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  1. Very nice looking work - seems like the pistols on the left in the first pic have more trigger showing than in the holsters in the right side in the pic - are they the same or are they cut a little bit lower? Pls advise and thank you - Wicked Wayne 105514
  2. So...... do you consider the rifle fixed or just sorta fixed (light hit issues etc) thx WW
  3. This guy is trying to sell his shotgun - but his post seems to have been hijacked by pay pal issues - posts get hijacked a lot good luck to this seller over and out
  4. The ad said nothing at all about pay pal - that all got started by someone other than the seller
  5. Beautiful cart and great craftsmanship, but pricey.
  6. I have a spare- how much will you pay for one - this one shows some wear
  7. Multifical lense in both eyes is the only way to go - depending on insurance it can cost you around 7-8K$ out of pocket but is worth it - just my opinion - I can now see anything from very close to very far with no glasses at all dont let the cost be the deciding factor goos luck wicked wayne
  8. Hi - nice shotgun - what is barrel length and what is length of pull if you don't mind - thanks - wicked wayne 195514

  9. I will look for buckaroo hulls for you - where do you want them sent - reply to me at gumcw@yahoo.com


    wicked (not so much) wayne

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