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  1. Peacemaker Specialist is another source
  2. Doc I am in a "holding"pattern currently Re thinking my choice While apple's and oranges thinking through a Henry Golden Boy now in lieu of Marlin 39a
  3. Evil Dogooder Thanks that is very kind of you I however don't want straight stock For some reason-could just be my bad shooting- I do best with a pistol grip stack But 5hanks for effort and help
  4. DokDoc Sent you an email Couldn't get a pm to you
  5. Looking to get a Marlin 39a 22 While I like Henry price and action I have a difficultly with straight stock Seems like since more Cowboys are looking for 22's as well as others getting the 22 bug ,prices have really shot up For my 22 pistols I have a pair of Colt Peacemaker 22's With the escalating price of ammo currently not sure the 22 craze is going to continue Good luck to All
  6. Thanks Hoss Prices on Gun Broker are shocking and on line purchasing is hard for me to try I have been to three large gun shows here in East and not a one to be seen Happy hunting
  7. Looking for a Marlin 39a 22 to shoot some Cowboy fun matches Would prefer a Ballard barrel but not a deal breaker Thanks
  8. Thanks Sue There is a Conventioneer in the registration form I thought I knew what it was loosely but was looking a little more specific before I commit to a hotel room
  9. What is a conventioneer Dont think I can shoot all days but would like to have experience Couldn't find any written description of what is included Thanks
  10. Is there an outline for Conventioneer ,what is included,what can they participate in Not sure I am able for all the dates but,would love to experience as much as zi can for 3 days Is there a limit on Conventioneers similar to full registrants Thanks
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