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  1. I’ll keep you in my prayers!
  2. Cap you’re in my prayers for a speedy and full recovery!
  3. Hi are you the cowboy that makes the nice wooden gun carts that are small and come apart easy?  I think some of the local guys have them like Missouri Traveler.  If so how much are they?


    Doc Hurd


    1. Straight Arrow Hombre

      Straight Arrow Hombre

      I’m that guy. A two gun cart is $240

      holsters add $40

  4. I've used universal clays in the past. I could not get a load that would work for me without having unburnt flakes. I like unique or red dot much better.
  5. I actually made a large bead for my rifle site last night. I took a .175 shotgun bead, chucked it into my dremel tool and turned it down with a small file. I turned it down just enough that it was a snug fit and pressed it into my Marbles sight. First I just pulled out the small bead that Marbles used. Pretty easy and cheap to do.
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