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  1. I didn't do a thorough search but heres one that might fit your bill. It should go for under $2500 but your never know. Last week a 44-40 of similar vintage sold for near 3K. Somebody said go to the Coltforum on SAA. That is a great learning venue. Should you start buying older Colts then you'll need some reference books like Ken Cochrans "Colt PeaceMaker Collector" etc. Colt SAA
  2. I "discovered" that one of my 3 screw rugers needed a gate detent spring. So I found one on ebay but didn't order cause a light flickered in my dense grey matter and delayed the order to check things out. Sure nuff I had already ordered one a year or so ago and it was in the same bin as the Colt 1911 ambi safety that hasn't been installed either. That should answer the question.
  3. If Nimschke did it there should be a signature. As for the letter get it anyway....you never know what might pop up. The stamp on the rear of the triggerguard suggests it has been to the factory for work so factory engraving or other repairs could have been done. A letter will tell you. If it was mine, Colts phone would be ringing off the wall. Then, take several pictures and go to the Coltforum.com site on Single Action Army. Therein is where the knowledgeable people reside.
  4. And be real careful as to the hotel you park at on the road. Some simple alarms attached to the doors might be justified.
  5. Given that this bunch is pretty well outspoken could you give me an honest opinion of this products marketability? Thinking of investing in it.
  6. My Daddy always said never lend tractors, outboard motors, guns, or your wife.
  7. With those kinds of reactions division of the parents estates should get really interesting.
  8. How about if you're at a gunshow and stop someone to examine their rifle. Common courtesy dictates the person looking has the ball in their court and have first dibs even if someone darts up and says hey I'll buy that for whatever you want. I tell interlopers to wait their turn and always have had owners tell buttinskyies to do the same.
  9. $60 seems steep but its really not...all considering.
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