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  1. 16 to 18 inch octagons. Looks kind of square and circular at the same time. JC
  2. Found some at my local Wally World yesterday.....$7.87 per box....picked up the four they had. JC
  3. When the Yellowstone volcano goes boom, I'm just gonna light a cigar and pour a glass of whiskey and wait for the cloud! Since I'm less than 100 miles as the crow flies from the center of the caldera, it will be only seconds - good enough for one shot and a cuppla puffs....
  4. Assassin, sorry we missed this one, but just could not get away. Sounds like it was the best one yet! Missed seeing you and Belle....hopefully next year.... JC
  5. A club favorite: "If you like 'em, you save 'em!" JC
  6. I shoot my 97 left handed (everything else too) so I single load with my right hand. Arthritis in my right thumb joint prevents me from grabbing two at a time - more chance of fumbling the reload. I know many who grab four shells but I also see more fumbling that way. Single grab n load has worked fine for the last two years; I don't even think about it any more - it just happens. JC
  7. Here's mine by JM Leather. Been using it for five years - love it. JC
  8. I tell myself slow to moderate is smooth, smooth is moderate to a little bit faster. Apply anti-inflammatory gel to the wrists and sunscreen to the nose. Make sure holsters are on right; don't forget to put shot shells in the belt; don't mess up first stage. After that I got it whipped.
  9. Spoke with Rugged Gear today: I have a gen 1 cart (has the knob on the front that holds the front wheel fork plate on the frame); on gen 2 carts, the plate is welded on and has a different bearing assembly. They sent me a front fork assembly for a gen 2 cart - that's why nothing fits. They are sending me a replacement nylon bushing with washer that will accept the new fork and wheel. It's the improvement over the original 2-piece plastic "bearing". Bushing shown is what I have now. Washers are not for the rear wheels. If I don't receive the new bushing by this Friday, I will need to re-install the old spoked wheel so I can use the cart on Saturday! No getting the carts mixed up then - only one with new rear wheels and old spoked front wheel. No, I ain't gonna put the spoked rear wheels back on... JC
  10. Installing my upgrade kit today (no instructions came with it so referring to the original that came with the cart). Back wheels - snap off, snap on, done. Any trick to installing the front fork? It came with three washers, bearings, and a nylok nut like the original. Removed the fork and popped out the nylon "bearing" and retained the washer for the nut. Are all three washers used (needed)? None will fit inside the tube the bearings slide into and just barely cover the diameter of the tube. Thanks for any hints. JC
  11. Totes, where on the Rugged Gear website is this upgrade located? Was just there and could not find it. JC
  12. Will there be additional edits to the current (January 2019) Shooter's Handbook? I'm need to print a new copy. JC
  13. Timing will be tricky...need to schedule two contractors for spring work and still working on details.
  14. This match should be on your bucket list...then after you attend, put it back in so you can do it again! It's that good. Been there a least a dozen times and always have fun. Unfortunately, probably won't make it this year. Rats! JC
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