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  1. Elder Statesman knockin' on the door of Cattle Baron in another year...season #23 just started!
  2. We did exactly that at our monthly match on May 1 - four shot WB (5 per mag, 2 mags), the rest shot regular cowboy. One even shot a 9mm 1911. No problem.
  3. Right now, high noon, it is snowing in Cody WY
  4. What brand is the table? Size? Like the height adjustment and looks like something I could use in my reloading area. Thanks.
  5. Left my Stoeger just as it came - works fine for me. Yes, I'm left-handed. Also added some polishing, springs & things, and nearly 20 years of shooting it. Been using my 97 more last few years and like it even more.
  6. My "starter set" exactly back in 1997. Several changes since then - Ruger NMV 357/38, Marlin 1894 Cowboy Comp 38 Spl, and 12 ga 97 now.
  7. SR 1911 Lightweight Commander SR 1911-T all-stainless Gov't Both are fine shooters. The 1911-T is almost like shooting a 22.
  8. Shot mine at our 22 match yesterday - no hitches or glitches. Not as smooth as my old single six, but, a good shooter for 200 bucks. Gonna shoot it in for a while before I take it apart and smooth it up and maybe change springs.
  9. Tart Cherry Peach Apple Either pie or crisp...
  10. Just because one shoots the same stages one or two weeks before a big match, doesn't mean you'll get the same results. Anything can and does happen and you can surely mess up any stage big time that you shot clean a week ago. JC
  11. Had a 22 match yesterday: 22 pistols and rifle and a centerfire match pistol - no shotgun as we didn't feel like picking up anything. No stages ended with rifle, but while timing, I paid close attention while rifle was shot and had no problem picking up shots. We also had no problem hearing hits on targets, but we also paid closer attention. And, we've had no problems when buckaroos shoot. So, we are filing this as a non-issue and will continue to use more 22 this season in our ammo and reloading components shortage accommodation effort.
  12. Great info; thanks for the detailed description. I ordered springs from Brownell's yesterday so may be a couple of weeks before I get to it.
  13. Gonna change to a Super Blackhawk hammer? Make it much easier to cock the hammer.
  14. I have a single six to show this one the ropes. Might get another wrangler later.
  15. I should order spring kits now - I also have a single-six that could use some work- hopefully, I might get them this summer!
  16. Picked up a new silver Ruger Wrangler a coupla weeks ago. The action is rough and can use some smoothing and polishing which I'll get to soon. What have others done to theirs. New springs? What weights? Ruger customer service says hammer spring is 20 to 25 pound working weight and trigger return spring is 1 to 3.5 pound working weight. What is "working weight". Doesn't a hammer spring have a specific rating, like 20#? Thanks in advance for any insight and help. JC
  17. 24" octagon barrel, 8-round capacity, walnut stock, Marbles tang sight.
  18. Also to address recoil: make sure the stock fits you properly; too long or too short will be uncomfortable.
  19. Been using Super Blackhawk hammers on my four NMVs for years - love 'em - and I use both hands. Much easier to thumb the hammer with my somewhat arthritic right thumb since the hammer spurs are much lower than the original ones.
  20. May # 23 be plagued with mechanical difficulties all season. I'll watch the road course races, they are my favorites and there's more this year. And, the wife likes #9.
  21. Clint Eastwood in High Plains Drifter to the townspeople: "You like 'em, you save 'em".
  22. Rolex 24 hours at Daytona. Five classes of sports cars on the Daytona road course. Starts Saturday 3:30 EST on NBC.
  23. Wyoming, (of course) Arizona, Texas, Colorado, California
  24. A challenge for Ruger...make a Wrangler with a 3" barrel or at least long enough one to include an ejector!
  25. and when they decide to add four more seats to SCOTUS?
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