5" vaquero barrel for $125.00 shipped in you're interested.
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