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  1. I wish EVERYONE realized that a Nevada Sweep can start on ANY target, including the middle. You don't know how many times I have been told that a Nevada Sweep 'HAS' to start on an end target....ugh... I can see where a shooter could earn a 'P' on that stage, but I'm not so sure its a 'P' trap. ..........Widder
  2. Wyatt, there are many great/good TO's that haven't taken refresher courses in over 2 years. If your posse thinks enough of you to ask your assistance in running the Timer during the day, then I'm sure you still have the right stuff to do the task. Its a 'tall order', but I'm sure you are up to the task (pun intended... hehehehe) ..........Widder
  3. Navy had more players on the sideline so a recount should be acceptable. Navy was ahead before the final moments of the game. Everybody was sure Navy would win before the actual game started. A recount sounds right to me ......... NOT ! ..........Widder
  4. MISTLETOE. The leaves fall from the trees and clinging in the tops of some trees is a clump of Mistletoe. We usually take a .22 rifle or SG and blow a clump of em out of the trees. Thats how you tell its Christmas time..... ..........Widder
  5. Although my handling of a Henry BB is minimal, I will say this: it just doesn't have the feel IF the user is wanting to be competitive. I even worked on one (to some degree) and tried to make it 'feel' competitive, reliable, smooth, etc... Well, I could get it to function reasonably quick, but it still lacked the reliability and smoothness needed to enjoy shooting with it. Thats from my personal experience. ..........Widder
  6. And 2 BIG blonds are best! ..........Widder
  7. Howdy Pit. If you are wanting a shell holder to use with the LEE hand primer, then NO, they are not the same, unless Lee has changed their design. BUT, if you are wanting a shell holder to use with a reloading press, the appropriate shell holder for that caliber is 'BASICALLY' the same. The reason I say 'Basically' is because some shell holders might set your cartridge higher/lower than another shell holder. In other words, if you set your die up for a particular bullet seating depth OR crimp using a particular brand of shell holder, switching brands of shell holder could poss
  8. When you live in a WidderWonderLand, the gremlins are: Pecan Pie and Guns. I've already indulged in Pecan Pie, with more planned during the next couple weeks. Plus, I've ordered me a new Browning Buckmark 'Field Target'. Its the 5.5" round BULL barrel model with real wood grips. I already have the 4" model 'Carbon Fiber' that is outstanding. I also have a constant craving for Chili & Tamale..... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ! ..........Widder
  9. Its didn't mention anything about the mules/horses on the front of the wagon. Where do you think they got their fresh meats? ..........Widder
  10. Pards, thanks for the info. I have since checked out those websites and other info and discovered information like the post above. Dang, that was a HUGE and deadly task, for ALL involved. ..........Widder
  11. I've read where Desmond Doss was an ARMY medic. I thought during the movie, a couple lines from his Sergeant mentioned 'The Corp'. Which made me think he was in the Marines. ALSO, I wasn't aware of any ARMY activity on Okinawa, where Desmond Doss served so valiantly. Question: Was he a medic in the ARMY or a Corpman for a Marine Battalion? ..........Widder
  12. Mud Marine: there was atleast one other nominee being considered with some mighty good credentials, which will be in the running for 2017. SASS is blessed with some Pards with various experiences and accomplishments. Likewise, the JEDI GF ranks also have some very impressive members. Merry Christmas. ..........Widder
  13. The JEDI Councils pick for JEDI GF of the Year 2016 is: DEADHEAD. You won't believe this resume, which extends way beyond SASS and CAS. Joined SASS in 2000. Started FCGF in 2006. SASS REGULATOR in 2011. He created the JEDI GF website around 2012 or 2013. And continues to keep it updated and maintained. OTHER INFO: He's been a world-class rifle shooter back in 1966-96 in 10M air rifle, 50M smallbore Free Rifle Prone, 50M small bore Free Rifle 3-position, 300M Free Rifle and 300M Standard Rifle representing the USA on the US Shooting Team winning 19 medals in World
  14. AND..... no better host, no better door prizes, etc....... ..........Widder
  15. Questions to ask yeself: Can you ride this new pony, or will you need to put on a good pair of spurs before mounting up? ..........Widder
  16. I can't speak for Remington/Marlin, but I can understand why they have the bolts listed as a restricted item. When replacing a bolt, you're are also dealing with headspace, appropriate functioning of the lever/bolt movement/safety locking lug, which has its timing function to raise & drop in a timely manner in order for smooth movements of the bolt and help ensure proper headspace. There's just so much that interconnects inside the 1894. Thats why just a small 'crack' or metal fatigue in one little area is causing problems with the rifle functioning correctly and smoothly. T
  17. Indeed. Info on everything..... including WIddermatic's and Widdermajik's. ..........Widder (Walkin in a WidderWonderLand)
  18. Here's another thought: If the plan to weld and reshape that area doesn't seem to work out well, I think I would take a file into that slot and clean it up by making that area flat. THEN, stick it back in the rifle to see if it works well. There are issues to be considered in doing this work. If the lever isn't able to push the bolt forward in a timely manner, the bolt locking lug will bump the bottom of the bolt before it can push up into its recess under the bolt. Its highly possible that Rem/Marlin will replace that bolt free and ensure the new bolt functions well. Remin
  19. Hey Lumpy. My original comment to Shootin Fox was to contact Remington/Marlin and see if they can put a new bolt in his .45 From my experience, not ALL parts are easily interchangeable and he might be wasting his money just to buy a new bolt that might now work well in his rifle. Shootin Fox is a very knowledgable Pard on the Marlin rifle, plus if he thinks he can get it welded, he can probably machine it back correctly. That might be his first choice of correcting that issue. He examined the lever also and it appears to be fine, with no apparent issues that caused that part
  20. Remember the old Amos & Andy TV show? Do remember the lawyer name..... Fleetwood Algonquin J. Calhoun, 'the Third'? He was also known as 'Five Percent Calhoun' because of his fees for representation. ..........Widder
  21. Don't feel bad Pit... I also thought it looked like a 24"r. ..........Widder
  22. Hey Lumpy. The area that is damaged is located at the upper end of the slot (looking at the pic above). The problem area looks like a 'punched hole' right at the edge of the ramp at the slot. Apparently, its in an area where the edge of the lever makes contact with the slot when the action is closed. Or atleast thats my assessment. I talked with Shootin Fox and I think he does have an issue that needs to be fixed. Its giving him some problems while working the action. ..........Widder
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