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  1. I started back in the last century - '97 - at the age of 50. Some goofy stuff was done then and after awhile the goofiness diminished. Holding stuff and doing things before saying a starting line is still around. I like both ways and occasionally we still do something goofy. I've slowed down a bunch but can hold my own with the over 70 crowd and even give some of those whipper-snapper seniors fits! I can still run circles around a lot of Cattle Barons! Old Arthur Itis has invaded my wrists and my back gets a little sore after a day of holster wearing. So, it is what it is...you shoot your game and compete as you're able and get out of it what you put in. I write stages and still put up and take down steel. I enjoy shooting with the pards I've known for years and the newcomers who've recently joined and going out for pizza after the match. I'll continue as I am until I just can't any more and hope I can bow out gracefully. JC
  2. Now, none at all...matter closed. That's why I asked, in case there was a point I wasn't aware of. I appreciate everyone's input.
  3. Thank you PWB...this is what I wanted to confirm. I consider the matter closed. JC
  4. This is why I'm asking. I don't look to penalize shooters, but if an infraction occurs, it will be called. So, is resting one's shooting hand wrist on the other considered supported or not? If it is, then is it not adhering to category? I can't say if he did rest one wrist on the other and neither can anyone else since it was such an unusual move no one noticed that detail. If there is nothing here, then I'll let it be, but I want to make the right call if someone says, "...can he do that...? Simple as that, and I look forward to any input from PWB.
  5. 1. and 2. : Both; he went right over left then left over right, alternately. 3. He had two misses. JC
  6. If he was resting wrist of shooting hand on the other wrist, it wasn't noticed. The oddity of it kinda took away from noticing anything like that. That would something to look for next time.
  7. At our local match yesterday a gunfighter crossed his arms over each other two or three times while shooting the revolvers. The engagement was a continuous sweep of three targets for ten shots. It was only done on this one stage. In 21 years of CAS at all levels I have never seen this done in a match; he said he has, but didn't say where. Both revolvers were kept in the same plain and not moved back and forth, as in pumping, just rotated over and under. Revolvers were being cocked during this movement. Appears to waste time and possibly lose track of target order to look cool but is it unsafe gun handling? Not covered in "Safety and Handling Conventions - Revolvers" in shooter's handbook. So, as a co-match director for my club, I want to make the right call, if there is one here. Ready for commentary....thanks JC
  8. If you want the 1911 platform, check out this: https://www.ruger.com/products/sr1911Target/specSheets/6759.html Mine shoots great, minimal recoil with 9mm. I just use it for fun, not competition, but it would serve for USPSA/IDPA. JC
  9. I store mine in range bags - one for CAS, one for WB - kept in the house. JC
  10. Pat, you just opened a big bucket o' worms..... JC Hey, our SASS #'s are only 100 apart!
  11. I seem to remember a thread a while back about this spring, also called the trigger safety spring/trigger return spring. It's the one everyone needs to bend a little to help keep the lever from flopping down when the lightened lever plunger spring is installed. IIRC someone mentioned there is now a replacement spring available, but I can't recall who sells it, and , I can't find that thread. No, I didn't write it down when I read it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and, thanks in advance. JC
  12. This is why stage writers must be clear, concise, correct, and complete in their grammar and punctuation when writing instructions so there is no room for misinterpretation or "is it ok to do it this way?" questions. JC
  13. Try farther (distance) and further (advancing a thought) if you want confusion... JC
  14. Most importantly, DON"T over think it!!! That's when the brain farts appear!!! 98.7% of stages are simple and straight-forward. I concentrate on keeping target engagements and transitions smooth. That usually works out well. JC
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