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  1. Also to address recoil: make sure the stock fits you properly; too long or too short will be uncomfortable.
  2. Been using Super Blackhawk hammers on my four NMVs for years - love 'em - and I use both hands. Much easier to thumb the hammer with my somewhat arthritic right thumb since the hammer spurs are much lower than the original ones.
  3. May # 23 be plagued with mechanical difficulties all season. I'll watch the road course races, they are my favorites and there's more this year. And, the wife likes #9.
  4. Clint Eastwood in High Plains Drifter to the townspeople: "You like 'em, you save 'em".
  5. Rolex 24 hours at Daytona. Five classes of sports cars on the Daytona road course. Starts Saturday 3:30 EST on NBC.
  6. Wyoming, (of course) Arizona, Texas, Colorado, California
  7. A challenge for Ruger...make a Wrangler with a 3" barrel or at least long enough one to include an ejector!
  8. and when they decide to add four more seats to SCOTUS?
  9. These fit full-size M&P 2.0 and original 9mm pistols and Compact 9mm M&P 2.0 pistols with spacer. Two are lightly used, two are unused. $100 shipped.
  10. Brass is once loaded and fired from new brass, not factory loaded. Cleaned and de-primed, 240 pieces. New Remington brass, not used, 80 pieces. Sold as a single lot, all for $100, shipped.
  11. Well, Dang! I have at least one, some more, from each category except "deer rifle", and I'm way to old (elder statesmen, almost cattle baron) to be one of your grandkids!!
  12. We provide a table at each shooting position, just in case. No handoffs!
  13. DD: I've been using my RCBS 510 scale for 40 plus years and am unaware of the magnetizing issue. When a reloading session is done, I remove the scale pan and holder but leave the beam in its cradle. I also re-zero and verify with check weights for each major reloading session which is usually twice a year. That's been the routine for the past 20 or so years with no problems.


  14. I shoot from the left shoulder, used to pull 2 with right hand and load and run action. Arthritic thumb would cause the occasional fumble so went to single loading...thumb complains less and I don't fumble no more, and...I think it's actually a shade quicker for me. Joe
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