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  1. I used to use a lineman's nut and bolt bag, worked great.
  2. I just got my recent pair from Costco. I was impressed with the audiometric testing and care they took on the fitting and set up. This pair replaced a set from around 2016, so a quantum leap in technology and so far I'm pleased with them. I was shocked on how bad my hearing must have been, on how much I could now hear with the hearing aids.
  3. Self lighting propane torch. Nothing else works as well. I've lit thousands of sparklers for my kids and neighborhood kids over the years.
  4. Looks like the new owner is Chicago Kidd. I've responded via message so we can coordinate the transfer. He saved me a trip to the burn pile.
  5. Hmmm, I thought I had responded via PM, and my 'sent' files shows it left here. Must not have gotten to you. If this is something you want, I'm asking you to do the legwork on how much it's gonna cost to ship (it is free, after all). You've got dimensions and weight. I can deliver it to a UPS hub in Elkhart, Indiana if that will help with your decision.
  6. I've got a gun cart that I used to use that I'm offering up free of charge to anyone who can use it. Located in Northwest Indiana (South Bend IN) and willing to do a Face to Face exchange, or I'll ship it on your dime. Dimensions are: Weight - 33 lbs Height - 49" Width - 17 3/4" Depth - 17"
  7. Here's what I've got. It served me well for years. The bottom box easily holds 100 round MTM boxes and shotshell boxes. I typically strapped a lineman nut and bolt bag to the side of the cart to toss my empty brass in after each stage.
  8. I've got one I'd give you for the cost of shipping. I built it years ago but have stepped back from shooting so it's buried in the basement somewhere. It's not fancy, but it was functional, held 4 long guns with a bottom box for ammo and accessories. I'm away from home right now, but will be back on Thursday and can post some pictures if you would be interested.
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