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  1. Then there is the nimwit who flips open the gate, pulls the hammer just enough to drop the bolt , and commences to roll the cylinder down his arm just like they do in all the cowboy westerns. I told him if that was exactly the reason I kept my Colts in a locked display case.....among other choice words. A pox on these idiots.
  2. I find that if you google for a product the third or fourth one down from the top is usually the legit one. Dang, you have to be careful!
  3. Haven't seen those terms since a reptile class at Texas Tech where one task was to prepare museum specimens. Asthe hemipenes is of taxonomic importance the organ was everted so that, presumably, a taxonomist could examine them at later dates. There, I confessed.
  4. Picked up a box of 32-20 wcf HSM cowboy ammo mainly just for the brass. Fired off one round in my 92 Winchester and immediately regretted it. It was the sootiest, dirtiest smokeless I've ever fired. Didn't say a word about powder on the box either. Reminiscent of firing off a load of Elephant BP in a revolver. Seriously, it coated a cleaning patch with sooty goop. Can't imagine any modern smokeless doing this.
  5. Try sprinkling cayenne pepper in with the feed. Doesn't bother the birds but other critters sure don't like it much.
  6. Stocks that have a lot of drop like the Sharps 1874 Hartford and the Remington Sporting Model roller will kick the snot out of you off the bench. They are better from off hand or sticks.
  7. Those of us here that knows whats good for us do.
  8. Has the National Enquirer disappeared or just re appeared in the form of Fox?
  9. If you don't watch anything else catch Part II to the end! https://www.coltforum.com/threads/if-you-like-frank-hamer-this-four-part-series-may-be-of-interest.398732/
  10. Browns Funeral Service, Atoka, OK......among other choices.
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