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  1. Ordered 1K from Chey-Cast in Cheyenne, WY on 8/19...being delivered today.......by USPS.
  2. Here's mine. Holster has a 10 degree muzzle forward cant. As you can see, it brings the grip more parallel with the belt for less wrist twisting when drawing. It's made by JM Leather and is called the WB III holster.
  3. I prefer the old cardboard box...much easier to store. Don't need more plastic cases.
  4. Paint for one, paint for all. It's hard enough to get the usual posse duties done between shooters without adding painting. It's not unusual to repaint targets after the posse is done with a stage, but it still takes time and every posse needs to do it.
  5. I've been using 3.0 gr of Hodgden Clays and a 140 gr TCFP (Chey-Cast) Hi-Tek coated for my 38 spl loads for years. They have not failed me with any knockdown yet, as long as I hit it, in revolvers (NMVs) or rifles. JC
  6. Will there be additional edits to the current (January 2019) Shooter's Handbook? I'm need to print a new copy. JC
  7. DD: I've been using my RCBS 510 scale for 40 plus years and am unaware of the magnetizing issue. When a reloading session is done, I remove the scale pan and holder but leave the beam in its cradle. I also re-zero and verify with check weights for each major reloading session which is usually twice a year. That's been the routine for the past 20 or so years with no problems.


  8. I shoot from the left shoulder, used to pull 2 with right hand and load and run action. Arthritic thumb would cause the occasional fumble so went to single loading...thumb complains less and I don't fumble no more, and...I think it's actually a shade quicker for me. Joe
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