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  1. Both are 12 ga, straight stock sporters with selective trigger's 1st gun is completely stock, no work done and very stiff from not being used, only flaw is a small chip from the buttplate 2nd gun has the ejectors disabled and the auto safety dissconnected, nice and smooth PM me if you want more photos. $1,200 ea
  2. SOLD Very nice, completely stock Ruger stainless , fixed sight single six (short grip) 32 H&R mag. No box, no paperwork $750.00 shipped to your FFL
  3. You can have it for the shipping, gimme your address. I also sent ya a PM
  4. I've got 2 BSS sporters (straight stock) 1 is completely stock and the other has the ejectors removed and the auto safety disconnected. Both are in very nice shape and are $1,200 ea. If you want photos, pm me.
  5. Would a cresent butt stock from a pistol grip '73 work? It's busted at the wrist
  6. Coleville, Wa Great bunch of folks, just came back from their annual, tell 'em Mudflat sent ya (then duck)
  7. I need the rear sight for an Uberti 1866 carbine, anybody got one lying around?
  8. I've got 80 loaded rounds of 38/56 Win. ammo 40 rounds of 250gr lead from the Old Western Scrounger 40 rounds of 279gr lead from BACO All of it is reformed 45/70 brass and commercially reloaded with smokeless powder $100 delivered
  9. My cat was helping me type, there's only 108 pc of brass, sorry
  10. 108 ea 1X fired mixed Win and Rem 348 Win brass. Cleaned but not sized nor deprimed Hollywood 348 Win. 2 die set very clean, uses RCBS decapping pin 79 ea .348 200 gr Hornady FP jacketed slugs $125.00 + shipping
  11. SOLD 1000 new Starline 38/40 brass $215.00 delivered.
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