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  1. I bought a new SIG P320 about 5+ years ago. Never experienced any problems except it was way more accurate than I could shoot it. It was in .357 SIG caliber. A couple years back, SIG adhered to a voluntary return to upgrade the P320 trigger safety, or atleast that was my understanding of the situation. Last summer, SIG issued a letter to P320 owners about a law suit concerning OOB problems. It seems that an owner (or owners) of the P320 had experienced some OOB discharges and issued a suit against SIG. SIG never admitted to the OOB problems but th
  2. I've always known that folks up North and folks down South have a lot more in common than they realized. But I must admit that the Southern Kangaroo hops higher and snacks on fried Okra. ..........Widder
  3. They probably gave the shooter 3 'P's........ ..........Widder
  4. Sorri TN, but 'P' is your middle name..... as in nanr 'P'udding. ..........Widder
  5. Charlie, to bad a lot of others didn't feel that way the past 4 years. ..........Widder
  6. This thread is kinda ironic in that I was thinking about posting the same thing. Actually, I was gonna post the question of how many Wire pards are sick and tired of whiney Joe siliciting for medical stuff AND..... Tom Select trying to get folks to sell their houses. I like Tom, but those advertisements get old. ..........Widder
  7. My first ever favorite song was "Sink the Bismarck" and "Battle of New Orleans". I was just about 10 years old and my older brother had the Johnny Horton album with both songs on it. ..........Widder
  8. When the CowGIRLS wanna dance with Widder, this is how they cut up the dance floor.....
  9. I think the PUMP will give you more control with your followup shots, assuming you fire 2 or more rounds. With the AUTO, you might be a little too excited and your trigger finger might go nuclear and climb up the wall, missing your intended target. Other comments that favor the AUTO over the PUMP are also valid. P.S. - they BOTH have a favored place at Fort Widder. ..........Widder
  10. My favorite Saloon pard is: ALPO But, my favorite Wire pard is: Garrison Joe and Driftwood Johnson. ..........Widder
  11. TN Williams sez stuff like this is exactly what happens when he ain't at a match to help keep folks straighten out. ..........Widder
  12. Purly, I did that once at Cleveland. I dropped both poppers (one on each side of the berm) and then grabbed 2 more shells and was able to get both shots off while the fliers were still airborne. To my dismay, I missed both of them. BUT..... I did get those 2 shots off while both birds were in the air. NO, the SG was not preloaded... ..........Widder
  13. PURLY, please clarify. Are you saying that the shooter hits the KD with the THIRD shot but the FOURTH shot failed to fire at the bird, OR, are you saying the shooter attempted to shoot the KD BUT the round didn't fire? ..........Widder
  14. One of my favorites. Congratulations Sadie. ..........Widder
  15. I would wait until Wednesday evening to reply and tell them you went to the voting pole during your lunch hour and they were close. You were going to vote for her but the poles were closed. "Better luck next time". ..........Widder
  16. Charlie, For similar load performance, you can find load data for the .45 Auto Rim and .45 ACP and see what powders will give you what you are looking for, especially the light to moderate load info. If you don't find any data for the 160 grainers, send me an email and I might have some good data to send you back. ..........Widder (widder1894@icloud.com)
  17. I agree with DOC..... give me the 'beep' and become invisible on the stage unless there is a safety issue. When it comes to the SG KD's, I shoot smokeless and I really don't need anyone yelling at me when I fail to drop the KD. Matter of fact, some folks are a little to quick to yell 'UP' on a slow falling KD. I don't recall ever getting a bad TO. Matter of fact, around here there seems to be some GREAT TO's. You know they are good because when you go to big matches at other venues, some of the locals are ask to be Posse Marshal's and help with TO
  18. KRAZY: right now, I'm having fun 'shooting from the lip'...... RANDY: I've worked on some lofty goals in the past, but sub 3 might be pretty hard for 6. My best run for 5 is 3.32 (I dropped the 6h shell which kept me from a 3.77 run). My best 4 on 4 is 2.30 Mr BADLY: Thats funny. You don't do to 'Badly' with your SG either. Keep practicing. ..........Widder
  19. Randy, That 'valve' replacement actually went from a .6 to a 3.0 I'm sucking in wind like a jet engine now..... And I don't have anymore clogged fuel lines..... I'm starting to feel pity on Red Knee..... ..........Widder
  20. If you have the virus and vote, will it determine WHO you voted for? The Bunkhouse Boss and I voted a couple days ago. We live in a medium sized community and we got there about 20 minutes before the polls open. We still had to stand in line behind about 40 other voters. And when we left the voting place, there were probably 100 more folks who had shown up to vote. ..........Widder
  21. I've thought about that BUT..... because they had to take some veins out of my legs for the by-pass, I have been advised to not take long trips and sit for lengthy periods of time in a vehicle due to a danger of blood clots. Don't get to relaxed, I'm healing well and should be BETTER and FASTER when I get back in the game. The bionics have been renewed, tuned and harmonized. And The Enchantress will be as feisty as ever... ..........Widder
  22. Well, I won't be there regardless of who may or may not bring the butt whoopin..... Looks like I won't be shooting a shoulder firearm till next spring or summer. But, I am healing well and things are starting to feel better. P.S. - TN says its a good thing Y'all ain't shooting for Nanner Puddin. EDIT: sure miss shooting with you fellers. Hope ya have a good time. ..........Widder
  23. You've answered my question. Thanks! If I were there, my Tacoma would have been in the parade also. ..........Widder
  24. Congratulations THREE GUN. Your competition was some dang good top notch shooters. And congratulations to Shamrock Sadie for her Top Lady Overall finish. ..........Widder
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