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  1. These are outside waist band rigs? hard for me to tell in photos in gun holster thx WW 105514
  2. You should fire your photographer - is this the same guy that turned your green shirt blue? Good luck with your sale! ww
  3. What is barrel length in Remington?? thx Wicked Wayne 105514
  4. I would like to buy items 1 & 4 - pls ship together to save some in shipping - lemme know where to send the funds and I will respond with my shipping address Wicked Wayne 105514
  5. You might try Cheaper Than Dirt - they carry El Paso leather if my memory is any good Wicked Wayne
  6. Dan - I mailed the funds today to the address you provided to me for 3 strips /38 cal. Thanks Wicked Wayne (not very wicked)
  7. Sent you a pm requesting address. Thanks wayne
  8. I have tried a couple times to respond to classifieds and no luck - I am interested in the loading strips - what is the total cost for 3?? wayne 105514
  9. Hi - nice shotgun - what is barrel length and what is length of pull if you don't mind - thanks - wicked wayne 195514

  10. I will look for buckaroo hulls for you - where do you want them sent - reply to me at gumcw@yahoo.com


    wicked (not so much) wayne

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