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  1. Hi M D. I see you are from Lancaster. I'm from north of you in Schaefferstown. Where do you shoot, New Holland? I run the shoots at the Heidelberg Sportsmen's Association in Schaefferstown.

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    2. High Spade Mikey Wilson

      High Spade Mikey Wilson

      OK! Sorry I did't remember your name, but then I was never really good at remembering names. Yes I know Slim Chance & Annie Dote very well. Look forward to seeing you again sometime!

    3. M D Lancaster

      M D Lancaster

      No need to be sorry I am not that memorable!!!

      I'll introduce myself when we are together 

      Are you a crossdraw guy Is that how you saw my post

    4. High Spade Mikey Wilson

      High Spade Mikey Wilson

      Look forward to it!

      No I'm not a crossdraw guy, but yes I did see your post and saw that you were from my area so I decided to introduce myself.

  2. Belly --I though that was just a part of my "cowboy costuming "
  3. With the snow falling here on a beautiful PA night I thought a curious non argumentative topic would be fun Those of you that switched to crossdraw -- How did your transition go Did you stay with it --or switched back Did you experiment with differing holsters-settings/positions Deal with "the shuffle " or position yourself for a clean draw Just curious as I have been dry fire practicing and working on 170 awareness Thanks
  4. Here is my personal history when getting into SASS Ordered a mid price "custom" holster,belt ,shotgun belt @ $210 Shortly after realized while utilitarian it really wasnt what I wanted I could see the difference in the better made (and more expensive) rigs Kept looking and found a "well known " rig @ $250 used SO my moral try and get the best you can get right away Even if you can find good holsters without belt you can make that work untill you buy matching belt OR go to a good tack shop You may be surprised what they can make you a belt for
  5. Spindrifter OUCH sorry for bad conditions Hope you stay dry and maybe have a sasperilla to recover
  6. Thanks for the pictures I thought there would have been many more picture updates Wishing I was there
  7. This may sound strange and don't laugh Have you recently cleaned or tighten the side plate screws Had a similar situation on a second gen colt As it turned out I had tighten one of the external screws too tight Brought pressure against "hand" and would not engage Just a thought I am no technician
  8. Looking for some custom ,fairly simple lined Roper Cuff makers Thanks
  9. TlToo Tall Bob 2nd gen Colt 5.5 barrel Open to not just Mernikle - JM, Kirkpatrick, etc other quality mfg that can compliment existing Mernikle strong side and belt
  10. Thanks Chuck Steak What leather are you currently shooting
  11. Thanks Catlow I may have overreacted Just looking for a Right Hand (Left side) Crossdraw preferable Mernikle but open to other well made Brown holsters
  12. How many cowboys on WIRE shoot CROSSDRAW
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